Spotify removes Neil Young music in feud over Joe Rogan’s false Covid claims

Musician condemned spread of misinformation on platform’s top podcast: ‘They can have Rogan or Young’

Prince Andrew denies close friendship with Ghislaine Maxwell, in US court files

In US court files, the prince, who denies assault claims, also asks for a jury trial in his accuser's lawsuit.

Tennessee school board bans Pulitzer prize-winning Holocaust novel, Maus | Holocaust

Author Art Spiegelman says decision by Mcminn county, which cited inappropriate ‘curse words’ and nudity, is ‘demented’

Black man on camping trip died in modern day lynching, his family says

Relatives of Peter Bernardo Spencer, 29, who was found with dead from multiple gunshot wounds on Dec. 12, say he was killed in a modern day lynching.

'Maus,' Pulitzer Prize-winning book about Holocaust, is pulled from Tennessee school district

A Tennessee school board voted to remove "Maus," a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, from the district's curriculum after officials objected to eight instances of profanity and an image of a nude woman.

Panty prowler: Man accused of entering homes and stealing only women's undergarments - Magnolia State Live | Magnolia State Live

No synopsis available.

Judge orders Oath Keepers leader to remain in jail pending trial

Stewart Rhodes, the Oath Keepers leader accused of seditious conspiracy to overthrow the Biden presidency, will remain in jail as he awaits trial, a judge ruled on Wednesday.

Strip club supporters protest Dallas’ plan to close sexually oriented businesses at 2 a.m.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia convinced council members that reduced strip club hours should cut down on violent crime. He said 76 percent of violent crime is happening from 2-6 a.m. and is likely tied to the clubs.

Former banking CEO says $280,000 spent at strip clubs a business expense

Former Swiss banking CEO says $220,000 he spent at strip clubs were business expenses

Popular anti-work subreddit goes private after awkward Fox News interview

The community wants working conditions to be less oppressive for low-income people

SF police data shows 567% increase in reports of hate crimes against Asian Americans

One man allegedly responsible for half of San Francisco’s hate crimes, say authorities

Prince Andrew seeks jury trial, denies Virginia Giuffres sex abuse claims

Britain's Prince Andrew on Wednesday asked for a U.S. jury trial as he again denied Virginia Giuffre's accusations that he sexually abused her more than two decades ago when she was 17.

Prince Andrew: Lawyers demand US jury trial in Virginia Giuffre case

Lawyers for the Duke of York, who denies allegations of sexual assault, write to a New York judge.

Vaccine mandate to kick in for first wave of health workers

Health care workers in about half the states face a Thursday deadline to get their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine under a Biden administration mandate that will be rolled out across the rest of the country in the coming weeks.

QAnon follower from South Carolina who admitted he assaulted officers on January 6 sentenced to 44 months in prison

Nicholas Languerand, an avowed follower of the QAnon conspiracy, pleaded guilty in November to assaulting law enforcement officers at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Amazon workers eligible to hold union election at New York warehouse - NLRB

A group of workers has met the requirements to hold a union election at a warehouse in Staten Island, New York, a spokesperson for the U.S. National Labor Relations Board confirmed on Wednesday, paving the way for another high-profile labor battle at the online retailer.

Ukraine crisis: US rejects Russian demand to bar Ukraine from Nato

The US offers no concessions to Russian demands on resolving the Ukraine crisis.

100 bags of fentanyl found in bedroom of 13-year-old who died from overdose

Investigators said they are looking for the person who provided over 100 bags of fentanyl to a teen who overdosed and died.

Executive order criminalizes sexual harassment in the military

President Joe Biden signed an executive order Wednesday that makes sexual harassment an offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Judge tells Whitmer kidnap suspect: No, you can't use Jan. 6 Capitol riot as a defense

Judge says the FBI's handling of the 2020 Capitol insurrection has no place in the Whitmer kidnap trial, and the jury doesn't need to hear about it.

The Mcminn County School board in Tennessee just voted to ban a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel MAUS about the Holocaust. The vote was 10-0

No synopsis available.

Illinois man surfed porn site before fatal crash: charges

An Illinois man was surfing a pornographic website moments before his tractor-trailer collided with a tar tanker near Lowell, killing the road construction worker who was driving, prosecutors say.

Hamtramck city council censures Michigan judge in Hamtramck for scolding elderly cancer patient

Hamtramck City Council said Judge Alexis Krot "tarnished the image of Hamtramck globally."

18-year-old woman arrested for murder, accused of luring victim's brother through social media

Anna Bella Dukes was arrested for the February 2021 shooting death of Elias Otero, Albuquerque police said..

Michigan AG Nessel launches investigation into high insulin prices

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is seeking to investigate drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co. over what she said are excessive insulin prices.

Spotify Agrees to Pull Neil Young’s Music After His Criticism of Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Young accused Spotify of “spreading fake information about vaccines” by hosting The Joe Rogan Experience

San Francisco DA's office sued over handling of AAPI hate crimes

The D.A.'s office announced the formation of an AAPI steering committee that met Monday for the first time. The aim of the committee is to address gaps in services for elderly AAPI victims.

Pro-ivermectin Kansas doctor-lawmaker under investigation

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas doctor-lawmaker who has prescribed a parasitic worm treatment for COVID-19 symptoms acknowledged Wednesday that the state medical board has been investigating him since the summer of 2020.

YouTube permanently bans Fox News host Dan Bongino

Fox News Channel host Dan Bongino on Wednesday became among the most-followed conservative personalities to be permanently banned from YouTube, a week after the Google-owned video service said he had posted COVID-19 misinformation.

Frogs can regrow amputated limbs after being treated with mix of drugs, new research finds

Researchers in the United States said Wednesday they were able to trigger the regrowth of an amputated leg in a type of African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis), in what they described as a 'step closer to the goal of regenerative medicine.'

‘Sold by Amazon’ program ends following state investigation

No synopsis available.

Russia Ukraine: US sends Moscow formal response over crisis

The secretary of state says he has offered Russia a serious diplomatic path but will help defend Ukraine.

Texas man charged with selling gun to man who held hostages at synagogue

Henry “Michael” Williams was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm after authorities say he sold the weapon that Maisal Faisal Akram used.

A man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend and her son had previously said he wanted to "wipe out her whole bloodline", a court has heard.

Daniel Boulton fatally stabbed Bethany Vincent and her son Darren Henson, a Lincoln court hears.

Prince Andrew denies being co-conspirator of Jeffrey Epstein

Duke denies Epstein ‘trafficked girls to him’, papers filed in court in Manhattan on Wednesday say

Feds charge Texas man with selling gun used to take hostages

DALLAS (AP) — A Texas man has been charged with selling a gun to the man who held four hostages inside a Texas synagogue earlier this month before being fatally shot by the FBI, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

'We are seeing a new level of despair': Latinas decry impact of Texas abortion law

Latina women in clinics that provide abortions are seeing "terror," "despair" from the law that bans abortions around six weeks of pregnancy.

Premier League and Uefa taking legal advice over John Terry’s NFT ape tweets

The former Chelsea player is promoting non-fungible tokens on social media and his posts have included images of Premier League and Uefa trophies

The Fed is getting ready to raise interest rates

The Federal Reserve is getting ready to raise interest rates, the central bank said in its monetary policy update Wednesday. But it kept rates near zero for now.

Detroit man re-charged with setting pregnant girlfriend on fire, bond raised to $750K

Devonne Marsh, charged with setting his pregnant girlfriend on fire two weeks, is now being held on a $750,000 bond after the charges were reissued.

DHS says U.S. on "heightened alert" for Russian cyberattack

"Russia's threshold for conducting disruptive or destructive cyber attacks in the Homeland probably remains very high," a new Homeland Security bulletin warns.

Polish state has ‘blood on its hands’ after death of woman refused an abortion

Family says young mother’s health deteriorated rapidly after the twins she was carrying died a week apart in the womb

Gibraltar Could Launch the World’s First Crypto Stock Exchange

“The Rock” hopes a new stock exchange will attract crypto millionaires who want to avoid hefty taxes.

LGBT rights: New French law to criminalise 'conversion therapy'

Anyone convicted under the law could face fines of up to €30,000 (£25,000) and two years in jail.

Domestic extremists have plotted to disrupt U.S. power grid, DHS bulletin warns

A bulletin from the department obtained by CBS News warns that the extremists have been planning such attacks since 2020 and will probably continue to.

Russia threatens ‘retaliatory measures’ if Ukraine demands are not met - National

“If the West continues its aggressive course, Moscow will take the necessary retaliatory measures,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday.

Black correction officer mistaken for shoplifter sues Walmart for 'racial profiling'

A Black law enforcement officer is suing Walmart for racial profiling.

Americans' trust in science now deeply polarized, poll shows

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans' faith in science is falling as Democrats rely on it even more, with a trust gap in science and medicine widening substantially during the COVID-19 pandemic , new survey data shows.

500 acres of California forestland returned to indigenous tribes

The 523 acres were donated back to the Sinkyone people, land they were once forcibly removed from.

US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire - reports

Liberal US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire later this year, reports say

Justice Stephen Breyer to retire from Supreme Court, paving way for Biden appointment

Justice Stephen Breyer will step down from the Supreme Court, allowing President Joe Biden to appoint a liberal successor.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister says Russian troops 'insufficient' for full invasion

Russia has not assembled sufficient forces to launch an imminent full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Wednesday, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov threatened "appropriate response measures" if the West continues its "aggressive line."

North Korean internet downed by suspected cyber attacks -researchers

North Korea's internet appears to have been hit by a second wave of outages in as many weeks, possibly caused by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, researchers said on Wednesday.

Terry Pratchett estate backs Jack Monroe’s idea for ‘Vimes Boots’ poverty index

Campaigner has used the idea drawn from Discworld novels to register the disproportionate effect price rises have on the lower paid

Astronomers discover mysterious pulsing object that may be new class of star

Experts say object is a match for predicted class of neutron star with ultra-powerful magnetic field

A bomb cyclone with the power of a hurricane will unleash snow and blizzard-like conditions this weekend

Confidence is growing that a winter storm with the intensity of a hurricane, snow measured in feet and blizzard-like conditions will impact major Northeast cities this weekend.

Scientists monitoring new omicron subvariant BA.2

BA.2 numbers around the world are rising.

Australia records its worst ever score on anti-corruption index after decline to match Hungary’s

Transparency International says poor performance due largely to failure to establish federal anti-corruption commission

Peter Dinklage criticises Disney for ‘backwards’ remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs | Movies

Actor who has a form of dwarfism says the studio’s pride in casting a Latina Snow White is undercut by stereotypes retained elsewhere

US Navy wants to get crashed stealth fighter back -- before China can

The United States Navy is trying to retrieve its most advanced fighter jet from the depths of the South China Sea, an extremely complex operation that analysts say will be closely monitored by Beijing.

France bans gay 'conversion therapy' with new law

France has a new law that bans so-called conversion therapies and authorizes jail time and fines for practitioners who use the scientifically discredited practice to attempt to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQ people

"Ethically and environmentally" disastrous plans to farm octopus in Spain advance

Experts and animal welfare campaigners are appalled as Spanish seafood company Nueva Pescanova announced plans to open the world’s first octopus farm despite multiple ethical and ecological concerns.

Coast Guard searches vast sea for 39 people lost off Florida

MIAMI (AP) — Search crews have continued to scan the ocean off Florida for any sign of 39 people missing from a capsized boat, the Coast Guard said Wednesday. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy crews on at least four ships and five aircraft covered a vast area about the size of Rhode Island on Tuesday after a solitary survivor was rescued from the overturned hull.

San Jose passes first U.S. law requiring gun owners to get liability insurance and pay annual fee

They'd also have to pay an annual fee. But opponents promised to fight the measure in court. People on both sides of the issue spoke at length before the vote was taken.

A Covid-stricken Australian aid ship is heading for virus-free Tonga

More than 20 Covid-19 cases have been identified aboard an Australian navy ship sailing to disaster-hit Tonga, complicating aid efforts to the virus-free Pacific island nation as Japan halted its relief mission due to a separate outbreak among crew members.

China pledges 'purification' of the internet ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Lunar New Year

No synopsis available.

Human remains and historical objects returned to Wiyot Tribe

The U. S. Army Corps of EngineersSan Francisco District and the University of California, Berekely has returned human remains and various personal items to the Wiyot Tribe. A total of 20 human remains and 136 significant items were uncovered during the construction of the Humboldt Bay Jetties by corps in 1946. The following is from a press release from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers San Francisco District: The U. S.

This Silicon Valley city just voted to institute first-in-the-nation gun ownership requirements

The San Jose, California, city council voted Tuesday night to adopt a first-in-the-nation ordinance requiring most gun owners to pay a fee and carry liability insurance, measures aimed at reducing the risk of gun harm by incentivizing safer behavior and easing taxpayers of the financial burden of gun violence.

Ex-banker tells Swiss court that strip club visits were business-related

A former top Swiss banker charged with making millions of dollars through fraudulent deals said on Tuesday that a near 200,000 Swiss francs ($217,675) expenses bill for strip club visits was largely business-related.

After Omicron, some scientists predict “a period of calm”

No synopsis available.

Support your children if they are gay, pope tells parents

Pope Francis said on Wednesday that parents of gay children should not condemn them but offer them support.

Woman pregnant with twins set on fire by boyfriend, Detroit police say; suspect gets $50K bond

A woman, pregnant with twins, was set on fire by her own boyfriend, Detroit Police say. Not only that, he could be out on bail as low as $5,000 as she and the babies fight to live.

'Fight Club' has a new ending in China. And this time, the authorities win

More than two decades after its release, "Fight Club" has been given a very different ending in China — and this time, the authorities win.

Coast Guard searching for 39 people after their boat reportedly capsized on Saturday

US Coast Guard rescue crews are searching for 39 people whose boat reportedly capsized on Saturday night near Fort Pierce, Florida, the agency said on Tuesday.

Global chip shortage: US says firms’ stocks have plunged

The shortage of semiconductors is continuing to have a major impact on industries around the world.

Ozzie, the world's oldest male gorilla, has died at Zoo Atlanta

Ozzie, the world's oldest male gorilla and the third-oldest gorilla in the world, died Tuesday at Zoo Atlanta, the facility announced. He was 61.

Peter Robbins: Voice of Charlie Brown found dead

Robbins was suffering from bipolar disorder and had asked people to take it more seriously

Runaway railcar sends authorities on desperate chase in Walla Walla County, WA

WALLA WALLA COUNTY -- A runaway railcar reached speeds of approximately 50 miles an hour this afternoon in Walla Walla County. The Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office tells Action News that an empty rail car was sent rolling at 1 PM in Walla Walla. Employees were attempting to hook the car up to a train when it was bumped and began rolling downhill to the west. Officials say the car was rolling downhill and picked up speed as it continued west along Highway 12.

BNSF unions can't strike over attendance policy, judge rules

A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked union workers from one of the country’s largest freight companies from striking over a new attendance policy.

Out-of-control SpaceX rocket on collision course with the moon

Falcon 9 booster was originally launched from Florida in 2015 to deploy Deep Space Climate Observatory

Ridgeland Mayor Demands LGBTQ+ Book Purge, Threatens Library Funding

Ridgeland Mayor Gene McGee is withholding $110,000 of funding from the Madison County Library System, demanding a purge of LGBTQ+ materials.

Central Asia blackout leaves millions without power

A surge disconnects a major power line from the shared grid, causing chaos across the region.

Western monarch populations grew over 100-fold in 2021. Why?

The beloved butterflies had fallen to critical levels in recent years. Experts weigh in on what might be causing their remarkable return.

Brothers accused of fatally beating stepfather for allegedly sexually abusing girl

No synopsis available.

Woman who helped after truck carrying monkeys crashed has fallen ill after monkey hissed at her

The woman’s pinkeye was so bad that she checked herself into an emergency room

9-month-old revived from fentanyl overdose, 2nd baby in the last week

Last Friday, Bakersfield Police say they went to Lake Street, for a call of a nine-month-old baby not breathing. "It was later determined that the child, after being transported to an area hospital, had suffered from a fentanyl overdose," Sgt. Robert Pair, Public Information Officer, for the Bakersfield Police Department, said. "A search warrant at the residence revealed fentanyl. " Sgt.

Many stores expect to offer free government-issued N95 masks this week

For most Americans, getting their hands on the higher quality masks will require some patience.

Wyoming's first Black sheriff fired White deputy over alleged racism, lawsuit says

Aaron Appelhans, Wyoming's first Black sheriff, made the move last year. The suit, from a Black deputy who quit, details what it says were years of torment by the White one.

COVID-19 vaccine booster drive is faltering in the US

NEW YORK (AP) — The COVID-19 booster drive in the U.S. is losing steam, worrying health experts who have pleaded with Americans to get an extra shot to shore up their protection against the highly contagious omicron variant.

Here's how to get free N95 masks from pharmacies or community health centers

The rollout of free N95 masks for the public began this week across the United States, with some pharmacies already handing out the masks and others expecting to do so in the coming days.

Apple CEO Tim Cook granted restraining order against alleged armed stalker from Virginia

The woman is believed to still be in the Bay Area.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apologized Tuesday after critics, including members of his own family, blasted him for implying Anne Frank had more freedom in hiding from the Nazis than people have today under U.S. vaccine policies.

Robert F.

New Virginia Governor promotes email tipline to report teachers who teach critical race theory

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin wants parents to contact his office if they see or hear something in their child’s school that they believe is divisive.

Denmark to announce removal of all COVID-19 curbs: Report

Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is expected to announce on Wednesday the removal of all COVID-19 restrictions by the end of this month, daily

US finalizing plans to divert gas to Europe if Russia cuts off supply | US foreign policy

Officials working with global suppliers to avoid European gas crisis if flow from Russia is cut as Biden says he would consider personal sanctions against Putin

Vatican cardinal complains prosecutors asked about sex life

The lone cardinal indicted in the Vatican’s big fraud and embezzlement trial is complaining that the pope’s prosecutors offended his dignity by suggesting he was having sex with a co-defendant

Ashland mom sues makers of Instagram, Snapchat

An Ashland woman is suing two social media platforms, saying that her 15-year-old daughter’s struggles with mental health stem from dangerous flaws in Instagram and Snapchat’s design. The lawsuit, fi...

DeSantis blasts FDA for halting drugs ineffective on omicron

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has vowed to fight a decision from federal health regulators to block two coronavirus antibody treatments after the drugs were found to be ineffective against treating the widespread omicron variant

The next Covid variant will be more contagious than omicron, but the question is whether it will be more deadly, WHO says

A top WHO official warned against theories that the virus will continue to mutate into milder strains that make people less sick than earlier variants.

Omicron US death toll matches Delta

The average number of Covid-19 deaths in the US is roughly on par with that seen during the peak of the Delta variant

'You're lucky I don't have my gun': Road rage attack caught on camera in Livonia

The interaction ended with two strangers enraged at one another after being cut off just moments prior, both parties believing the other one is to blame.

Drop bitcoin as legal tender, IMF urges El Salvador

"There are large risks associated with the use of bitcoin on financial stability, financial integrity, and consumer protection," says the International Monetary Fund.

Rare eagle seen in Maine, wowing birders, might stay a bit

GEORGETOWN, Maine (AP) — A rare species of eagle that has thrilled bird lovers and baffled scientists since arriving in Maine last month might not be in a hurry to leave. The Steller's sea eagle arrived in Maine in late December after a brief stop in Massachusetts more than a month ago .

U.S. Supreme Court turns down appeal in murder of 8-year-old Cherish Perrywinkle

Donald James Smith was sentenced to death for raping and strangling the child and leaving her body in a creek.

FDA halts use of antibody drugs that don't work against omicron

WASHINGTON (AP) — COVID-19 antibody drugs from Regeneron and Eli Lilly should no longer be used because they don't work against the omicron variant that now accounts for nearly all U.S. infections, U.S.

2 Cases of New Omicron Subvariant Detected in the SF Bay Area

Two cases of the new omicron subvariant BA.2 have been detected in Santa Clara County, according to officials.

Alex Jones met with 1/6 committee and says he pleaded the Fifth ‘almost 100 times’

No synopsis available.

3 charged in death of man accused of inappropriately touching child

Police say the victim was assaulted multiple times, beaten with brass knuckles and suffered severe head trauma.

These 4 states have fully regained the jobs lost during the pandemic

America's job market hasn't fully recovered yet. But some states are already back to normal.

Wilbert Mora, second police officer shot in Harlem, has died

Mora was 27 years old.

Julian Lennon to auction NFT of Paul McCartney’s notes for Hey Jude

Other Beatles memorabilia including outfits and guitars to be sold as non-fungible tokens by John Lennon’s son

Novel Ultra-Thin Sensor Records Brain Activity in Record-Breaking Resolution

The new apparatus can record electrical signals from the brain's surface and mapped key regions in a demonstration.

US orders 8,500 troops on heightened alert amid Russia worry

No synopsis available.

You may never enter the metaverse, but your data will.

Facebook's parent company Meta on Monday said it has created what it believes is among the fastest artificial intelligence supercomputers running today.

US court upholds conviction of Mexican drug lord ‘El Chapo’

A US court in 2019 sentenced Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman to life behind bars for a massive drug conspiracy.

The West fears Russia is about to attack Ukraine. But that's not the way Russians are seeing it on TV

Foreign forces bristling with weapons are rolling toward the Ukrainian border. Reconnaissance planes streak overhead. Rumors of "false flag" operations run rampant.

Neil Young wants his music scrubbed from Spotify because of vaccine misinformation on the platform

In a now-deleted letter, Young, an advocate for Covid-19 safety and prevention, said Spotify "can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both."

Pa. Senate panel to consider bills limiting abortion access, courts’ ability to respond

No synopsis available.

Mystery man hands out $100 bills to several workers in Fall River

Employees at multiple fast-food chain restaurants and stores in Fall River were surprised by a man handing out $100 bills over the weekend. The person, who has not been identified, stopped into several spots in Fall River, including Tropical Smoothie Café, Supercuts, Five Guys, and Jersey Mikes at South Coast Marketplace. NBC 10 News confirmed the man also went to the nearby D'Angelo's Grilled Sandwiches, Papa Gino's, and Wendy's.

Lauren Smith-Fields autopsy: Cause of death revealed for 23-year-old woman found dead after date

The cause of death of Lauren Smith-Fields, a 23-year-old Black woman who was found dead after a date, has been ruled an accident.

A Virginia woman with Down syndrome who recently moved out on her own for the first time was brutally raped and slain last month, and a neighbor has been charged with her death.

No synopsis available.

Michigan activist swallows mail-order abortion pill on live TV

No synopsis available.

Yemen's internet service returns after four-day outage following air strike

Internet services were largely restored in Yemen on Tuesday, residents said, after a four-day outage following Saudi-led coalition air strikes which damaged telecoms infrastructure.

BNSF Railroad files federal lawsuit to block unions from striking

BNSF Railway, one of the country’s largest freight companies, has asked a federal court to block thousands of union members from striking.

Pa. monkey truck crash spawns conspiracy theories after woman at scene falls ill

No synopsis available.

Husband of former Miss Mississippi murdered in front of two-year-old, say court documents

A 17-year-old has been charged with capital murder in the shooting.

Drug dealers' family to hand over £530k in assets - BBC News

Assets bought by two brothers convicted of drug trafficking are seized by the National Crime Agency.

NY schools told to keep masks after judge overturns mandate

New York state education officials told school administrators to continue enforcing the state's mask mandate for students and teachers Tuesday despite a judge's ruling overturning it, causing confusion as some districts rushed to make masks optional.

SAT will soon be all-digital and shortened from 3 hours to 2

The SAT taken by prospective college students across the country will go all-digital starting in 2024 and will be an hour shorter, the College Board announced in a statement Tuesday.

Treasure hunter stuck in jail for refusing to disclose location of gold coins faces judge; ingot from shipwreck sells for $2.16 million

Tommy Thompson's case dates to his discovery of a ship that sank off South Carolina in 1857 with thousands of pounds of gold aboard.

Pfizer begins testing omicron-matched COVID shots in adults

Pfizer is enrolling healthy adults to test a reformulated COVID-19 vaccine that matches the hugely contagious omicron variant , to see how it compares with the original shots.

Covid ‘denialist’ and Bolsonaro ally Olavo de Carvalho died of virus, says daughter

Rightwing radical was a towering figure in Brazil who was adored and abhorred in equal measure by millions of followers and foes

Consumer goods giant Unilever cutting 1,500 management jobs

Unilever, which makes Vaseline skin care products and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, says it’s laying off 1,500 staff as part of a company-wide restructuring

They were charged more than $1,000 for an ER visit, even though they never saw a doctor

Dhaval Bhatt's toddler went to the emergency room after he burned his hand — but they eventually left without being seen by a doctor, his family said.

"They can have Rogan or Young. Not both": Neil Young threatens to leave Spotify over vaccine misinformation

Young cited Joe Rogan, who has frequently questioned vaccines on his podcast, which is exclusively on Spotify.

Blind man who rescued 5 after Oklahoma City bombing dies

“I had the advantage over them because not being able to see,

Baby, just 6-months-old, shot and killed in NW Atlanta caught in crossfire between adults, police say

A 6-month-old child was shot and killed in northwest Atlanta Monday afternoon and a murder investigation is now underway, police say.

Mexican journalist Lourdes Maldonado López, who feared for her life, killed in Tijuana

Journalist Lourdes Maldonado López was killed on Sunday in northern Mexico's border city of Tijuana, marking the third killing of a journalist in the country in two weeks.

California redwood forest returned to native tribal group

More than 500 acres of land where ancient redwoods stand on California's Lost Coast is being returned to the descendants of Native American tribes.

Germany Under Fire Over Mixed Russia Signals

Germany's new government is facing pressure to get tough on Russia

'Off to Canada': India's jobs crisis exasperates its youth

India's economic growth is producing fewer jobs than it used to, and as disheartened jobseekers take menial roles or look to move overseas, the country's already low rate of workforce participation is falling.

Russia adds jailed Kremlin critic Navalny to list of ‘terrorists’

Separately, the federal prison service demanded that Navalny’s brother’s suspended sentence be changed to a jail term.

Ahead of Olympics, abrupt lockdowns loom over Beijing life

BEIJING (AP) — Beijing residents are coping with abrupt local lockdowns and sweeping COVID-19 testing requirements as the Chinese capital seeks to prevent a coronavirus outbreak ahead of the Winter Olympics that opens in less than two weeks.

Poland begins work on $400m Belarus border wall against refugees

The 5.5-metre-high wall will run along 186km of the border with Belarus and is to be completed in June.

Hymen repair surgery and virginity testing to be banned in UK

The practice is linked to virginity in some cultures and has been described as a form of violence.

Boston Hospital refuses heart transplant for man after he refuses to be vaccinated

Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston says its policy won't allow DJ Ferguson to have the surgery since not being vaccinated seriously hurts its chances for success and his long-term outlook.

Millions left without power after huge blackout hits Central Asia

Major cities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan hit by power outages after an ’emergency imbalance’ in a power grid.

Liu Xuezhou: Outrage over death of twice abandoned -China teen

The 17-year-old, who was sold as a child, had launched a campaign to look for his birth parents.

Thailand first in Asia to move to decriminalize marijuana

Thailand has become the first country in Asia to approve the de facto decriminalization of marijuana

Ukraine urges calm, saying Russian invasion not imminent

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's leaders sought to reassure the nation that a feared invasion from neighboring Russia was not imminent, even as they acknowledged the threat is real and prepared to accept a shipment of American military equipment Tuesday to shore up their defenses.

Police investigating 'number of events' held in Boris Johnson's Downing Street during Covid restrictions

London's Metropolitan Police say they are investigating a "number of events" in Downing Street and Whitehall over the pandemic amid claims of Covid rule-breaking at the heart of the UK government.

California redwood forest returned to native tribal group

A conservation group is turning over a historic redwood grove on the Northern California coast to descendants of the original Native American inhabitants

Pfizer and BioNTech begin clinical trial for Omicron-specific vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech have begun a clinical trial for their Omicron-specific Covid-19 vaccine candidate, they announced in a news release on Tuesday.

Witness at scene of CDC lab monkeys crash has developed symptoms

By: Caroline Machiraju Danville, PA - Michelle Fallon is living a nightmare. And, she’s ready to put that nightmare on record. The Danville woman is now experiencing symptoms, believed to be related to her close encounter with wild monkeys, when the trailer they were riding in collided with a dump truck and unloaded their cages…

China gives 'Fight Club' new ending where authorities win

BEIJING - The first rule of Fight Club in China? Don't mention the original ending. The second rule of Fight Club in China? Change it so the police win.

Global stocks mixed as investors worry about Russia-Ukraine tensions and upcoming Fed plans

No synopsis available.

At least eight killed at Cameroon stadium in Africa Cup of Nations

Dozens more people are injured in the incident outside a football stadium in Cameroon.

Police to investigate No 10 lockdown parties

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick says the force will look into "potential breaches of Covid-19 regulations".

Corruption is on the rise and pummeling human rights: New report

Some governments have used the pandemic to allow corruption to flourish, Transparency International warns.

‘Selfish, too intoxicated to care’: Vehicular Crimes chief sounds off on woman accused in HCSO sergeant’s death

The woman charged in the death of a respected and beloved sergeant with the Harris County Sheriff's Office was "selfish" and "too intoxicated to care" when her actions early Monday caused the preventable tragedy, according to Harris County Vehicular Crimes Division Chief Sean Teare.

Indonesia: 19 killed after gangs fight with Molotov cocktails and machetes - sparking fire in karaoke bar

Police are still investigating what happened - and whether the fire was set or if it was accidental.

U.S. combat jet crashes in South China Sea exercise, 7 hurt

The U.S. military says a Navy combat jet conducting exercises in the South China Sea has crashed while trying to land on the deck of an American aircraft carrier, injuring seven sailors

North Korea appears to have fired two cruise missiles: Report

North Korea is not banned from cruise missile launches under UN sanctions on Pyongyang.

Australia’s decision to withdraw people from Ukraine sends ‘wrong message’, diplomat says

Dfat upgrades its travel advice as more than 100,000 Russian troops mass on border

Met apologises to woman for ‘sexist, derogatory’ language in strip-search | Metropolitan police

Force pays compensation to Dr Konstancja Duff for language used after CCTV captures officers’ comments

Chambersburg PA City Council repeals LGBTQ anti-discrimination ordinance

Sparks flew Monday night in Chambersburg, as council members voted 7-3 to repeal an ordinance protecting residents against discrimination based on their sexual orientation, ethnicity or gender identity. Before Council's vote, more than 100 people spoke out, condemning the possible change, while only a handful tried to justify repealing it.

Belarus hacktivists target railway in anti-Russia effort

A Belarusian hacktivist group says it has launched a limited cyberattack on the national railway company, aimed at impeding the movement of Russian troops and freight inside the Moscow-allied country.

Australian Open reverses its ban on ‘Where is Peng Shuai?’ T-shirts

Tennis Australia has bowed to pressure and made a u-turn on its decision to ban T-shirts displaying messages of support for Peng Shuai

California county leaves more than $10M worth of COVID protective gear out in the rain

Thousands of boxes filled with masks and protective gear worth more than $10 million were left in the rain outside a California event center.

US black man mistaken for older white suspect - lawsuit ensues (BBC)

Shane Lee Brown was freed from jail after a judge compared photos of the two men, legal action says.

Federal Judges order Alabama to redraw Congressional map

A 3-judge federal panel is rejecting Alabama’s newly-drawn Congressional district map and sending it back to the legislature.

BA.2, newest COVID-19 subvariant, found in Washington state, health officials say

State health officials confirmed to KOMO News on Monday that BA. 2, the newest subvariant of COVID-19, has been detected in Washington state, which is still grappling with a surge in cases from the omicron and delta variants. A spokesperson for the Washington State Health Department said in an email that the state has already logged two confirmed cases of the newest subvariant, which were found earlier this month.

Surveillance video shows a Black 17-year-old struggling with staff at a Wichita juvenile center last fall before he died after he was restrained facedown for more than 30 minutes.

WICHITA, Kan. (AP) — Surveillance video shows a Black 17-year-old struggling with staff at a Wichita juvenile center last fall before he died after he was restrained facedown for more than 30 minutes.

New York State Supreme Court judge rules Gov. Hochul's mask mandate unconstitutional

A New York State Supreme Court judge based in Nassau County has ruled that Governor Kathy Hochul's mask mandate is unconstitutional.

Neil Young Demands His Music Be Removed From Spotify Over “Fake Information About Vaccines”

“They can have [Joe] Rogan or Young. Not both.”

The former president of Florida International University who abruptly resigned last week added a cryptic explanation on Sunday, apologizing for having "caused discomfort for a valued colleague."

FIU president Mark Rosenberg resigns: 'I caused discomfort for a valued colleague'

Global Affairs Canada suffers ‘cyber attack’ amid Russia-Ukraine tensions: sources

Security and government sources describe the multi-day network disruption at Canada’s foreign affairs department as a “hack” as Ottawa stands by Ukraine.

Wash. AG claims Google secretly tracks consumer location

No synopsis available.

Man arrested after alleged racist tirade over smoothie after, he says, his son had severe allergic reaction to it

Police report that he said he was upset because his son had a severe allergic reaction to the drink. Merrill Lynch fired him. His lawyer denies he's racist.

Stocks climb back after steep slide on Fed, Ukraine jitters

Stocks finished a volatile day slightly higher on Monday after reversing a steep slide

U.S. Navy pilot ejects, 7 hurt in F-35 South China Sea 'landing mishap'

Seven U.S. military personnel were hurt on Monday when an F-35C warplane had a "landing mishap" on the deck of the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson in the South China Sea and the pilot ejected, the U.S Navy said.

Prosecutor says cops made 'conscious choice' not to protect George Floyd

Opening statements began on Monday in the federal trial of three former Minnesota police officers charged with violating the civil rights of George Floyd.

Ukraine: US troops on high alert over stand-off

Some 8,500 combat-ready US troops are on high alert to deploy at short notice, the Pentagon says.

ThedaCare loses court fight to keep health care staff who resigned

A hospital in northeastern Wisconsin has lost a court battle to keep health care staff who want to work elsewhere.

Pierce sheriff: Elderly man killed roommate in murder-suicide after she tried to evict him

Two people were killed in a murder-suicide Thursday evening, after authorities said an elderly man killed his roommate. The Pierce County Sheriff's Office were called for a homicide near 242nd Street East and 94th Avenue East after someone came to the home to check on a person who lived there. Deputies found a 68-year-old man and 75-year-old woman dead inside the home. The woman was the homeowner and tried to evict the man before he killed her and took his own life.

Virginia school districts sue Gov. Youngkin over executive order making mask mandate optional

Seven school boards are challenging the new governor's executive order banning mask mandates while schools in a major Catholic diocese's schools have been directed to follow it, setting up parents, schools and public officials along a pandemic-rights fault line.

DA for Atlanta area granted special grand jury to probe Trump's election interference

An Atlanta-area district attorney investigating former President Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia will be allowed to seat a special grand jury this spring.

A DFW radio personality is charged with producing child pornography.

Clois Glenn Raborn, aka DJ Clo, is known for appearances on 97.1’s The Russ Martin Show. When investigators searched his computer, they found pictures of him engaging in sexual conduct with a little girl believed to be around 5 years old.

US puts 8,500 troops on heightened alert amid Russia tension

WASHINGTON (AP) — At President Biden's direction, the Pentagon is putting about 8,500 U.S.-based troops on heightened alert for potential deployment to Europe amid rising fears of a possible Russian military move on Ukraine.

Texas woman arrested after allegedly trying to buy another woman’s child for $500,000 at Walmart

A Texas woman has been arrested last week after allegedly attempting to buy a woman's child at a Walmart store, police say.

Three Baltimore firefighters hospitalized, one trapped after partial building collapse

Three Baltimore firefighters were hospitalized and one was trapped Monday after a burning building partially collapsed around them, officials said.

For sale: CIA ‘black site’ where terror suspects were tortured in Lithuania

Government prepares to sell barn known as Project No 2 or Detention Site Violet, which has windowless, soundproof rooms

James Webb telescope parked in observing position

The $10bn successor to Hubble is parked a million miles from Earth after a 30-day journey from Earth.

Merrill Lynch fires advisor James Iannazzo after arrest for TikTok filmed rant, drink toss at smoothie worker

James Iannazzo, a Merrill Lynch financial advisor, said his son went into anaphylactic shock after drinking a smoothie from a Connecticut store.

Florida has a unique potion for executing prisoners. It wants to keep the details secret

Florida’s prison officials are asking legislators to enact more layers of secrecy around the state’s method of executing Death Row inmates, floating a bill that would make confidential any records

Coinbase unveils new tax support features as IRS increases crypto scrutiny

The cryptocurrency exchange has also partnered with CoinTracker and TurboTax.

Burkina Faso military says it has seized power

President Roch Kaboré has been overthrown and the government and parliament dissolved, the army says.

American lady in pain for being dumped after donating her kidney to her boyfriend

No synopsis available.

Christian MP goes on trial in Finland for calling homosexuality a disorder

A Finnish Christian democrat MP and former minister of the interior went on trial on Monday for agitation against gay people over comments in which she described homosexuality as a developmental disorder and a sin.

Bullitt Co. Sheriff: Thieves shoot, kill man after stealing his trailer; suspects still at large

Family members confirmed with WAVE the victim was 42-year-old Kevin Watts.

2 quakes shake southern Haiti; 2 deaths reported | 24 January 2022.

Two moderate earthquakes have shaken southwest Haiti

Police: 6 found dead at Milwaukee home had been shot

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The six people found dead in a Milwaukee home had apparently been shot, police said Monday. The victims had injuries that are suspected to have been caused by gunfire, Milwaukee Police Sgt.

Ikea is raising prices by 9% in 2022

No synopsis available.

The stock rout isn't over: Dow tumbles

Wall Street was deep in the red again Monday as investors feared the Federal Reserve's plans to hike interest rates would eat into corporate profits. The tensions in Ukraine, earnings season and — of course — inflation weren't helping, either.

Trial begins for cops accused of violating Floyd’s rights

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Three former Minneapolis police officers charged with violating George Floyd’s civil rights did nothing to intervene as fellow officer Derek Chauvin pinned the Black man’s neck to the street, a prosecutor told jurors Monday as the federal trial began.

Supreme Court will consider challenge to affirmative action in college admissions

The Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to the use of affirmative action in the admissions process at Harvard and University of North Carolina.

A Wisconsin judge rules absentee ballot drop boxes are not allowed under state law

The ruling could potentially remove an option for voting ahead of the state's crucial midterm elections. The decision is all but certain to be appealed.

First year of legal recreational cannabis brings in $1 billion revenue, surpassing projections

Saturday will mark one year since recreational marijuana sales were legalized in Arizona, bringing in more than $1 billion in total revenue.

Ballistic missiles intercepted over Abu Dhabi; U.S. State Department issues alert

The missile launch comes just one week after a deadly Houthi-claimed attack on Abu Dhabi that used what UAE officials say were drones and missiles.

NATO sends more ships, jets to eastern Europe as tensions with Russia build

No synopsis available.

NY COVID Hospitalizations Drop Below 10,000 as Numbers Improve Quickly

The omicron wave is breaking quickly in New York, with COVID-19 hospitalizations as of Sunday at their lowest level since Jan. 2.

Market slide: Dow falls more than 700 points, S&P enters correction territory

Stocks fell Monday as investors awaited more corporate earnings results and a key policy decision from the Federal Reserve.

"Mega" iceberg releases 152 billion tons of fresh water into ocean

The iceberg was once one of the largest on record. Now it's melting, and scientists are waiting to see how it's going to impact South Georgia's marine life.

'Unvaccinated' Sarah Palin tests positive for Covid right before New York Times defamation trial begins, judge says

Sarah Palin has Covid-19 last year, but since then has said she would get the coronavirus vaccine "over my dead body."

They're going to Ukraine: Social media chatter sheds light on Russia's military mobilisation

Russian-language social media posts are helping expose the scale and nature of Moscow’s military mobilisation amid risin...

$130 billion wiped off crypto markets in 24 hours as bitcoin, ether drop to multi-month lows

Bitcoin and ether are off more than 50% from their all-time highs and trading at their lowest levels since July.

Four AGs sue Google for allegedly tracking you without permission

Google already faced a similar lawsuit from Arizona, where a judge cast doubt on the state's arguments.

Julian Assange can ask Supreme Court to consider extradition case

The Wikileaks founder can petition the UK's highest court for a hearing, stalling his extradition to the US.

Former Attorney General William Barr has spoken to January 6 committee, chairman says

"We've had conversations with the former attorney general already. We have talked to Department of Defense individuals," Thompson said.

US threatens use of novel export control to damage Russia’s strategic industries if Moscow invades Ukraine

The Biden administration is threatening to use a novel export control to damage strategic Russian industries, from artificial intelligence and quantum computing to civilian aerospace, if Moscow invades Ukraine, administration officials say.

Nuclear deal unlikely unless Iran releases US prisoners

US Special Envoy says agreement ‘hard to imagine’ while four ‘innocent Americans held hostage’.

Catholic Church suggests altar boy, 12, drew 'pleasure' from priest's abuse

A Catholic diocese in Poland has apologized after suggesting that an altar boy abused by a priest gained "pleasure" from the abuse

Gunman dead and several injured after shooting in Heidelberg, Germany

Police said lone gunman shot several people with a long gun in a lecture hall in the German university town

Bitcoin value tumbles almost 50% since record November

Bitcoin has lost almost half its value since its November high, with cryptocurrency prices continuing to plunge as major economies look to curb their growing popularity.

Severe shortage of nurses in UK children’s intensive care units

Report reveals healthcare assistants are covering the work of nurses in 29 of the country’s 30 specialist units

NATO sends extra ships and jets, as UK pulls some embassy staff out of Ukraine and Ireland says war games off its coast are 'not welcome'

The moves come amid rising tensions about Russia's military build-up on the Ukraine border that were not eased during talks between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday.

Antisemitic flyers found littering residential neighborhoods in Miami-Dade County

In a post on Twitter, Miami Beach police said the department is aware of the flyers and "actively investigating to determine their origin."

NATO allies put forces on standby as tensions rise over Ukraine crisis

NATO allies are putting forces on standby and sending additional ships and fighter jets to NATO deployments in eastern Europe, NATO said in a news release Monday.

US conservatives linked to rich donors wage campaign to ban books from schools | US news

Experts warn trend is accelerating as groups push for bans of works that often address race, LGBTQ issues and marginalized people

German Covid protests turn nasty in row over rules and vaccinations

Tens of thousands of Germans take to the streets every week and politicians are being targeted.

Surgeon faces legal action for trying to sell Bataclan victim X-ray as NFT

Surgeon said attempted sale of the image showing a forearm containing a Kalashnikov bullet without patient consent was ‘an error’

NATO sends ships, jets east as Ireland rejects Russia drills

BRUSSELS (AP) — NATO said Monday that it’s putting extra forces on standby and sending more ships and fighter jets to eastern Europe, as Ireland warned that new Russian war games off its coast are not welcome given tensions over whether President Vladimir Putin intends to attack Ukraine.

Pope Benedict XVI admits being at meeting about abuser priest when he ran Munich archdiocese

Pope Benedict XVI admitted Monday that he was at a meeting in 1980 at which an abusive priest was discussed, blaming his earlier denial at having been there on "an error in the editing of his statement."

Yorkshire teenage girl facing internal decapitation has just months to save her life

Allesha Barnfield has until May to raise money for vital surgery before the quote expires and prices rise once again

A 75-year-old French adventurer has died attempting solo row across the Atlantic Ocean

Jean-Jacques Savin, a 75-year-old French adventurer, has died while attempting to row across the Atlantic single-handedly, according to a statement from his support team for the endeavour.

‘People will be murdered’: Boy who wrote governor about gun law killed in shooting

Before his death in a Christmas Day shooting, a 12-year-old from Tennessee penned a letter to his governor expressing concerns about the state's permitless carry law.

‘Horrific’: 5 homicide victims discovered at Milwaukee home

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Five people were found dead in a Milwaukee home Sunday in what police are investigating as multiple homicides, according to the Milwa...

Dozens of Chinese warplanes fly near Taiwan after US-Japan show of naval might

China sent 39 warplanes into Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday, Taiwan's Defense Ministry said, the largest such incursion this year.

UAE says it intercepts 2 ballistic missilles over Abu Dhabi

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The United Arab Emirates intercepted two ballistic missiles targeting Abu Dhabi early Monday, its state-run news agency reported, the latest attack to target the Emirati capital.

‘I’ve already sold my daughters; now, my kidney’: winter in Afghanistan’s slums

Crushing poverty is forcing starving displaced people to make desperate choices

Taiwan detects 39 Chinese warplanes, scrambles jets

Dozens of Chinese jets entered Taiwan's air defense zone, the island's officials said. Taiwan responded by scrambling its own fighter jets and activating missile defense systems.

Ukraine: US orders families of embassy staff to leave

The State Department has also urged US citizens in Ukraine to consider leaving.

Fauci: US ‘confident’ Omicron will soon peak even as hospitals struggle

But Biden’s chief medical adviser also predicts ‘a bit more pain and suffering’

Boston Employee Vaccine Mandate Extended

Mayor Michelle Wu announced Sunday she is giving city workers an extra week to comply with Boston's new employee vaccine mandate.

Sarah Palin set to battle New York Times at defamation trial

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, has spent 4-1/2 years battling the New York Times over an editorial she said falsely linked her to a deadly Arizona mass shooting that left a U.S. congresswoman seriously wounded.

COVID-19 patient whose family sued to keep him on ventilator dies after transfer from Mercy Hospital

Scott Quiner, a COVID-19 patient from Buffalo, Minnesota, whose wife sued Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids to keep him on a ventilator, died Saturday morning at a Texas hospital, the family's attorney confirmed.

Eight-year-old girl shot dead by Chicago gunman targeting someone else | Chicago

Police superintendent says department ‘will not rest’ until killer of Melissa Ortega, a recent arrival from Mexico, is found

Man recovering after being shoved onto subway tracks inside Lower Manhattan station

A man suffered minor injuries after he was shoved onto the subway tracks in front of an oncoming train at a station in Manhattan Sunday.

Youth’s overdose death renews pleas for Narcan in schools

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The death of a 13-year-old student who apparently overdosed on fentanyl at his Connecticut school has drawn renewed pleas for schools to stock the opioid antidote naloxone, as well as for training of both staffers and children on how to recognize and respond to overdoses.

US draws down Ukraine embassy presence as war fears mount

WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department on Sunday ordered the families of all American personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine to leave the country amid heightened fears of a Russian invasion. The department told the dependents of staffers at the U.S.

US draws down Ukraine embassy presence as war fears mount

WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department on Sunday ordered the families of all American personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine to leave the country amid heightened fears of a Russian invasion. The department told the dependents of staffers at the U.S.

Cruise ship changes course after US judge orders seizure

MIAMI (AP) — A cruise ship that was supposed to dock in Miami has instead sailed to the Bahamas, after a U.S. judge granted an order to seize the vessel as part of a lawsuit over millions of dollars in unpaid fuel.

LA schools to require students to wear non-cloth face masks

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles Unified School District said it will prohibit students from wearing cloth masks as the highly transmissible omicron variant of COVID-19 continues to spread. Starting Monday, students must wear “well-fitted, non-cloth masks with a nose wire” at all times, including outdoors, the district announced.

Denmark to send additional forces to Baltics in response to Russia’s actions

Denmark is responding to Russia’s military build-up on the Ukrainian border by strengthening the defence capabilities in...

4 killed, 1 hurt in “ambush shooting” at house party near LA

Authorities say four people were killed and one was wounded when multiple shooters opened fire at a house party near Los Angeles early Sunday

Auschwitz: Dutch tourist fined over Nazi salute at former death camp

A 29-year-old woman - who says it was a bad joke - is charged with engaging in Nazi propaganda.

Secretary of State Blinken warns of severe response if a single Russian force enters Ukraine in an aggressive way

"We've given Russia two paths. There's a path of diplomacy and dialogue... But there's also a path of its renewed aggression and massive consequences," Blinken said.

Urgent call for sperm donors as Birmingham banks run dry after two year Covid closure

Halted donor services have reopened for January after a lengthy closure left stocks "depleted"

Fauci optimistic omicron will peak in February

Dr. Anthony Fauci is expressing optimism that the omicron variant will have peaked in the U.S. my the middle of February.

Connecticut Man Arrested After Racist Tirade Over Smoothie, Cops Say

A Connecticut man, James Iannazzo, was arrested on bias intimidation and trespassing charges after a racist tirade at a smoothie shop, cops say - and Merrill...

At least 16 killed, several injured in nightclub fire in Cameroon's capital

At least 16 people were killed after a fire tore through a nightclub in Cameroon's capital city Yaoundé early on Sunday morning, according to the country's government.

Last of escaped monkeys accounted for and three euthanised after crash in Pennsylvania

One cynomolgus monkey remained on the loose overnight after the truck transporting 100 of them crashed near Danville

French soldier killed in mortar attack in Mali - Elysee

A French soldier was killed in a mortar attack on the Barkhane military camp in Gao, Mali, on Saturday, French President Emmanuel Macron's office said on Sunday in a statement.

Driver fatally shoots Houston-area deputy before fleeing

Authorities say a driver shot and killed a Houston-area deputy during an early-morning traffic stop and then got back in his vehicle and drove off

Once allies, Stormy Daniels and Avenatti face off at trial

NEW YORK (AP) — Stormy Daniels, the porn star who catapulted herself and Michael Avenatti to fame with lawsuits against former President Donald Trump, will have a starring role in court beginning Monday when prosecutors try to prove that the California lawyer cheated her of $300,000 in book proceeds.

USA and Qatar in talks on gas for Europe if tensions worsen between Ukraine and Russia

Many fear in Europe that new sanctions against Moscow might lead President Vladimir Putin to further reduce gas supplies to Europe, which normally obtains 40% of its gas from Russia.

US releases video of Afghanistan drone strike that killed 10 civilians

Pentagon declassifies footage from Kabul strike it defended but later admitted was an ‘honest mistake’

Cruise diverted to Bahamas after arrest warrant issued for Crystal Symphony

The warrant gives authorities the ability to seize the ship if it enters U.S. waters.

'Second-class citizens'? Namibia rules against gay couples

Namibia's High Court ruled on Thursday against two gay couples fighting for recognition of their marriages, with the judge saying she agreed with them but was bound by the nation's prohibition of same-sex relations.

Could California's single-payer proposal reignite debate on health care reform?

Public health experts said policymakers around the country are closely watching the debate over a single-payer plan in California.

US detains smuggling ship, UK seizes drugs in Mideast waters

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The U.S. Navy announced Sunday it seized a boat in the Gulf of Oman carrying fertilizer used to make explosives that was caught last year smuggling weapons to Yemen.

A Tennessee woman allegedly chopped her dad with an ax and punched her grandpa in the face before they disarmed and subdued her, according to authorities.

A Tennessee woman allegedly chopped her dad with an ax and punched her grandpa in the face before they disarmed and subdued her, according to authorities.

Wildfire along California's Big Sur forces evacuations

BIG SUR, Calif. (AP) — Firefighters on Saturday were battling a wildfire that broke out in the rugged mountains along Big Sur, forcing hundreds of residents on this precarious stretch of the California coast to evacuate and authorities to shut its main roadway.

Water cannon, tear gas at COVID-19 protests in Brussels

BRUSSELS (AP) — Police fired water cannons and tear gas in Brussels on Sunday to disperse protesters marching against COVID-19 vaccinations and restrictions. The march followed demonstrations in other European capitals on Saturday that also drew thousands of people protesting vaccine passports and other requirements that European governments have imposed in hopes of ending the coronavirus pandemic.

Sedef Kabas: Turkish journalist jailed for reciting proverb

Sedef Kabas denies using the proverb to insult President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Lab-grown meat could make strides in 2022 as start-ups push for U.S. approval

Investors have poured some $2 billion into cultured meat start-ups in the last two years, according to Crunchbase data.

Why the Sarah Palin v. New York Times trial will be an 'excruciating experience' for the paper

Monday marks the start of jury selection for a trial over Sarah Palin's defamation lawsuit against the newspaper.

Russian ships, tanks and troops on the move to Ukraine as peace talks stall

With negotiations deadlocked, Moscow is continuing to build up its military forces for a possible invasion

Michelle Go's death hasn't been labeled a hate crime but it adds to the fear that Asian Americans feel

A rush of emotion ran through Chong Bretillon's body as she biked into Times Square, where massive billboards displayed the portraits of Michelle Alyssa Go and many Asian American victims of bias attacks.

Autoshop owner sued after dumping 500 pounds of pennies on ex-employee's driveway

The US Department of Labor filed a lawsuit late last month against a Georgia auto repair shop for violating federal labor law, after its owner retaliated against a former employee who contacted the agency over failing to receive his final paycheck.

Jean-Jacques Savin: French adventurer dies crossing Atlantic Ocean

Jean-Jacques Savin, who was 75, had previously made the voyage in a large barrel.

French soldier killed in attack on military camp in northern Mali

A French soldier has died in an attack on the Barkhane military camp in Gao, northern Mali, President Emmanuel Macron's office said in a statement on Sunday.

Witnesses: Extremists abduct 17 girls in northeast Nigeria

ABUJA, Nigeria (AP) — Islamic extremists have abducted 17 girls in northeast Nigeria, witnesses said Saturday as the West African nation’s military said it “remains resolute in decisively countering the terrorists.”

‘Meth-rrito,' Bear Spray: TSA Reveals Top 10 Strangest Items Confiscated in 2021 — the agency also reported a record-breaking number of firearms seized at U.S. airport in 2021

TSA agents confiscated a myriad of unusual items at airport checkpoints around the country in 2021, including a "meth-rrito," chainsaw and bear spray.

Iran urges people to dress warmly to cut gas use

Iran's oil ministry on Sunday urged people to wear warm clothes to reduce a surging demand for gas, as people turn up their heaters to cope with bitterly cold winter temperatures.

Cop charged with reckless driving, causing female doctor's death.

A crowd control policeman has surrendered to police and admitted to driving a big bike that hit and killed a female doctor in Bangkok on Friday, according to media reports.

A cop fatally struck a nurse. His actions after the crash shock the victim’s loved ones.

Friends of a nurse who was fatally struck by an off-duty police officer, who then loaded the body into his car and drove home, are still reeling in shock and grief.

Talks with Taliban begin in Norway as humanitarian crisis worsens in Afghanistan

A Taliban delegation started three days of talks with Western government officials in Norway, amid a deteriorating humanitarian situation in Afghanistan.

Eighty years late: groundbreaking work on slave economy is finally published in UK | Race | The Guardian

Seminal work by Black scholar, which was shunned for decades, finds British publisher

Remote nation in the Pacific goes into lockdown for the first time

The remote island nation of Kiribati went into lockdown for the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began two years ago after dozens of passengers on an international flight tested positive for the virus.

Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach stepped down as the head of the German navy after publicly saying Crimea was lost to Ukraine and that Vladimir Putin "probably" deserved respect.

Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schönbach stepped down as the head of the German navy after publicly saying Crimea was lost to Ukraine and that Vladimir Putin "probably" deserved respect.

US denies visa to Russian cosmonaut planning to train in US

Nikolay Chub's flight to the ISS is scheduled for spring 2023

New Zealand PM Ardern cancels wedding amid Omicron wave

New restrictions are set to be introduced after nine Omicron cases were confirmed in the country.

China's Games app has security flaws, researchers say

A smartphone app built by China to monitor the health of attendees at the Beijing Winter Olympics next month contains security flaws that makes it vulnerable to privacy breaches and hackers, according to a report released by Canadian researchers on Tuesday.

China’s threat to ‘punish’ Olympic athletes for free speech ‘very concerning’, Australia says

Sports minister Richard Colbeck says Australia opposes advisory on political comments from Beijing Winter Olympics committee

Russia toughens its posture amid Ukraine tensions

MOSCOW (AP) — With tens of thousands of Russian troops positioned near Ukraine, the Kremlin has kept the U.S. and its allies guessing about its next moves in the worst security crisis to emerge between Moscow and the West since the Cold War.

Confusion over UK claim that Putin plans coup in Ukraine | Foreign Office claim of plot to install pro-Moscow government in Kyiv comes with scant detail

Foreign Office claim of plan to install pro-Moscow government comes with scant detail

‘Betty White Challenge’ raises $12.7M for animal shelters via Facebook, Instagram

No synopsis available.

Uganda to immunise 8 million children against polio

Uganda aims to vaccinate eight million children against polio through a door to door vaccination drive from January 14 to January 16; the Minister for Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, said after flagging off the immunisation equipment at Kololo airstrip. Due to Covid-19, the authorities had postponed this immunisation for a long time. The UNICEF representative in Uganda, Dr Mohamed El Munir A. Safieldin, said one of Uganda’s greatest achievements over the past 20 years has been the ability to keep a huge number of children alive.

US charges Texas man with threatening Georgia election officials

Charge is first by a special US Justice Department task force aimed at stopping threats against election workers.

Omicron ‘sub-variant’ throws up new virus questions | Coronavirus pandemic News | Al Jazeera

British health authorities have identified hundreds of cases of the Omicron variant dubbed BA.2.

124 snakes removed from home where Maryland man found dead

POMFRET, Md. (WJLA) — A snake expert from North Carolina removed 124 snakes in total from the Charles County home where David Riston was found deceased Wednesday night. The inventory included a highly venomous black mamba, cobras and rattlesnakes. County spokesperson Jennifer Harris said they needed outside assistance. “We don’t have that type of expertise at our own animal shelter so that’s why we contacted people who would know how to help us remove the animals," said Harris.

Evive frozen smoothies recalled over cyanide concerns

Evive Nutrition Inc. is recalling three batches of its Immunity Super Functional Smoothie due to the presence of raw elderberries, which could cause cyanide poisoning.

Vaccine passport protests in Europe draw thousands of people

Thousands of people gathered in European capitals Saturday to protest vaccine passports and other requirements governments have imposed in hopes of ending the coronavirus pandemic.

Ghost guns, shotguns, and rifles found during Redding traffic stop, 3 Oregonians arrested

REDDING, Calif. – On Friday night three people from Oregon were arrested on drug and gun charges after a traffic stop.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern cancels wedding plans due to Omicron surge

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Sunday revealed she has canceled her wedding as the country continues to curb a new wave of Omicron cases.

Thich Nhat Hanh, influential Zen Buddhist monk, dies at 95

Thich Nhat Hanh, the revered Zen Buddhist monk who helped spread the practice of mindfulness in the West and socially engaged Buddhism in the East, has died

US preparing to approve evacuation from embassy in Ukraine: Sources

US preparing to approve evacuation from embassy in Ukraine.

Pfizer CEO sees annual COVID vaccine rather than frequent boosters

Pfizer Inc Chief Executive Albert Bourla said on Saturday that an annual COVID-19 vaccine would be preferable to more frequent booster shots in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Carhartt CEO says he's still mandating staff vaccinations. Now he's facing a boycott.

CEO Mark Valade said an unvaccinated workforce is a "business risk that our company is unwilling to take."

Singapore: Father arrested after twin boys found dead in Upper Bukit Timah canal, to be charged with murder

The police had earlier received a call for help from the 48-year-old man.  . Read more at

Britain says Russia seeking to replace Ukraine government

LONDON (AP) — The British government on Saturday accused Russia of seeking to replace Ukraine’s government with a pro-Moscow administration, and said former Ukrainian lawmaker Yevheniy Murayev is being considered as a potential candidate.

Young officer slain in Harlem joined to help 'chaotic city'

NEW YORK (AP) — The 22-year-old New York City police officer who was shot to death while responding to a call in a Harlem apartment came from an immigrant family and grew up in a community with strained police relations, but joined the force to make a difference in the “chaotic city," he once wrote.

Discarded packages, shredded boxes: Photos renew attention on Los Angeles cargo theft | California

Reporters this week found packages with labels of many major US mail companies including Amazon, REI among others

Two men take corpse into Irish post office to claim dead man’s pension

Deceased man ‘propped up’ by two men as they walked into the building in County Carlow on Friday morning

Don’t approach lab monkey missing after crash, people told

Several monkeys escaped after the collision between the pickup and a dump truck, but as of Saturday morning only one remained unaccounted for, officials said.

Trailer carrying 100 monkeys crashes in Pennsylvania

No synopsis available.

4-year-old girl found beaten, mom killed nearly 12 hours after calling 911

When officers arrived, they found a young mother, 24-year-old Mackenzie Hopkins, dead in the bathtub and her 4-year-old daughter on the bed suffering from severe head trauma.

'Multiple' dogs may have been sickened by rat-transmitted illness, NYC official says

New York City dog owners are being warned after several pets may have been sickened by leptospirosis, a disease commonly associated with rats.

Kremlin plan to install pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine exposed

Foreign Secretary statement on Kremlin plan to install pro-Russian leadership in Ukraine exposed

Bitcoin pyramid schemes wreak havoc on Brazil's 'New Egypt'

CABO FRIO, Brazil (AP) — In April, Brazil's federal police stormed the helipad of a boutique seaside hotel in Rio de Janeiro state, where they busted two men and a woman loading a chopper with 7 million reais ($1.3 million) in neatly packed bills.

Huntsville man receives pig kidneys transplant in first-of-its-kind xenotransplantation study

“Jim was an awesome guy, someone that you would love to hang out with."

California wildfire triggers evacuations, closes highway

A 1,500-acre fire near the coastal community of Big Sur, California triggered evacuations and closed part of a major highway, state and local officials said on Saturday.

New Oklahoma bill would designate Holy Bible as state book

An Oklahoma lawmaker has filed a new bill that would name the Holy Bible as Oklahoma's official state book. Rep. Tammy Townley, R-Ardmore, a former owner of a Christian Bible bookstore, filed HB 3890 this week, which seeks to establish the Bible as the state book. "We are people of great faith," Townley said in a press release. "The Holy Bible is an integral part of numerous faiths and is deeply important to many Oklahomans.

German museum identifies objects likely stolen from Africa

A Munich museum says 50 objects in its collection are of questionable provenance and may have been stolen by a German military commander during colonial times.

Man finds his stolen SUV and shoots person driving it, authorities say

WAUNA, Wash. (KOMO) — A man called police after shooting someone he claims was driving his stolen car, authorities said. Deputies in Washington state say they were called to the shooting Tuesday afternoon. Deputies said the shooter, a 70-year-old man, told them he found his stolen vehicle at a home in the area and began to argue with the man driving it. Reports indicate the 23-year-old man then started to drive off in the stolen SUV when the shooter opened fire.

Police say ‘ghost gun’ found after shooting at Magruder High School

No synopsis available.

Kyle Rittenhouse seeks return of AR-15 style rifle used in Kenosha shootings

Lawyer Mark Richard files request for return of gun and other items ‘to ensure firearm in question is properly destroyed’

The Milwaukee Burger King employee accused of accidentally shooting his 16-year-old coworker is in custody and charged with homicide

Before Thursday, Derrick D. Ellis faced only a felony charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted out-of-state felon.

Tennessee Jewish couple’s lawsuit accuses Christian agency of denying them foster care services

Lawsuit claims employee from state-funded program informed couple they would not serve them ‘because of their Jewish faith’

7-Year-Old Migrant Drowns Trying To Cross Rio Grande River Into Texas

Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Del Rio Station say a 7-year-old child drowned while attempting to cross the Rio Grande River, Jan. 18.

Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk and peace activist, dies at 95

Thich Nhat Hanh, a prominent Vietnamese Buddhist monk, peace activist and leading voice in opposition to the Vietnam War, has died at Tu Hieu Temple in Hue, Vietnam. He was 95.

Virginia Mom Charged in Threat to Bring Guns to School Over Masks

Amelia Ruffner King, 42, was charged with making an oral threat while on school property during a Page County school board meeting, police said.

ThedaCare asks court to temporarily stop 7 stroke, trauma employees from moving to Ascension

The temporary injunction would halt the employees' move to Ascension for 90 days to give ThedaCare time to look for replacement staff.

US to close borders to unvaccinated Canadian, Mexican truckers on Saturday

The U.S. government moves forward with its COVID-19 vaccine mandate despite fears that thousands of truck drivers will leave cross-border freight.

Family says 3 young brothers killed in Brampton fire were ‘deeply loved’

"Brothers and young boys that can most definitely be described as incredibly kind, always caring, affectionate, and more than anything, deeply loved."

Islamic State attacks prison in Syria and military base in Iraq | Syria

‘Dozens of IS fighters’ were freed from the jail and the attacks raise fears of the terror group’s resurgence

Ex-athlete vows to maintain U. of Michigan sex abuse protest

Jon Vaughn's small blue-and-white camper has been parked outside the home of the University of Michigan's president since early October, and he says it won't be moving anytime soon. The former star running back for the university’s Wolverines football team says a $490 million settlement the school recently announced is not enough by itself to remedy the sexual abuse he and more than 1,000 other students say they suffered at the hands of the university's late sports doctor Robert Anderson.

Argument over BBQ sauce leads to teenage Wendy's employee being shot in head

PHOENIX, Ariz. - An argument overbarbecue sauce left a teenager in intensive care after being shot in the head at a Wendy's drive-thru. Now that teenager looks to be out of the woods and is recovering after the horrible ordeal. Courtesy:Durham Family GoFundMe page. Brian Durham Jr. , 16, was rushed to a hospital on Jan. 13 after a dispute in which he was reportedly not involved escalated into gunfire, according to FOX 10 in Phoenix.

Don't approach lab monkey missing after crash, people told

DANVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Residents of a Pennsylvania county were warned Saturday not to approach a monkey that was missing after a crash involving a pickup that was towing a trailer taking about 100 of the animals to a lab.

Factbox: Countries making COVID-19 vaccines mandatory

Governments have been making COVID-19 shots mandatory for health workers and other high-risk groups, pushed by a sharp upturn in infections caused by the Delta variant and a slowdown in vaccinations, as well as the new Omicron variant.

Omicron wave leaves US food banks scrambling for volunteers

WASHINGTON (AP) — Food banks across the country are experiencing a critical shortage of volunteers as the omicron variant frightens people away from their usual shifts, and companies and schools that regularly supply large groups of volunteers are canceling their participation over virus fears.

John Stamos Remembers Bob Saget By Publishing His Funeral Speech

John Stamos Remembers Bob Saget By Publishing His Funeral Speech On Fallen Friend

Stray bullet kills English astrophysicist visiting Atlanta

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. (AP) — A stray bullet struck and killed an English astrophysicist while he was inside an Atlanta-area apartment, authorities say. Matthew Willson, 31, of Chertsey, Surrey, England, was visiting his girlfriend in the United States when he was hit by a bullet that pierced the wall of the apartment.

NYPD officer killed, another in critical condition after Harlem shooting

One New York City police officer was killed and another was fighting for his life after a gunman opened fire on them in a Harlem apartment Friday, officials said.

Search for missing lab monkeys after truck carrying 100 primates crashes in the US

Authorities search for at least three of the monkeys that appeared to have escaped after the truck that was carrying them crashed with a garbage truck in Pennsylvania.

Two Canadians die in shooting at Mexican Caribbean resort

Two Canadians died of gunshot wounds after an argument turned violent at a resort near Cancun on Mexico's Caribbean coast, authorities said on Friday.

Tucson COVID testing site closing temporarily as company faces scrutiny

The company's testing site was supposed to reopen on Saturday.

Saudi-led coalition denies Yemen air raid; UN, US call for calm

State news agency says facility was not on OCHA ‘no-target list’ as calls grow for a de-escalation of violence.

Canada amends law to make it an offence to interfere with health care workers or patients, penalty up to 10 years in prison

Bill C-3 came into effect Sunday

Georgia pastor, wife charged with false imprisonment after people found in locked basement

A Georgia pastor and his wife were arrested on charges of false imprisonment after officials found up to eight people locked in their basement, police said.

WI nurses who gave their notice are prevented via court order from working at their new job on Monday.

Health care staffing strains played out in the courtroom Friday morning.

Myanmar sentences pro-democracy activists Phyo Zeyar Thaw and Kyaw Min Yu to death

Two prominent pro-democracy figures in Myanmar, one of whom has links to Australia, are sentenced to death by the ruling military junta, renewing fears for detained Australian citizen Sean Turnell.

Covid-19 vaccines and treatments: we must have raw data, now. [Pfizer will not release trial data until may, 2025.]

No synopsis available.

Russia And China To Develop SWIFT Avoiding International Financial Systems

No synopsis available.

What's going on at Russian military bases near Ukraine

The largest temporary Russian base near the Ukrainian border has seen more activity, according to an analysis of the latest satellite imagery.

Los Angeles may ban urban oil and gas fields after decades of complaints

City council expected to vote to ban new oil and gas wells, and phase out existing ones, which residents have blamed for chronic health issues

US suspends flights by China carriers after Beijing COVID move | Aviation News | Al Jazeera

Authorities in US to cut some Chinese flights after Beijing took action against US carriers over COVID cases.

THAAD, in first operational use, destroys midrange ballistic missile in Houthi attack

The United Arab Emirates is the first to use the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System in an attack by Houthi militants. It successfully took out a mid-range ballistic missile aimed at a civilian site in the country.

Meow Wolf union in Santa Fe files unfair labor practice complaints

The year-old union says Meow Wolf changed policies and drafted a new agreement without working with the union.

Woman charged after threatening to bring 'every single gun loaded and ready' if her children had to wear masks at school

No synopsis available.

Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in multi-car crash in Brentwood, LAPD says

Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a multi-vehicle crash in Brentwood Friday afternoon that left one person with minor injuries, police said.

San Jose carjacking suspect killed by police had 'ghost gun' and outstanding warrants

The suspect shot and killed by San Jose police in a carjacking that turned deadly had a “ghost gun” on him, according to police.

Beijing's Olympic 'bubble' will be the most ambitious Covid quarantine ever attempted. Will it work?

The Winter Games is just two weeks away and outside Beijing's Olympic venues, the banners and decorations are up. But so too are long rows of metal fences and guard posts, dividing the Chinese capital and barring anyone without an official Covid-safe pass.

Monkeys escape after truck carrying 100 animals to a laboratory crashes in US

Police say they are searching for at least three escaped monkeys believed to be on the loose near Danville, Pennsylvania

Thich Nhat Hanh, influential Buddhist monk, dies at 95

A poet and peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh became one of the most influential people in Buddhism.

Texas attorney general refuses to hand over Jan. 6 records

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has rejected a prosecutor’s demand for records of his appearance at a pro-Donald Trump rally that preceded the assault on the U.S. Capitol.

Suspect in killing of woman at Los Angeles store charged with murder

The man suspected of killing Brianna Kupfer while she was alone at work last week was charged Friday with murder, according to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office.

U.S. drops criminal case against MIT professor over China ties

The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday dropped charges against a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor accused of concealing his ties to China when seeking federal grant money, in the latest setback for a crackdown on Chinese influence on American research.

Rio de Janeiro delays Carnival parades as omicron spreads

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The world-famous Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro will be held in late April rather than the final weekend of February, as the number of coronavirus cases in Brazil spikes and the omicron variant spreads across the country.

Dunkin' customer threw hot coffee on man over mask dispute, cops say

Police said the drama all started when a 23-year-old customer called out a 56-year-old man next to him in line who wasn't wearing a mask. The maskless man pulled his shirt over his face to deescalate the tension but that didn't work, the police report said.

UPDATE 3 monkeys loose following crash in Montour County Pennsylvania

DANVILLE — State police say three small monkeys are missing following a crash between a truck carrying a trailer and a dump truck this afternoon in Montour County.

United Airlines flight to Tel Aviv turns around due to 'disruptive passengers'

A United Airlines flight bound for Tel Aviv turned around mid-flight Thursday evening due to unruly passenger behavior. The turnaround came a day after a London-bound flight returned to Miami because a passenger refused to comply with the federal mask requirement.

Student critically injured in shooting at Magruder High School, suspect in custody

Officers in full tactical gear arrived at Colonel Zadok Magruder High School in Maryland Friday after a male student was shot inside the school. The Derwood school was immediately placed on lockdown by school staff as police arrived on the scene to find the suspect and secure the building. The lockdown has since been lifted.

Man admits to placing homemade bombs in suburban Des Moines

An Iowa man accused of making and placing several homemade bombs in a Des Moines suburb has pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges

A group of Activision Blizzard employees is demanding union recognition

Workers at an Activision Blizzard-owned game studio announced plans on Friday to form what would be the first union at the troubled gaming company.

Chile’s president-elect names progressive, majority-women cabinet

Gabriel Boric, 35, picks youthful team including at defence the granddaughter of Salvador Allende, who was overthrown in a military coup

FBI: Brian Laundrie claimed responsibility for Gabby Petito's death

Before taking his own life, Brian Laundrie wrote in a notebook he was responsible for Gabby Petito's death, according to the FBI.

Biden administration raises minimum wage for U.S. federal employees to $15

U.S. federal agencies have been directed to raise the minimum wage for government employees to $15 an hour, according to a new guidance from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Airstrikes kill 70 people and knock out internet in Yemen

At least 70 people were killed and more than 130 injured when an airstrike hit a detention center in Yemen on Friday, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said, as the Saudi-led coalition continued to ramp up its deadly offensive on rebels in the war-torn nation.

NYPD arrests woman after she allegedly spit on an 8-year-old Jewish boy

The New York City Police Department has arrested a woman accused of harassing and spitting on an 8-year-old Jewish boy outside a Brooklyn synagogue last week, authorities said.

University of Rhode Island revokes honorary degrees given to Rudy Giuliani and Michael Flynn

"Revoking these honorary degrees reinforces our values and allows us to lead with truth and integrity," the university's president said.

Brian Laundrie claimed responsibility for Gabby Petito's death in notebook: FBI

The FBI announced Friday that Brian Laundrie claimed responsibility for killing Gabby Petito in a notebook found near his body.

Moderna vaccine recipients have lower risk of breakthrough infections, hospitalization: study

A new study has found that people who received the Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine are less likely to experience breakthrough infections and hospitalization compared to those who received the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA shot.

Giuliani associate gets year in prison in foreign donor case

A Florida man who helped Rudy Giuliani seek damaging information against Joe Biden in Ukraine was sentenced to a year and a day in prison and fined US$10,000 Friday in an unrelated campaign finance case.

University of Rhode Island revokes honorary degrees given to Rudy Giuliani and Michael Flynn

"Revoking these honorary degrees reinforces our values and allows us to lead with truth and integrity," the university's president said.

Every Black Mississippi senator walked out as white colleagues voted to ban critical race theory

The historic, unprecedented walkout came over a vote on the academic theory that state officials acknowledge is not taught in Mississippi.

Breck Denny Dies: Actor-Writer And Groundlings Comic Was 34

Robert Breck Denny Jr., a writer and actor who guested on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' and 'Ratched' and was a member of The Groundlings, has died at 34.

Mark Cuban launches online pharmacy

No synopsis available.

Butte-Silver Bow police officer arrested in relation to reported assault

BUTTE, Mont. - A Butte-Silver Bow police officer was arrested and is now facing charges of Strangulation of a Partner or Family Member.

Alex Murdaugh charged with 23 more crimes

A South Carolina grand jury has returned four new indictments against suspended attorney Alex Murdaugh, charging him with 23 more crimes, the state attorney general said Friday.

Exclusive: U.S. seeks way to speed delivery of new fighter jets to Taiwan

The United States is looking for ways to potentially accelerate delivery of Taiwan's next generation of new-build F-16 fighter jets, U.S. officials said, bolstering the Taiwanese air force's ability to respond to what Washington and Taipei see as increasing intimidation by China's military.

Couple arrested after launching hateful rant against family, including 10-year-old boy, on train

A New York couple has been arrested and charged after launching a hateful rant caught on video against a family on a Long Island Rail Road train.

British man killed in 'reckless' Georgia shooting - BBC News

Local police say Matthew Willson was shot at random while visiting his girlfriend in Brookhaven.

Crypto giant Binance kept weak money-laundering checks, documents show

In public, Binance said it welcomed government oversight. At the same time, the firm was withholding information from regulators, maintaining weak checks on customers and acting against its own compliance department’s recommendations, a Reuters investigation has found.

American farmer accused of plotting kidnap and assassination of a Ukrainian government minister

Kurt Groszhans said he left North Dakota to explore his Ukrainian heritage and invest in the country's agro-industry. Now he's facing charges of attempted murder and extortion.

U.S. charges Texas man for threatening Georgia election officials

The U.S. Justice Department on Friday announced it has charged a Texas man with making violent threats against local election officials in Georgia, in the first criminal case of its kind since the 2020 presidential election.

Kyle Rittenhouse wants the gun he used in the Kenosha shootings back so he can destroy it, court document shows

Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted of killing of two people and shooting another in 2020 during unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has asked a court to order the release of the

Mom threatens bringing loaded gun to Va. school over mask policy: 'See y'all on Monday'

Page County Public Schools in Luray, Virginia will increase police presence at schools Monday after a mother made a perceived threat during a school board meeting Thursday night. Amelia King was upset about the school mask mandate and said her children would not be wearing masks on Monday and she would "bring every single gun loaded and ready. " LIST | Where Virginia schools stand on Gov. Youngkin's mask executive order.

Top U.S. and Russian diplomats agree to keep talking to deescalate Ukraine crisis.

"We don't expect to resolve our differences here," Antony Blinken said before meeting his Russian counterpart, and they didn't. But they bought some more time.

Feds investigate YouTuber accused of crashing plane for views

No synopsis available.

Strike at Kroger's King Soopers ends after deal with union

More than 8,000 workers at nearly 80 Kroger Co-owned King Soopers stores called off their strike on Friday after reaching a tentative deal with the U.S. retail giant, the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 union said.

Preteens may be vaxed without parents under California bill

State Sen. Wiener's legislation is permissive, not a mandate, but any vaccination legislation has been hugely controversial in California and elsewhere.

Tennessee couple sues state after allegedly being denied foster services over Jewish faith

A Tennessee couple is suing the state's Department of Children's Services after they say they were denied services by a state-funded program because of their Je

A New York judge dismissed felony convictions against 133 defendants in cases linked to potential tainted testimony from a disgraced former detective, authorities said Thursday.

A New York judge dismissed felony convictions against 133 defendants in cases linked to potential tainted testimony from a disgraced former detective,

Louie Anderson, stand-up comic and Emmy-winning 'Baskets' star, dies at 68

Louie Anderson, the Emmy-winning stand-up comedian, actor and game show host who created the animated series "Life With Louie" and co-starred on the tragicomic

Gas prices could soar if Russia invades Ukraine

If Russia invades Ukraine, inflation-weary Americans will likely pay even higher prices at the pump.

Brnovich battling to keep Feds from seizing $170 million in Arizona COVID relief funds

The Federal Government says Governor Doug Ducey had no business giving $170 million in COVID relief funds to schools with no mask mandates or families who wanted to send their children to those schools.

Two men carrying ghost gun crash stolen truck near US Capitol

A team of United States Capitol Police (USCP) officers arrested two Washington, DC men who crashed a stolen Ford Explorer into a construction barrier a block from the U.S. Capitol.

Louie Anderson dead at 68 - RIP Momma Baskets

No synopsis available.

Louie Anderson Dead: Comedian & Emmy Winner Was 68

Louie Anderson has died. The comedian, game show host and Emmy winner was 68.

World War II aircraft that crashed in India found after 77 years

The C-46 transport aircraft was found in Himalayas following treacherous search that led to the deaths of three guides.

Covid-19 vaccinations do not impair fertility in men or women, study finds

A new study adds to growing evidence that there is no connection between Covid-19 vaccinations and a reduced chance of conceiving.

Intelligence group says AQAP announces death of former Bin Laden associate in U.S. strike in Yemen

The director of SITE Intelligence Group said on Thursday that AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) announced the death of a military commander in a U.S. air strike in Yemen.

Teacher tapes mask on student’s face; school district says it was ‘unacceptable’

A Pennsylvania middle school teacher has sparked outrage after she was photographed taping a mask onto a student’s face.

Iran, Russia, China start war games to counter 'maritime piracy'

Iran, Russia and China began on Friday naval and air drills in the Indian Ocean, seeking to counter "maritime piracy", according to Iran's state news agency IRNA.

‘They cut him into pieces’: India’s ‘love jihad’ conspiracy theory turns lethal

Hindu extremists are carrying out violent attacks to stop interfaith relationships with Muslims

Final Fantasy Pornography Interrupts an Italian Senate Meeting

Italian Senate befuddled by Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.

US, Russia far apart on Ukraine crisis as top diplomats meet

The United States and Russia sought to lower the temperature in a standoff over Ukraine, even as they reported no breakthroughs in high-level talks aimed at preventing a feared Russian invasion

Heavily armed police launch bid to reclaim control of Rio de Janeiro favela

State governor says surprise operation against drug gangs and mafia groups is start of ‘transformational’ occupation

Austria set to make Covid-19 shots compulsory after bill clears parliament

Pope Francis vows 'justice' for church abuse victims after damning report

More needs to be done to enforce rules against perpetrators of sexual abuse, Pope Francis has said. Public prosecutors in Munich have also said they will investigate dozens of cases outlined in a scathing report.

In a medical first, kidneys from genetically modified pig implanted into brain-dead patient

The achievement could help revolutionize organ donation as shortages create yearslong waits for transplants.

Meat Loaf, 'Bat Out of Hell' singer, has died at 74

Meat Loaf, the larger-than-life singer whose bombastic rock opera "Bat Out of Hell" is one of the best-selling albums of all time, has died at age 74, according to a statement on his verified Facebook page.

Ukraine says Russia recruiting mercenaries, sending weapons to eastern Ukraine

Ukraine's military intelligence said on Friday that Russia was actively recruiting mercenaries and sending them for intensive training in separatist-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine.

4 people, including infant, freeze to death being smuggled across US-Canada border

A Florida man was arrested for driving a van smuggling the people into the U.S.

Meat Loaf, rock superstar, "Bat Out of Hell" singer, has died at 74

The Dallas native sold over 100 million albums worldwide and appeared in over 65 movies, including "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Woman, 31, clubbed to death with a pipe while sitting in office lobby

No synopsis available.

Britain warns Putin and Xi: West will stand up to 'dictatorship'

Britain warned Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday that its allies would stand together to fight for democracy against dictatorships that it said were more emboldened than at any time since the Cold War.

Police find 124 caged snakes in dead man's Maryland home

Maryland officials found a dead man and a collection of 124 live snakes, some venomous and illegal to keep, in his home during a welfare check this week.

Tifa (Final Fantasy) hentai stuns Italian parliament in Zoombombing stunt

A session of Italian Congress being conducted over Zoom was crashed by a rogue agent who began playing an explicit video of Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy 7. The video’s original artist says he is "honored" by the accidental exposure.

First-class passenger disrupts flight from Miami to London over mask mandate, plane heads back to MIA

A disruptive passenger who American Airlines said wouldn't comply with the federal mask mandate forced pilots of a Boeing 777 to turn around less than 2 hours into the flight and return to Miami International Airport canceling its route to London.

3 Pennsylvania officers fired after being charged in the fatal shooting of 8-year-old Fanta Bility

Three police officers from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, were fired Thursday, two days after being charged in connection with the shooting death of 8-year-old Fanta Bility while she exited a high school football game on August 27, solicitor Sean Kilkenny confirmed to CNN.

Queen Elizabeth II is hiring a part-time housekeeper for minimum wage

The Royal Family has a job vacancy for a minimum wage part-time housekeeping assistant at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s official residence in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Meat Loaf dead - Bat Out Of Hell singer dies with devastated wife by his side

Meat Loaf, the rock superstar loved by millions for his Bat Out of Hell album and for such theatrical, dark-hearted anthems as Paradise by the Dashboard Light and Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, has died aged 74.

U.S. charges Belarus officials with aircraft piracy over diverted Ryanair flight

Four Belarusian government officials have been charged in the United States with aircraft piracy for diverting a Ryanair flight last May to arrest a dissident Belarusian journalist who was on board, U.S. prosecutors said on Thursday.

Americans are showing up sick to work even as Omicron spreads

You may think that store and restaurant workers in America who catch Covid-19 are staying home to recover and keep the public safe.

His name was Robert Paulson - Meat Loaf, US singer whose hits included Bat Out of Hell, has died aged 74 |

Meat Loaf, the American singer and actor, has died at the age of 74, a statement on his official Facebook page said.

Meat Loaf Dead: ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ Singer, ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Actor

Meat Loaf, whose 'Bat Out of Hell' is one of the best-selling albums ever and who played Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, has died. He was 74.

US singer Meat Loaf dies aged 74

US singer Meat Loaf, whose hits included Bat Out of Hell, has died aged 74, a statement on his official Facebook page said.

Man found dead in Maryland home surrounded by more than 100 snakes

The breeds found included pythons, rattlesnakes, cobras and black mambas, an official said.

Infant among four bodies found near US-Canada border (Indian citizens)

Police say the group perished in freezing "endless fields, large snowdrifts and complete darkness".

Canada’s Prince Andrew high school announces plan to change name

School attempt to distance itself from the growing controversy surrounding the Duke of York

US charges four Belarus officials with aircraft piracy over flight diversion

Prosecutors say the men reported a fake bomb threat to detain an opposition journalist in Minsk.

COVID disrupts aid flight to tsunami-hit Tonga

As aid trickles into the South Pacific nation of Tonga, devastated by a volcanic eruption and tsunami, an Australian aid flight was forced to return to base due to a positive COVID-19 case onboard, a defence official said on Friday.

Netflix stands to shed nearly $45 billion in market cap after 'borderline catastrophic' forecast

Netflix Inc. brought in more than 8 million new subscribers in the holiday quarter, but executives predicted that growth would suffer much more than expected...

IRS will soon require a selfie to access some of its online tools and applications

Starting summer 2022, the IRS is requiring taxpayers to create an account with identity verification company to access certain tools and applications.

Plant Poacher Who Attempted To Smuggle Over 3,700 Succulents Out Of CA Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison

Federal prosecutors say Byungsu Kim was involved in a scheme to smuggle $150,000 worth of succulents from Southern California to South Korea.

After school Satan club moves into the Cincinnati suburbs.

The club will meet in an elementary school within the district.

ThedaCare asks court to temporarily stop 7 stroke, trauma employees from moving to Ascension

The temporary injunction would halt the employees' move to Ascension for 90 days to give ThedaCare time to look for replacement staff.

‘Hitler should have killed you all’: Woman accused of threatening and spitting on Jewish children in New York

‘Hitler should have killed you all. I’ll kill you and know where you live,’ the woman allegedly told an eight-year-old boy

New police chief in Dearborn to be first Muslim to lead department

His appointment comes at a time when the city is seeing demographic changes and calls for more diversity in city departments.

‘I was just really scared’: Apple AirTags lead to stalking complaints

Police across the US have received reports of devices intended to help locate lost items being used for nefarious purposes

LGBTQ dating ban at BYU probed in federal investigation

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The U.S. Department of Education has opened a civil-rights investigation into how LGBTQ students are disciplined at Brigham Young University, a private religious school. The complaint under investigation came after the school said it would still enforce a ban on same-sex dating even after that section was removed from the written version of the school's honor code, the Salt Lake Tribune reported .

Judge denies motion to dismiss indictment against woman charged in Fort Hood soldier’s death

Defense attorneys argued Cecily Aguilar was overcharged and indictment is ambiguous.

Florida man charged with human smuggling after four bodies found near Canada-U.S. border

A Florida man has been charged with human smuggling after the bodies of four people, including a baby, were found in Manitoba near the Canada-U.S. border.

102 new COVID deaths reported in Los Angeles County, highest daily number since March 2021, officials say

Los Angeles County on Thursday reported 102 new COVID-19 deaths, the highest daily number since March 2021, officials said.

Michigan judge apologizes for berating elderly cancer patient over weeds

"I made a mistake," said Hamtramck Judge Alexis Krot.

Bionic eye implant enables blind UK woman to detect visual signals

Breakthrough offers hope of restoration of sight to people suffering vision loss because of dry AMD

More than 100 former Tesla employees have signed statements alleging that Tesla discriminates against Black people and allows a racist environment in its factories

More than 100 employees have filed statements citing discriminatory practices at one of Tesla's most important factories.

US charges Belarusian officials for diverting flight carrying dissident journalist

United States federal prosecutors charged four Belarus officials with piracy-related charges for diverting a RyanAir airplane mid-flight last year to arrest a journalist critical of the government.

Motorcycle Driver Killed In Horrific Crash In West Hills

A motorcyclist that was being followed by the LAPD is dead after crashing at high speed into a car in West Hills.

1 police department loses 2 officers to COVID-19 within days

Two officers with the Aurora Police Department in Illinois -- both 51 years old -- have died of COVID-19 within days of each other.

Judge to dismiss 11 murder counts against Ohio doctor

A judge has agreed to dismiss 11 of 25 murder counts against an Ohio doctor charged in multiple hospital deaths

California's COVID gun store shutdowns ruled illegal

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Two California counties violated the Constitution's right to keep and bear arms when they shut down gun and ammunition stores in 2020 as nonessential businesses during the coronavirus pandemic, a federal appeals court ruled Thursday.

11-month-old baby girl shot in face in the Bronx

"If that's not a wake up call, I don’t know what is," the mayor said.

Africa: CORBEVAX, a New Patent-Free Covid-19 Vaccine, Could be a Pandemic Game Changer Globally

The world now has a new COVID-19 vaccine in its arsenal, and at a fraction of the cost per dose.

ESPN will not send reporters to Beijing Olympics

BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) — ESPN has joined the increasing number of media companies that will not be sending reporters to next month's Beijing Olympics due to continued concerns about rising COVID-19 cases worldwide and China’s strict policy about those who test positive.

Florida elections offices seeing suspected fraudulent petitions in gambling effort

Reports of fraudulent petitions have been forwarded to Attorney General Ashley Moody’s office.

Alaska Supreme Court upholds ranked choice voting and top-four primary

No synopsis available.

TV reporter struck by car during live broadcast gracefully rebounds to finish shot

Intrepid TV reporter Tori Yorgey shocked viewers when she was struck by a car during a live broadcast Wednesday, but she seamlessly bounced right back up to finish her report.

Mom: 1-year-old was shaken so hard by babysitter her corneas detached in manslaughter case

"He is being charged with manslaughter, but I don't think 15 years is enough for what happened to her," Hartley said. "Her life is gone and I think he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, with no parole."

Judge sides with Britney Spears in ongoing court battle with her father over finances

Although Britney Spears' 13-year conservatorship has ended, the legal battle over her finances is still going on.

Exclusive: U.S. seeks way to speed delivery of new fighter jets to Taiwan

The United States is looking for ways to potentially accelerate delivery of Taiwan's next generation of new-build F-16 fighter jets, U.S. officials said, bolstering the Taiwanese air force's ability to respond to what Washington and Taipei see as increasing intimidation by China's military.

Armed man at San Francisco airport dies after police shoot him

A man who San Francisco police say was armed with two handguns at the airport on Thursday morning has died after officers shot him, according to an airport spokesman. 

U.S. FAA approves 78% of planes for low-visibility landings near 5G airports

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Thursday issued new approvals for additional altimeters that allow about 78% of the U.S. commercial air fleet to perform low-visibility landings at airports where 5G C-band wireless is deployed.

Millionaires call on governments worldwide to ‘tax us now’

Group of 102 wealthy people say tax would help tackle gulf between rich and poor

Austrian parliament approves vaccine mandate for adults

VIENNA (AP) — Austria’s parliament voted Thursday to introduce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for adults from Feb. 1, the first of its kind in Europe. Lawmakers voted 137 to 33 in favor of the mandate, which will apply to all residents of Austria aged 18 and over.

Spain sends warships to Black Sea, considers sending warplanes

Spain has sent warships to join NATO naval forces in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea as tension in the region rises over the Russian military build-up on the Ukrainian border, Defence Minister Margarita Robles said on Thursday.

Tennessee couple sues state after allegedly being denied foster services over Jewish faith

A Tennessee couple is suing the state's Department of Children's Services after they say they were denied services by a state-funded program over their Jewish

Marine charged in fatal crash after driving tactical vehicle that overturned, killing 2 service members and injuring 17 others

A US Marine is facing charges after a military tactical vehicle he was driving overturned near Camp Lejeune in North Carolina on Wednesday, killing two service members and injuring 17 others, officials said.

Europe considers new COVID-19 strategy: accepting the virus

MADRID (AP) — When the coronavirus pandemic was first declared, Spaniards were ordered to stay home for more than three months. For weeks, they were not allowed outside even for exercise .

Peloton to halt production of its Bikes, treadmills as demand wanes

Peloton is temporarily halting production of its connected fitness products, according to internal documents obtained by CNBC.

Ghislaine Maxwell requests new trial after juror interviews

Ghislaine Maxwell has formally requested a new trial, less than a month after her conviction on sex trafficking charges

Thai health ministry proposes easing rules on cannabis use

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand, which in 2020 became the first Southeast Asian nation to decriminalize the production and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, moved Thursday to further loosen regulations on the drug.

Georgia DA asks for special grand jury in election probe

ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia prosecutor investigating possible attempts to interfere in the 2020 general election by former President Donald Trump and others has asked for a special grand jury to aid the investigation.

A record 9 million Americans are out sick as COVID rates surge

The nation's worker shortage is intensifying as the Omicron variant spreads, impacting a range of industries.

Czech anti-coronavirus vaccine folk singer dies after deliberately getting infected with Covid-19

A Czech folk singer who was opposed to having a coronavirus vaccine has died after deliberately contracting the virus, according to her son.

UK police arrest two men over Texas synagogue hostage-taking

Arrests come as audio emerges of attacker’s final call to his brother, which indicated he intended to die.

Folk singer Hana Horká dies after catching COVID on purpose

Czech folk singer Hana Horká has died after intentionally allowing herself to become infected with COVID-19 rather than get vaccinated, her son says.

American Airlines flight to London returns to Miami after passenger refuses to wear mask

American Airlines Flight 38 was heading to London with 129 passengers on board when it had to turn back.

FBI says it's conducting a 'court-authorized' search of Rep. Henry Cuellar's Texas home - CNNPolitics

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said in a statement Wednesday evening that it is doing a "court-authorized" search of the Texas home of Rep. Henry Cuellar, a moderate Democrat.

Teen pilot Zara Rutherford becomes youngest woman to fly the world solo

The 19-year-old lands at Flanders Airport in Kortrijk, Belgium, completing an epic 41-country journey spanning over 52,000 kilometers, and broke two Guinness World Records in the process.

Russia proposes ban on use and mining of cryptocurrencies

Russia's central bank on Thursday proposed banning the use and mining of cryptocurrencies on Russian territory, citing threats to financial stability, citizens' wellbeing and its monetary policy sovereignty.

Cornell law professor files challenge to New York's 'non-white' prioritization of COVID-19 drugs

A Cornell Law School professor has filed a federal lawsuit challenging the...

Dolly Parton celebrated her 76th birthday in her 'birthday suit'

Dolly Parton's idea of a "birthday suit" is slightly more sedate than you might imagine.

COVID Omicron Wave in Retreat for Fully Vaccinated and Unvaccinated New Yorkers, Data Shows

NY COVID cases have been cut almost half, on a daily basis, and breakthrough infection and hospitalization rates are falling, the latest state data shows.

BNSF railroad tries to block 17,000 workers from striking

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — BNSF railroad wants a federal judge to prevent two of its unions from going on strike next month over a new attendance policy that would penalize employees for missing work. The Fort Worth, Texas-based railroad went to court after the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, and the Transportation Division of the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation union both threatened to strike over the new policy that is set to go into effect on Feb.

GOP and Democratic governors reinstate Covid emergency orders to combat omicron surge

Officials from Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Kansas and California have all announced new or renewed Covid emergency orders since the start of the month.

King Soopers accuses striking workers of wrongdoing; partial restraining order against union granted

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Gov. Gavin Newsom offers college students $10,000 for public service

Forty-five California college will be part of a new program that will subsidize tuition for students who do community service alongside their studies.

Peru demands compensation for disastrous oil spill caused by Tonga volcano

Volcanic eruption caused spill, described as the worst ecological disaster to hit country in recent history, at refineries operated by Spanish oil giant Repsol

Tonga eruption: First aid flights finally arrive

Australia and New Zealand sent aircraft carrying much-needed aid, five days after a devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami hit Tonga. Additional aid is expected later this week.

Dozens killed in stampede at religious gathering in Liberian capital

A stampede at a Christian prayer gathering in Liberia's capital Monrovia has killed at least 29 people, police said on Thursday, adding that the death toll may rise.

Teen suspect accused of shooting 16-year-old 22 times free on bond, court records say

The boyfriend accused of shooting his 16-year-old girlfriend 22 times while walking her dog in a southwest Houston neighborhood is free on bond, according to court records.

Right-wing extremists target German mayor in Timisoara, Romania

Last week, right-wing extremists stormed the city hall in Timisoara, targeting the German mayor. The far-right party behind the violence is becoming more popular and causing a major political problem.

5 women sue Seattle rapper Raz Simone, 4 say he trafficked them

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'Remarkable' giant coral reef found off Tahiti

Scientists have discovered one of the world's largest coral reefs off the coast of Tahiti, a vast area of "pristine" rose-shaped corals deep under water apparently unharmed by climate change, UNESCO…

Pig Kidneys Transplanted to Human in Milestone Experiment

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Video appears to confirm Lorain school worker forced student to eat from trash

Security camera footage appears to confirm a Lorain elementary student’s claims that a school employee made her eat unwanted food after she threw it in a garbage can.

New Mexico asks National Guard to teach as COVID shuts schools

New Mexico on Wednesday asked National Guard members and state employees to volunteer as substitute teachers to keep schools and daycare centers open during a surge in COVID-19 infections.

Florida bill to shield people from feeling 'discomfort' over historic actions by their race, nationality or gender approved by Senate committee

A bill backed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis that would prohibit Florida's public schools and private businesses from making people feel "discomfort" or "guilt" based on their race, sex or national origin received first approval Tuesday by the state's Senate Education Committee.

Pope Benedict XVI knew of abusive priests when he ran Munich archdiocese, investigators say

Pope Benedict XVI knew about priests who abused children when he was archbishop of Munich from 1977 to 1981, a report into the archdiocese concluded Thursday, rejecting Benedict's long-standing denials.

‘So self-important’: Hamptons airport vote pits wealthy against super-rich

Town board expected to pass plan that would allow it to limit traffic and noise of airport used by ‘the 1%’

CIA says 'Havana Syndrome' not result of sustained campaign by hostile power

The CIA says that the mysterious symptoms known as Havana Syndrome are not the result of a sustained global campaign by a hostile power.

UK lifts COVID restrictions, says omicron wave 'has peaked'

LONDON (AP) — Face masks will no longer be mandatory in public places and COVID-19 passports will be dropped for large events as infections level off in most parts of the country, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday.

With winter weather approaching, pipeline company threatens to cut off gas supply to Texas’ biggest power generators unless paid $21.6 million

Vistra Corp. asked the Railroad Commission of Texas to prevent Energy Transfer LP from cutting off fuel to five of its power plants on Monday. Vistra said the power supply to at least 400,000 homes and businesses could be impacted.

Germany has declined to join allies such as the US and UK in shipping weapons to Ukraine.

Germany has declined to join allies such as the US and UK in shipping weapons to Ukraine. The country faces an unpredictable buildup of Russian troops on its borders — and there is precedent for armed aggression.

Millions are dying from drug-resistant infections, global report says

The death toll, worst in poorer countries and among the under-fives, needs urgent action, experts say.

Pentagon releases first video of botched Kabul airstrike

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon has declassified and publicly released video footage of a U.S. drone strike in Kabul that killed 10 civilians in the final hours of a chaotic American withdrawal that ended a 20-year war in Afghanistan.

CIA says 'Havana Syndrome' not result of sustained campaign by enemy

The CIA says that the mysterious symptoms known as Havana Syndrome are not the result of a sustained global campaign by a hostile power.

Canadian restaurant ordered to close after accepting dog photos instead of vaccination proof

A Canadian restaurant was ordered to temporarily cease its indoor dining services after allowing customers to present dog photos instead of proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or negative test results, health officials said.

Alaska court upholds voter-approved election changes

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld as valid a voter-approved election system that would end party primaries in the state and institute ranked choice voting in general elections.

'I thought it was a joke': Canada Post employee sent home for wearing N95 mask instead of company-provided cloth or disposable mask

A Winnipeg man who works for Canada Post as a mail carrier said he was sent home for the type of mask he was wearing, despite it being better than the company's masks.

Convicted killer confesses to 2 cold case slayings in Virginia, Maryland, police say

A convicted killer is accused in two cold case murders after he confessed to the crimes, officials said Wednesday.

Woman sues Southwest, says airline ejected her for removing mask to drink water

Southwest Airlines Co was sued for $10 million on Tuesday by a 68-year-old Florida woman who said the carrier ejected her from a flight because she periodically needed to remove her mask to drink water.

Earth's sixth mass extinction has begun according to scientists

No synopsis available.

Pentagon agrees to spend $52M on blimps flying surveillance missions at the U.S.-Mexico border

The Defense Department has agreed to spend about $52.5 million to operate and maintain observation blimps at the U.S. border with Mexico as part of an ongoing mission in the region.

Europe rolled out 5G without hurting aviation. Here's how

Major international airlines are canceling flights to the United States over aviation industry fears that 5G technology could interfere with crucial onboard instruments.

A prescribed fire in Central Texas spread beyond its intended boundaries and forced some residents to evacuate, officials say

A prescribed fire in Central Texas "spread beyond the intended fire boundaries" Tuesday and swelled to hundreds of acres, forcing some residents to evacuate as crews battled the blaze overnight, local officials said.

Man accused of killing UCLA student at L.A. furniture store arrested, police announce

Brianna Kupfer was found dead on the floor of the store minutes after she had sent an ominous text message to a friend, police said.

New Mexico asks Guard to sub for sick teachers amid omicron

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico is the first state in the nation to ask National Guard troops to serve as substitute teachers as preschools and K-12 public schools struggle to keep classrooms open amid surging COVID-19 infections.

Teen convicted of killing Tessa Majors in a New York City park is sentenced to 14 years to life

More than two years after the killing of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors, the third and final teen who pleaded guilty in her case will learn his fate Wednesday. Majors was 18 when she was stabbed to death in December 2019 at Morningside Park in New York City.

Parts of Texas will go from 80 degrees and sunny to an ice storm in 36 hours

Temperatures across parts of Texas will nosedive this week, from balmy highs Wednesday in the 70s and 80s to below freezing Thursday night into Friday, with the chance of a wintry mix.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has fought vaccine mandates, tests positive for COVID-19

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has fought vaccine mandates, tests positive for COVID-19

Car prices set to surge again this year

New cars averaged $10,000 more last month than they did before the pandemic hit, as the auto industry continues to battle supply issues and inventory lows.

Supreme Court rejects Trump's request to block release of White House records from January 6 committee

President Joe Biden had refused to invoke executive privilege as Donald Trump wanted to prevent White House records from going to the January 6 riot probe panel.

Two people fired into a van outside a Pittsburgh school at dismissal time Wednesday afternoon, sending a 15-year-old student to a hospital where he later died, authorities said.

PITTSBURGH (AP) — Two people fired into a van outside a Pittsburgh school at dismissal time Wednesday afternoon, sending a 15-year-old student to a hospital where he later died, authorities said. Two people reportedly approached the school van outside Oliver Citywide Academy and fired into it, hitting the male student, Pittsburgh Public Schools said.

Oakland: Possible bomb forces evacuations, street closures.

A suspicious device was found Wednesday afternoon outside the federal building on Clay Street.

Cyberattack on Red Cross compromised data of over 500,000 'highly vulnerable people'

A cyberattack on a contractor used by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has compromised the personal data of more than 515,000 "highly vulnerable people," including people separated from their families by conflict and disaster, the organization said Wednesday.

Legislator dies using medical suicide law he helped pass

A former Vermont legislator and House majority leader has died with the help of a law he himself helped pass that allows the terminally ill to end their own lives, his wife said. Willem Jewett died Jan.

Federal prosecutors pursuing criminal charges against second-hand gun buyers

Authorities say ‘straw purchases’ can result in federal prison time if the gun is used in a crime.

Emirates president: The 5G snafu is the biggest screwup I've witnessed in my career

The president of Emirates tells CNN that the airline was not aware of some of the potential 5G rollout issues until yesterday morning, calling the situation "one of the most delinquent, utterly irresponsible" he has seen in his aviation career.

Suspect captured in furniture store slaying, a crime that 'shocked' LA neighborhood

The suspect, believed to be homeless, attacked 24-year-old Brianna Kupfer with a knife just before 2 p.m. Thursday.

Tesla worker dies while on plant's powertrain line; state investigating

A production associate working on a powertrain line at Tesla in Fremont collapsed early Wednesday morning and now the state agency that oversees workplace safety is investigating into what happened. 

Boss behind mass Zoom firing back in charge - BBC News boss Vishal Garg took time off after his handling of mass job cuts sparked outrage.

$250,000 reward offered in stabbing death of 24-year-old in Los Angeles

A $250,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a man accused of stabbing a 24-year-old woman in Los Angeles.

Woman sentenced to death in Pakistan over ‘blasphemous’ WhatsApp activity

Aneeqa Ateeq says she was dragged her into a religious discussion so her accuser could take revenge

Microsoft deal to deliver $390 million payday for Activision's embattled CEO

Activision Blizzard Inc's Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick has gone from defending his handling of sexual harassment and discrimination claims at the video game maker to preparing to walk away with a windfall of at least $390 million.

Capitol rioter ordered back to jail after DWI arrest, AR-15 rifle discovered in car

An accused Capitol rioter has been ordered to be returned to federal custody after he tried to flee an arrest for suspected drunk driving last month and police discovered an AR-15 rifle in his car.

Betting Omicron has peaked, PM Johnson drops COVID rules in England

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the end of COVID-19 measures including mandatory face masks in England as he looks to live with the virus after a peak in cases caused by the rapid spread of the Omicron variant.

St. Louis notary ordered 989 fake COVID-19 vaccination card

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A notary from St. Louis has admitted ordering 989 fake COVID-19 vaccination record cards from China. The plea agreement from Morgan Webb, 23, does not indicate her motive or whether she sold any of the cards, the St.

Russia says it will take nothing less but NATO expansion ban | AP News

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia maintained a tough posture Wednesday amid the tensions over its troop buildup near Ukraine, with a top diplomat warning that Moscow will accept nothing less but “watertight” U.S.

America’s largest oil firm claims its history of publicly denying the climate crisis is protected by the first amendment

America’s largest oil firm claims its history of publicly denying the climate crisis is protected by the first amendment

Man charged with stealing bridge in Turkish capital Ankara

Stealing an entire bridge is not an easy feat but getting away with bits and pieces of small, primitive bridges is not a big deal for thieves. A suspect in...

Starbucks nixes vaccine mandate after Supreme Court ruling

Starbucks is no longer requiring its U.S. workers to be vaccinated against Covid-19, reversing a policy it announced earlier this month.

COVID Hospitalizations Cut in Half By New Reporting Guidelines

Massachusetts's new way of reporting COVID-19 hospitalizations cut the number in half, Boston doctors said Tuesday.

Surging food prices push inflation to 30-year high

The UK's cost of living surged by 5.4% in the 12 months to December, hitting its highest level since 1992.

All plan B Covid restrictions, including mask wearing, to end in England | Health policy

PM says plan B measures will stop on 26 January and compulsory self-isolation for people with Covid on 24 March

Procter & Gamble plans more price hikes for Tide, other products as costs soar

Procter & Gamble is raising prices across more of its portfolio to protect its profit margins as commodity and freight costs climb higher.

Nearly half of Americans gained weight in pandemic's first year

No synopsis available.

Colorado coal town grapples with future as plant shuts down

CRAIG, Colorado (AP) — In a quiet valley tucked away from Colorado’s bustling ski resorts, far from his hometown in northern Mexico, Trinidad Loya found a way to support his family’s American dream: Coal.

Peloton insiders sold nearly $500 million in stock before its big drop

Peloton executives and insiders sold nearly $500 million worth of their stock before the shares tanked, according to filings with the Securities and Exchange Co

DA Charges Poway Man Accused of Punching Vaccine Clinic Workers, Groping Nurse in Orange County

A Poway man accused of punching two medical assistants at a coronavirus vaccine clinic in Tustin, California, last month, and groping a nurse after his arrest,...

Moon Knight Star Gaspard, 37, Ulliel Dies After Skiing Accident

The award-winning French actor and model died just two days after the trailer for the upcoming Marvel series was released.

WHO counts 18 million virus cases last week as omicron slows

The World Health Organization says the number of new coronavirus cases globally rose by 20% last week to more than 18 million, marking a slowdown in the surge caused by the omicron variant

Mild COVID cases still lead to attention and memory issues - study

People with mild COVID-19 who do not suffer any other traditional "long COVID" symptoms can still exhibit deteriorated attention and memory six to nine months after infection, a study by Britain's Oxford University has found.

Belgian court jails trafficking gang leader over migrant lorry deaths

A Belgian court sentenced a Vietnamese man to 15 years in prison on Wednesday after convicting him of being the ringleader in the trafficking of 39 migrants found dead in a lorry.

Texas officials find a dozen vehicles beneath surface of lake amid cold case investigation

Two vehicles were removed from the water. 

Researchers find fourfold annual increase in number of Americans with military ties added to extremist list

From 1990 through November 2021, at least 458 people affiliated with the military committed criminal acts that were motivated by political, economic, social, or religious goals, according to a study.

WHO says no evidence healthy children, adolescents need COVID-19 boosters

There is no evidence at present that healthy children and adolescents need booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine, the World Health Organization's chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said on Tuesday.

Lawyer: U. of Michigan reaches $490M abuse settlement

The University of Michigan has agreed to a $490 million settlement with hundreds of people who say they were sexually assaulted by a former sports doctor at the school, those involved in the agreement said Wednesday.

New Zealand navy ships head to tsunami-hit Tonga with water and supplies, will arrive by Friday

Two New Zealand navy vessels will arrive in Tonga on Friday, carrying much-needed water and other supplies for the Pacific island nation reeling from a volcanic eruption and tsunami, and largely cut…

University of Michigan reaches $490M settlement with Dr. Anderson sexual assault survivors

The university has reached a settlement with hundreds of people suing the university after being sexually assaulted by former football team doctor.

'Significant evidence' of alleged fraud in Trump business investigation, NY AG says

Congo police detain suspects linked to Italian ambassador's killing

No synopsis available.

Impoverished Lebanese, Syrians struggle to survive cold

BEIRUT (AP) — A snowstorm in the Middle East has left many Lebanese and Syrians scrambling to find ways to survive, burning old clothes, plastic and in some cases even sheep manure to keep warm as temperatures plummet and poverty soars.

Man arrested after Australian child found dead in barrel

A man has been charged with murder after a five-day search for a girl near Sydney, police say.

White House says it will distribute 400 million free N95 masks to protect against omicron

The Biden administration will distribute 400 million free N95 masks at thousands of locations as health experts stress the importance of high-quality face coverings to protect against the omicron variant.

Developer of a Whole Different Wordle App Donates Unexpected Profits to Charity

The developer of a five-year-old app called Wordle has donated his unexpected profits to charity after a surge in popularity linked to the new Wordle browser game.

Hana Horka: Czech singer dies after catching COVID intentionally. [BBC NEWS]

Hana Horka's son tells the BBC his mother was unvaccinated but wanted to acquire immunity.

Three of Tonga's smaller islands badly damaged by tsunami

SYDNEY (AP) — Three of Tonga's smaller islands suffered serious damage from tsunami waves, officials and the Red Cross said Wednesday, as a wider picture begins to emerge of the destruction caused by the eruption of an undersea volcano near the Pacific archipelago nation.

Pardoned Kentucky killer sentenced to 42 years in prison

A convicted killer pardoned by Kentucky’s former governor is returning to prison to serve a 42-year federal sentence

Shock in Colombia over murder of 14-year-old indigenous activist

Breiner David Cucuñame was shot dead while on patrol with the unarmed group Indigenous Guard

Missouri Highway Patrol mistakenly sends out ‘Batman’ alert

No, there is not a city in Missouri named ‘Gotham City.’

The heatwave in Perth, Australia is declared by the Department of Health government and the firefighters are trying to contain Karrakatta cemetery chaotic bushfire.

The fire sent burning embers and smoke around homes in Perth's inner-western suburbs, as a heatwave is declared for multiple forecast days near or above 40 degrees.

Millionaires call on governments worldwide to ‘tax us now’

Group of 102 wealthy people say tax would help tackle gulf between rich and poor

Arrests made after 42,000 Rapid Antigen Tests stolen from Sydney, Australia warehouse.

Three men are arrested after 42,000 rapid antigen tests were allegedly taken from a warehouse in Sydney as NSW brings forward access to a COVID-19 vaccine booster jab to three months after a second dose.

Israeli police demolish Palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah: AFP

Israeli police destroyed the home of a Palestinian family in the sensitive East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah early Wednesday morning, an AFP photographer said.

Israel police uses NSO’s Pegasus to spy on citizens

No synopsis available.

Untreated sewage regularly dumped illegally in UK rivers

Analysis suggests seven water companies illegally dumped sewage thousands of times between 2017 and 2021.

Athletes warned against speaking up on human rights at Beijing Games

Athletes travelling to next month's Beijing Olympics were warned on Tuesday about speaking up on human rights issues while in China for their own safety by speakers at a seminar hosted by Human Rights Watch.

Indonesia names new capital that will replace Jakarta

Lawmakers approve proposals to relocate the capital from Jakarta, which is sinking at an alarming rate.

Multi-million dollar residential concept being built inside old Margaritaville Hotel

A state-of-the-art, multi-million dollar residential concept is taking shape in downtown Vicksburg.

US basketball player Sonny Weems racially abused by fans in China

American basketball player Sonny Weems has been subjected to racial abuse from fans while playing in China.

King Soopers files restraining order against workers’ union and picketers as strike enters week two

Kroger, the parent company for King Soopers, claims picketers have intimidated shoppers, harassed temporary employees, destroyed property and several other complaints. The union called the allegations baseless.

Texas synagogue hostage-taker was known to MI5

Malik Faisal Akram, who took four people hostage, was investigated but deemed no longer a threat.

Better founder Vishal Garg, who did mass Zoom layoff, returns as CEO

Garg cited market efficiency, performance and productivity as the reason behind the firings.

Athletes warned against speaking up on human rights at Beijing Games

Athletes travelling to next month's Beijing Olympics were warned on Tuesday about speaking up on human rights issues while in China for their own safety by speakers at a seminar hosted by Human Rights Watch.

Chicago Public Media will acquire the Chicago Sun-Times

The deal was approved by the non-profit board of directors and is expected to close Jan. 31. It will create a new journalistic powerhouse in Chicago and a potential national model.

Sen. Warren demands profit and rent figures from companies following Pandora Papers revelations

The U.S. lawmaker charges that investors in suburban neighborhoods are helping to price out first-time buyers and driving up rents.

LAPD searches for a man who stabbed and killed a 24-year-old store employee

Los Angeles police are looking for the assailant who killed a store employee in the city's Hancock Park neighborhood, and officials and the community are offering a $250,000 reward.

AT&T, Verizon delay 5G rollout after U.S. airlines warn of massive travel disruptions

AT&T and Verizon will delay launching new wireless service near key airports planned for this week after the largest U.S. airlines said the service would interfere with aircraft technology and cause massive flight disruptions. Meanwhile, 5G services are restricted near Canadian airports.

Nearly 1 million pediatric Covid cases reported last week

Nearly 1 million cases of Covid-19 were reported among children in the United States last week, the American Academy of Pediatrics said Tuesday.

FTC, DOJ seek to rewrite merger guidelines, signaling a tougher look at large deals

The request for comment contains an entire section of questions devoted to digital markets.

The Florida Department of Health Medical Director has been put on leave for encouraging his own staff to get vaccinated.

Florida Department of Health confirms Dr. Raul Pino put on leave for encouraging Orange County Department of Health employees to get vaccinated

US Capitol riot committee issues subpoena to Rudy Giuliani

The former Trump lawyer is among four aides slapped with subpoenas by the congressional inquiry.

Backlash as US billionaire dismisses Uyghur abuse

Chamath Palihapitiya says he and most Americans "don't care" about alleged human rights abuse of the Uyghur minority.

One person killed, 8 hurt in row house blast and fire in New York's Bronx

An explosion and fire, apparently triggered by a gas leak, demolished several row house apartment units in New York City's Bronx borough on Tuesday, killing one resident and injuring at least eight other people, authorities said.

Goldman Sachs earned nearly $4 billion, but that wasn't good enough

Goldman Sachs had a phenomenal year. But like many of its competitors on Wall Street, the numbers just weren't good enough to satisfy fickle investors.

1,500 synagogue leaders meet with feds to discuss security in wake of Texas standoff

Some 1,500 worried Jewish leaders asked AG Merrick Garland and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to beef up security days after an 11-hour standoff at a Texas synagogue

Texas adjusts COVID-19 reporting, eliminating active case count after quarantine rule changes

DSHS says the change was made for several reasons

Israeli police used spyware to hack its own citizens, an Israeli newspaper reports

According to a report in Israeli media, Israel has hacked activists, mayors and other Israeli citizens without judicial oversight using spyware from the controversial NSO Group.

Texas Guardsman shoots suspected smuggling vehicle near border

The driver of the Chrysler 300 was attempting to run down the soldiers, according to an incident report obtained by Army Times.

Felony charges are 1st in a fatal crash involving Autopilot

DETROIT (AP) — California prosecutors have filed two counts of vehicular manslaughter against the driver of a Tesla on Autopilot who ran a red light, slammed into another car and killed two people in 2019.

ACLU sues on behalf of inmates who say they were given Ivermectin without consent

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas has filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of four inmates who claim they were given the drug Ivermectin to treat Covid-19 without their consent.

Ex-'New York Post' editor sues tabloid, alleging sexual harassment by Murdoch favorite

A former New York Post editor says she was fired for disclosing she had been sexually propositioned by the tabloid's former editor-in-chief. Col Allan is a favorite of media magnate Rupert Murdoch.

US faces wave of omicron deaths in coming weeks, models say | AP News

The fast-moving omicron variant may cause less severe disease on average, but COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. are climbing and modelers forecast 50,000 to 300,000 more Americans could die by the time the wave subsides in mid-March.

3 Pennsylvania officers charged in shooting death of 8-year-old girl at high school football game

Criminal charges have been filed against three Pennsylvania police officers in connection with the shooting death of an 8-year-old girl at a high school football game.

Germany signals it could halt gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine

Germany signalled on Tuesday that it could halt the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia if Moscow invades Ukraine, and Western nations rallied behind Kyiv over a Russian troop buildup that has stoked fears of war.

Huge asteroid to safely pass close to Earth

A 1-kilometer-sized asteroid is set to make pass near Earth Tuesday.

Russia moves more troops westward amid Ukraine tensions

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia is a sending an unspecified number of troops from the country’s far east to Belarus for major war games, officials said Tuesday, a deployment that will further beef up Russian military assets near Ukraine amid Western fears of a planned invasion.

Survey: Significant majority of Utah women experience sexism, harassment

In a 1953 country western tune, Hank Williams asks, “Hey good lookin’, what you got cookin’? How’s about cookin’ something up with me?” Women have

Tesla driver charged with vehicular manslaughter over fatal Autopilot crash

Misuse of autopilot, which can control steering, speed and braking, is the subject of investigations by two federal agencies

Four-day working week trial launches in the UK

The six-month trial will aim to prove whether employees are more productive with longer weekends. | ITV National News

Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists

Study calls for cap on production and release as pollution threatens global ecosystems upon which life depends

The Postal Service is now taking orders for COVID-19 test kits

The free at-home COVID-19 tests are expected to be delivered by USPS later this month. The White House said the site is in "beta testing" and will be launched formally Wednesday.

WHO says omicron won’t be last Covid variant as global cases surge by 20% in a week

New infections have increased by 20% globally over the past week with nearly 19 million total cases reported during that period, according to the WHO.

Ex-boyfriend arrested in death of Houston teen shot 22 times

Police say an ex-boyfriend has been arrested and charged with murder in the killing of a 16-year-old Houston girl who was shot 22 times as she walked her dog

One in five Americans have been infected with Covid-19

At least 20% of Americans have now been infected with Covid-19 over the course of the pandemic, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Stephen A. Smith after Covid: If I wasn't vaccinated, 'I wouldn't be here'

Stephen A. Smith returned to ESPN's "First Take" Monday after a bout with Covid-19, which the commentator said nearly killed him.

Derogatory name of Colorado mountain changed to honor Indigenous woman

The U.S. Board of Geographic Names’ Domestic Names Committee officially approved the name change of a Clear Creek County Colorado Mountain now called Mestaa’ėhehe Mountain.

New York and other north-eastern US states see a rapid fall in Covid cases

Despite decreasing positivity rates, hospitals continue to struggle amid a surging patient load and staff shortages

Free at-home COVID test kits through federal government go live one day early

Those interested in ordering free at-home COVID-19 tests are able to do so one day early, according to reports.

Drugmaker Endo signs $65 mln opioid settlement with Florida

Drugmaker Endo International plc said on Tuesday it had agreed to pay up to $65 million to resolve claims by the state of Florida and local governments that the drugmaker helped fuel the U.S. opioid epidemic.

Texas says supply chain issues have limited the number of voter registration forms it can give out

The Texas League of Women Voters says this shortage is disproportionately affecting the thousands of newly naturalized citizens they usually register each year.

Website for Free COVID Tests From Government Launches Early at ‘Limited Capacity’

Free at-home rapid COVID test kits were slated to be available for order through a government website starting Wednesday, but many users reported being able to...

Mortgage rates jump again, causing headaches for homebuyers

Mortgage rates just hit the highest level since April 2020 and seem to have nowhere to go but up.

Free COVID-19 test rollout begins early online

The U.S. Postal Service is already collecting orders for free test deliveries – a day ahead of schedule.

Omicron might mark the end of Covid-19's pandemic phase -- unless a certain scenario happens, Fauci says

It's still too early to predict whether Omicron's rapid spread will help push coronavirus from the pandemic phase to a more manageable endemic phase -- but "I would hope that that's the case," Dr. Anthony Fauci said Monday.

USPS reaches deal with APWU on pilot to package free at-home COVID-19 tests

The Postal Service is gearing up to deliver a billion at-home COVID-19 tests to households in the coming weeks on behalf of the Biden administration.

Oil hit 7-year highs as tight supply bites

Oil prices on Tuesday climbed to their highest since 2014 as possible supply disruption after attacks in the Mideast Gulf added to an already tight supply outlook.

Opera singer accepts insanity plea in Mar-a-Lago breach

The Connecticut opera singer who drew law enforcement fire when she sped through a checkpoint outside then-President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida has been found not guilty by reason of insanity

Gunman in Texas synagogue standoff was known to UK security services, official says

The British national killed by the FBI after taking four people hostage at a Texas synagogue Saturday was known to UK security services and had been the subject of a brief investigation in 2020, a UK official told CNN.

Adblocking Does Not Constitute Copyright Infringement, Court Rules * TorrentFreak

German publishing house Axel Springer has lost its copyright infringement lawsuit against Eyeo GmbH, the company behind Adblock Plus.

Majority of US states pursue nuclear power for emission cuts | AP News

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — As climate change pushes states in the U.S. to dramatically cut their use of fossil fuels, many are coming to the conclusion that solar, wind and other renewable power sources might not be enough to keep the lights on.

Major airlines warn of "catastrophic disruption" to travel and shipping from 5G debut set for Wednesday by Verizon and AT&T

Major carriers say that, without any changes, the debut set for Wednesday could ground thousands of flights, strand tens of thousands of Americans overseas and severely clog shipping.

Supreme Court's Gorsuch refused to wear mask despite Sotomayor's COVID concerns

Gorsuch's refusal to wear a mask has led Sotomayor, who has diabetes and is at a higher risk from Covid, to attend proceedings remotely, the report said.

Bobby Kotick Will Remain at Activision Blizzard After Xbox Acquisition

Microsoft has confirmed to IGN that controversial Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick will remain in his position after it acquires the company.

Pay rises fail to keep up with the cost of living

Data shows weekly wage growth fell for the first time since July 2020 but vacancies hit a new record.

A Tennessee jury orders Cracker Barrel to pay man $9.4 million after he was served glass filled with a chemical

A jury in Marion County, Tennessee, ordered Cracker Barrel to pay a man $9.4 million after it found the company at fault for serving him a glass filled with a chemical instead of water.

AP News: China cites coronavirus on packaging, despite doubts abroad

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese state media say parcels mailed from overseas may have spread the omicron variant of the coronavirus in Beijing and elsewhere, despite doubts among overseas health experts that the virus can be transmitted via packaging.

Germany logged record number of politically motivated crimes in 2021: report

Politically motivated crimes in Germany in 2021 hit their highest rate since related statistics were introduced, according to media reports. But not all offenses could be attributed to a particular ideology.

Spanish police break up Chinese prostitution ring after tip

MADRID (AP) — Spanish police have broken up a human trafficking ring that forced Chinese women into prostitution in Spain. The gang approached the women in China and promised them well-paying jobs in Europe, Police Commissioner Carlos Rio-Miranda Iglesias said Tuesday.

Microsoft buying Call of Duty maker Activision Blizzard for nearly $70bn

No synopsis available.

Millions of families go without Child Tax Credit support in January

No synopsis available.

Wealth of 10 richest men doubled in pandemic as 99% of incomes dropped: Oxfam

The ten richest men in the world have doubled their fortunes during the COVID-19 pandemic, a report published Monday by the advocacy group Oxfam said.

Muslim girls wearing Hijab barred from classes at Indian college

Group of Muslim students at government college in Karnataka has been forced to sit outside the classroom for weeks now.

Hong Kong to kill 2,000 animals after hamsters get COVID-19 | AP News

HONG KONG (AP) — Hong Kong authorities said Tuesday that they will kill about 2,000 small animals, including hamsters, after several tested positive for the coronavirus at a pet store where an employee was also infected.

Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

Microsoft Corp said on Tuesday it would buy "Call of Duty"videogame maker Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion in cash, the largest deal in the sector making the Xbox maker the third-largest gaming company by revenue.

N. Korea says it confirmed accuracy of tactical guided missiles in test-firing

(ATTN: UPDATES with more info in paras 11-12)By Choi Soo-hyang SEOUL, Jan. 18 (Yonhap) -...

Britain says it is supplying anti-tank weapons to Ukraine

Britain said on Monday it had begun supplying Ukraine with anti-tank weapons to help it defend itself from a potential invasion, during a stand-off with Russia which has massed troops near the Ukrainian border.

Representative Matt Gaetz's ex-girlfriend granted immunity in sex trafficking probe

The woman testified in front of a federal grand jury last week hearing evidence in the Gaetz investigation.

Texas synagogue hostage taker was known to MI5

Malik Faisal Akram, who took four people hostage, was investigated but deemed no longer a threat.

My2022: Beijing Olympics app vulnerable to data breaches, analysts warn

A mandatory Covid-monitoring app to be used by all Games attendees has security risks, analysts warn.

US airlines warn of impending 5G flight disruption

Airlines say the start of 5G mobile phone services on Wednesday will hit aircraft navigation systems.

Vaccine certificate is no longer necessary in India.

The Central Government has made it clear before the Supreme Court that there is no COVID-19 vaccination mandate and that vaccination is not mandatory.Responding to a plea seeking ease of access to...

British woman swept away by wave while trying to rescue dogs is found dead in Tonga

Angela Glover, who ran an animal rescue center, died after being swept away by a wave, her brother said.

All houses destroyed on an island devastated by deadly tsunami, Tonga government says in first words since volcano erupted

Tonga's government gives its first statement since a deadly tsunami to hit the island nation.

A large Russian cargo plane took a lengthy, unexpected, and unexplained route over central and southern Finland on Saturday night, passing over Finland's Air Force headquarters and a military intelligence unit.

The incident comes as political tensions continue to rise in the Baltic region.

“Squatter “ arrested after trying to steal Clairemont (San Diego) man’s home

A "squatter" took up residence in a hospitalized man's home after seeing his tragedy on the news. He changed the locks and the utility bills, and stayed in the...

Top U.S. general Milley tests positive for COVID-19

U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday and is experiencing very minor symptoms while isolating and working remotely, a spokesman said on Monday.

Regina woman seeking help after daughter goes missing with anti-vax father

Mariecar Jackson says her ex-husband Michael Jackson is refusing to return their seven-year-old daughter to her custody.

Chemical pollution has passed safe limit for humanity, say scientists

Study calls for cap on production and release as pollution threatens global ecosystems upon which life depends

Japan sees record 27,000 COVID-19 cases as government mulls curbs - media

Japan's new COVID-19 cases jumped to a record on Tuesday, local media reported, as the government considered expanding measures to contain the infectious Omicron coronavirus variant.

A Tennessee judge orders Cracker Barrel to pay man $9.4 million after he was served glass filled with a chemical

No synopsis available.

Inmates sue jail over ivermectin treatment for Covid as ‘medical experimentation’ | Arkansas

The lawsuit alleges that the jail physician told the four men that the prescribed drugs were ‘mere vitamins, antibiotics and/or steroids’

Tonga runway ash blocks New Zealand air relief

After the tsunami New Zealand promises aid, but ash on Tonga's runway is hindering relief efforts.

Over 70,000 attend German protests against COVID measures

In what's becoming a regular event on Monday evenings, protesters took to the streets of Berlin, Cologne, Cottbus and Rostock, as well as several other locations across Germany.

Suspect in Cracker Barrel manager murder shot and killed by deputies, HCSO says

A 28-year-old man accused of shooting a Cracker Barrel manager to death over the weekend was shot and killed by deputies Monday evening.

‘I’m one of the nicer showrunners’: Joss Whedon denies misconduct allegations

Whedon denies allegations of threats and cruelty detailed by Buffy and Justice League actors, saying he has been made to seem like an ‘abusive monster’

At-home COVID tests are 'free': Federal tests start taking orders and shipping Wednesday

Health insurance now covers rapid COVID-19 tests for use at home. Learn how to get your free tests.

Abortion clinics challenging Texas law dealt new setback

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas' ban on most abortions is likely to stay in effect for the foreseeable future, opponents fighting the law said Monday night, after a federal appeals court ruled against sending the case back to only judge who has ever blocked the restrictions.

Why a suburban teen went to Philly to get his COVID-19 vaccine

Now, he’s on a mission to help young people like him get access to the shot.

Oklahoma received only two unfounded allegations of violations of critical race theory ban law

Oklahoma's State Department of Education fielded a pair of allegations that schools violated the state’s so-called critical race theory ban last fall.

Confirmed: East Wenatchee pharmacist terminated over issuance of fraudulent vaccination cards

EAST WENATCHEE - In an email from Walgreens’ corporate office in Deerfield, Illinois, iFIBER ONE News received confirmation about questionable actions by a local pharmacist that resulted in his firing

The Omicron surge hasn't peaked nationwide, and 'the next few weeks will be tough,' US surgeon general says

Areas that were among the first to get hit hard by the Omicron variant are starting to see their Covid-19 numbers level off or even improve. But that's not the case for much of the country, US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said.

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson set to square off in $NZ 72 million mega fight.

The fight could generate more than NZ$70m.

Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya says ‘nobody cares’ about Uyghur genocide in China

The Chinese government has previously denied any wrongdoing or human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

Russia-Ukraine crisis: UK sending weapons to defend Ukraine, says defence secretary

The defence secretary says he is sending short-range anti-tank missiles amid Russian invasion fears.

Activision Blizzard fires more people in sexual harassment probe

Activision Blizzard Inc said on Monday it has fired or pushed out more than three dozen employees and disciplined another 40 since July to address allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct at the videogame company.

Guaranteed income experiment for Black women aims to tackle racial wealth gap

This guaranteed income experiment for Black women in Georgia is one of the largest experiments in the U.S.

Michigan city council becomes first all-Muslim led government in US

HAMTRAMCK, Michigan: Hamtramck, Michigan is the first city in the US to be led by an all-Muslim government. A city of mostly Polish-Americans for 99 years, locals say the population has gradually shifted to now be over half Arab-Americans. And in its 100th year, the city’s leaders reflect that change. “It was a historic achievement that’s never happened before for the Arabs

For Oath Keepers and founder, Jan. 6 was weeks in the making

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — Two days after the election on Nov. 3, 2020, the Oath Keepers were already convinced that victory had been stolen from President Donald Trump and members of the far-right militia group were making plans to march on the U.S.

Parents of worker killed in tornado that hit Amazon facility are suing the company for wrongful death

The parents of Austin McEwen, one of the six victims killed after a tornado pummeled an Amazon warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, last month, said Monday during a press conference that they are suing Amazon over the alleged wrongful death of their son.

Marnie Clayton: Missing teenager found safe and well

A man is arrested on suspicion of false imprisonment after missing Marnie Clayton is found.

Officer shot teen in neck after car chase near Miami

MIAMI (AP) — A police sergeant chased and shot a 15-year-old who was running with a Glock handgun after crashing a car into a fence, police said. The teen remained in critical condition Monday as the shooting is investigated.

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik seeks parole after 10 years in jail

The terrorist has shown no remorse since slaying 77 people in a bomb and gun massacre in 2011, and families of victims fear he will grandstand his extreme views during the hearing.

Man charged after allegedly killing his own mother, sister, and son

A Hampstead man is in custody after allegedly shooting and killing his own mother, sister, and son in Wilmington Saturday.

WHO vows to keep demanding aid access to Tigray

Director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has been accused of spreading 'harmful misinformation'

Suspect arrested and charged with hate crime in alleged attack on Sikh taxi driver at JFK Airport

A man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime after an alleged attack on a taxi driver at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport earlier this month, a criminal complaint states.

Twenty-two dead, hundreds homeless after earthquake hits Afghanistan

Hundreds of houses are left badly damaged after an earthquake hits western Afghanistan, leaving at least 22 people dead and fears the death toll could rise.

Cost of masks and tests deepens a pandemic wedge between the haves and the have-nots

In recent weeks, Americans have discovered that the financial costs of the pandemic — masks, rapid tests and more — are increasingly falling on their shoulders.

Oxfam report that 10 men hold more wealth than that of two-thirds of humanity.

Oxfam urges governments to consider a 99 per cent, one-off tax on the COVID-19 wealth gains, as its new report reveals that while 99 per cent of humanity is now worse off, "billionaires have had a terrific pandemic".

EXCLUSIVE Major U.S. airline CEOs urge action to avoid 'catastrophic' 5G flight disruptions

The chief executives of major U.S. passenger and cargo carriers on Monday warned of an impending "catastrophic" aviation crisis on Wednesday when AT&T and Verizon are set to deploy new 5G service.

Medics in Tigray plead with Ethiopia for insulin airlift as supplies run out | Global development

Thousands of diabetics in region face ‘agonising death’ amid blockage on food, fuel and medicines in 14-month conflict

Anti-vaccine Sask. dad in hiding with daughter, 7, often talked about taking her away, says former friend

A Saskatchewan man who says he's in hiding with his 7-year-old daughter to protect her from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine often talked of taking her away from her mother forever, says a former friend.

In Greece, unvaccinated older people now face monthly fines

Greece has imposed a vaccination mandate for people over age 60, as coverage remains below the European Union average and a recent spike in infections has sustained pressure on hospitals

Eric Zemmour: Far-right candidate found guilty of hate speech

Eric Zemmour called unaccompanied migrant children coming to France "thieves" and "murderers".

Distress signal prompts U.N. concern after Tonga volcanic eruption

A distress signal has been detected in an isolated, low-lying group of islands in the Tonga archipelago following Saturday's massive volcanic eruption and tsunami, the United Nations said, prompting particular concern for its inhabitants.

Germany says Russia will pay price if it moves on Ukraine

Germany's foreign minister said on Monday she hoped tensions with Russia over Ukraine could be solved by diplomacy, but she warned that Moscow would suffer if it does attack its neighbour.

"They used us as an experiment": Arkansas inmates who were given ivermectin to treat COVID file federal lawsuit against jail

"They said they were vitamins, steroids and antibiotics," one of the plaintiffs told CBS News. "...It was not consensual. They used us as an experiment — like we're livestock."

Germany one step closer to scrapping Nazi-era abortion law

Germany's justice ministry presented a draft law on Monday that would do away with a Nazi-era law forbidding doctors to provide information about abortions.

Los Angeles nurse dies after being attacked at bus stop

A woman is dead after she was violently attacked while waiting for a bus in downtown last week, according to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Rabbi threw chair at Texas synagogue hostage-taker before escaping

A rabbi who was among four Jewish congregants taken captive at a Dallas-area synagogue said on Monday that he and others managed to escape after he threw a chair at the hostage-taker and then rushed for an exit door.

4,500-year-old highway lined with 18K ancient tombs discovered in Saudi Arabia

A 4,500-year-old highway lined with ancient tombs was discovered in Saudi Arabia's AlUla region. It could stretch all the way to Yemen.

‘Kill the bill’ protests: new legislation is proportionate, says Buckland | Law

Former justice secretary defends police and crime bill as it reaches its final stages in parliament

MLK’s family and activists honor civil rights leader with voting rights march

Martin Luther King III said ‘stakes could not be higher to protect and expand’ his father’s legacy of activism and racial justice

Journalists decry ‘forcible takeover’ of Kashmir Press Club

Journalists take over Kashmir Press Club as security forces stand by – journalists decry the ‘dangerous precededent’.

Djokovic sponsor Lacoste wants to 'review' Australia events with tennis star

Novak Djokovic has departed Australia after authorities canceled his visa for a second time. Now, one of his sponsors wants a word.

Prince Andrew: Ruthless royals move to limit the damage

The Royal Family has tried to distance itself from the allegations facing Prince Andrew.

Billionaires added $5 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic

Billionaires added $5 trillion to their fortunes during the pandemic, according to Oxfam, exacerbating economic inequality as the pandemic pushed millions of people around the world into poverty.

Giant 1km-wide asteroid to pass by Earth, NASA says

NASA's Asteroid Watch Twitter account posted that the asteroid is "very well known" and has been studied for decades.

Anne Frank betrayal suspect identified after 77 years

A new investigation identifies a suspect who may have told the Nazis about the Jewish diarist's hideout.

Amy’s Kitchen says its food is made with ‘love.’ Some workers tell a different story.

Some workers at the Amy's Kitchen factory in Santa Rosa, California, say that workers are becoming injured in an effort to maintain the speed of production lines.

CDC's suggestion to cancel football, band in nearly every US school called 'unrealistic'

If the scientists at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had their way, to curb the spread of Covid-19 right now, nearly every US school would cancel football, wrestling, band and loads of other mainstay school activities.

Pinelands lovers: NJ not saving forests from vehicle damage

SHAMONG, N.J. (AP) — Advocates for New Jersey's ecologically sensitive Pinelands region say the state is not doing nearly enough to protect the fragile woodlands from damage caused by motorcycles and off-road vehicles.

British police arrest 2 teens in probe of hostage-taking incident at Texas synagogue

Two teenagers have been arrested in England as part of an ongoing investigation into Saturday's hostage-taking incident at a synagogue in the United States.

Ukraine's former president Poroshenko arrives in Kyiv to face treason charges

Ukraine's former President Petro Poroshenko landed in Kyiv on Monday to face treason charges in a case he says was trumped up by allies of his successor, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Seventh grader dies after apparent fentanyl overdose at school in Connecticut

Drug-sniffing dogs went through the school and additional bags of fentanyl were found in two classrooms and the gym.

Transformation Church pastor wipes spit on man's face during sermon.

A Tulsa pastor is stirring controversy after he was seen wiping spit on a man's face during his sermon Sunday. Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church made some people in the crowd and online uneasy during the demonstration as he wiped spit onto the face of another parishioner to show that "receiving God's vision can sometimes be nasty. " After the move, a gasp from people in attendance could be heard.

"They used us as an experiment": Arkansas inmates who were given ivermectin to treat COVID file federal lawsuit against jail

"They said they were vitamins, steroids and antibiotics," one of the plaintiffs told CBS News. "...It was not consensual. They used us as an experiment — like we're livestock."

Revealed: the Flint water poisoning charges that never came to light | Flint water crisis | The Guardian

The former criminal prosecution team investigating the Flint water crisis was building a racketeering case against state officials. Then the team was dismantled<br>

Three dead, six injured in UAE fuel tanker explosions claimed by Yemen's Houthis: State news agency

Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed an attack in Abu Dhabi that resulted in three fuel tanker explosions near state oil firm ADNOC's storage facilities.

Three dead, six injured in UAE fuel tanker explosions claimed by Yemen’s Houthis

Yemen's Houthi rebels have claimed an attack in Abu Dhabi that resulted in three fuel tanker explosions near state oil firm ADNOC's storage facilities.

Atlanta church service will celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.

ATLANTA (AP) — Atlanta’s mayor, Georgia’s governor and U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock are scheduled to attend the annual Martin Luther King Jr. service at King’s old congregation, Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.

Ten richest men double their fortunes in pandemic while incomes of 99 percent of humanity fall | Oxfam International

No synopsis available.

China says tickets for Winter Olympics will not be sold to general public due to Covid-19

Tickets for the upcoming Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing will not be sold to the general public in response to Covid-19 but will instead be distributed by authorities, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee announced Monday.

Charles McGee, brigadier general and one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, dies at 102

Brig. Gen. Charles McGee, one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, died Sunday morning in his sleep, according to a family spokesman. He was 102.

Kazakhstan puts unrest death toll at 225

The bodies of 225 people killed in unrest in Kazakhstan last week, including 19 members of the security forces, were delivered to morgues throughout the country, the prosecutor general's office said on Saturday.

Tonga tsunami: Major damage reported amid communications black out

Two days on, the scale of the damage is unclear, with communications extremely limited.

93 Aged Florida Woman Reached 567,000 Miles In Her 1964 Mercury Classic Car

Rachel bought 1964 Mercury Chariot classic car for $ 3,289. Her classic car is older than her 3 marriages and changed 8 mufflers, 18 batteries, 3 shock absorbs.

UAE - 3 killed in fuel tracks explosion; possibly a drone attack

Three fuel trucks exploded, killing three people, and a fire broke out near Abu Dhabi airport on Monday in what Yemen's Iran-aligned Houthi group said was an attack deep inside the United Arab Emirates.

COVID-19: Credit Suisse chairman Antonio Horta-Osorio resigns nine months into role after bank probe finds he breached quarantine rules

The departure of Mr Horta-Osorio, a former CEO of Lloyds Banking Group, was announced by Switzerland-based Credit Suisse on Monday in an abrupt move that comes less than a year after the Portuguese banker was brought in to clean up the company's corporate culture.

More than 28,000 outages reported in North Carolina due to winter storm

Thousands of people are without power in North Carolina and it's only expected to get worse before it gets better.

Top condom maker Karex sees 2022 demand topping pre-pandemic levels

The world's top condom maker, Malaysia's Karex Bhd , expects demand to top pre-pandemic levels this year on consumer buying of premium products and restocking by federal health agencies.

Judge shames 72 year old cancer patient for overgrown yard

The 72-year-old's chemo treatments leave him too weak to go out and clear overgrown plants, his son says.

Beijing locks down office building with workers still inside over single Omicron case

At an office building in China's capital on Sunday, masked Covid control personnel lugged boxes of pillows and bedding through the closely guarded entrance for white collar workers stuck inside, preparing for what may be days of lockdown as Beijing rushes to prevent the spread of Omicron ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Video shows 'wild horse roundup' chase done with helicopter in Nevada

New images of a wild horse roundup in Nevada by the federal government are causing outrage.

Ontario LTCs uneasy about approaching booster mandate deadline amid Omicron wave

Most Ontario long-term care workers have just under two weeks to get their third COVID-19 vaccine doses, but union and industry groups say more time is needed to meet the government's target as staff infections reach record levelsand workers struggle to access appointments.

Tornadoes touch down in South Florida as thousands lose power

A winter storm that was expected to blast the southern U.S. with dangerously high winds Sunday did not disappoint, as some South Floridians witnessed and filmed infamous weather events likely uncommon to them: tornadoes.

Lack of air conditioning in Roebourne prison cells could breach human rights, says Aboriginal legal service

The Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia says the lack of air conditioning at Roebourne prison could breach international human rights conventions and it is considering a formal complaint.

North Korea fires 2 apparent ballistic missiles eastward from Pyongyang airfield: S. Korean military

(ATTN: UPDATES throughout with S. Korean military's explanation; RECASTS headline, le...

Within one week, a reality TV star made $70,000 selling her farts to strangers [fart girl] - ShutterBulky

Fart Girl: A reality TV actress has made a lot of money with selling her farts, and it's not for the faint of heart.

Unvaccinated to be banned from restaurants and other venues in France under new Covid law

The new law requires full vaccination for such venues, including tourist sites, many trains and all domestic flights, and applies to everyone aged 16 and over

Vaccination mandated for commuters on Manila public transit

People who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 are being banned from riding public transport in the Philippine capital region in a desperate move to curb spiking infections

One of US Navy's most powerful weapons makes rare appearance in Guam

One of the most powerful weapons in the US Navy's arsenal made a rare port call in Guam over the weekend, sending a message to allies and foes amid increasing tensions in the Indo-Pacific, analysts said.

Betrayer of Anne Frank revealed; man named Arnold van den Bergh

A retired FBI special agent and a team of investigators believe they&#039;ve solved one of the world&#039;s most well-known and tragic cold cases.

Live updates: Winter storm track and severe weather news

A vicious winter storm is slicing through parts of the Southeast Sunday, dropping freezing rain, ice and snow, and will then to turn northeastward to the East Coast. Follow here for the latest news and forecasts.

Texas hostage-taker had mental health issues, says brother

Malik Faisal Akram's brother apologises to the victims involved in the 'unfortunate incident'

Quebec liquor store employee allegedly punches customer multiple times after mask disagreement

Quebec's alcohol retailer, the SAQ, has suspended one of its cashiers who allegedly punched a customer multiple times in the head Thursday during a fight that started because a cashier wasn't wearing a mask. Both the SAQ and Montreal police have opened investigations.

Taliban announces a national suicide brigade

The Taliban recently announced it will establish a battalion of suicide attackers as part of the national army of Afghanistan. These “martyrdom brigades”

Elephants dying from eating plastic waste in Sri Lankan dump

PALLAKKADU, Sri Lanka (AP) — Conservationists and veterinarians are warning that plastic waste in an open landfill in eastern Sri Lanka is killing elephants in the region, after two more were found dead over the weekend.

World’s 10 richest men see their wealth double during Covid pandemic

Oxfam calls for windfall tax as 99% of world population takes a pay cut while top 10 incomes grow by $1bn a day

North Korea test fires fourth missile in a month

South Korean military believes two ballistic missiles were launched, making it the second such test in three days

University of Michigan president fired for inappropriate relationship with university employee

The University of Michigan removed president Mark Schlissel from his position "effective immediately" following an anonymous complaint suggesting that he "may have been involved in an inappropriate relationship with a University employee," the university said Saturday.

Airlines cancel over 2,700 U.S. flights as winter storm hits U.S. East Coast

Airlines canceled over 2,700 U.S. flights on Sunday as a winter storm combining high winds and ice was poised to hit the U.S. East Coast over the holiday weekend.

Wealth of world's 10 richest men doubled in pandemic, Oxfam says

Covid-19 has made the rich richer while poverty increased, Oxfam claims, as a virtual Davos gets underway.

French bulldog robbed from owner in Castro Valley, police say

Police are looking for a French bulldog who was stolen from his owners on Saturday in Castro Valley.

Florida tornadoes destroy dozens of homes, leave 7,000 customers without power

Two tornadoes struck southwest Florida Sunday morning, destroying at least 28 homes and damaging others in Lee County, while leaving about 7,000 houses there without power, officials said.

A New York school district has apologized for a middle school Spanish assignment that some parents are calling racist

Administrators at a school district in upstate New York issued an apology after parents expressed outrage on social media about an offensive homework assignment.

Tallassee mayor arrested in domestic violence investigation

Orange Beach Police said they responded to a domestic violence call on Perdido Beach Boulevard.

A Rhode Island man was arrested for allegedly selling 'ghost guns' and trafficking the firearms to the Dominican Republic

A Rhode Island man was arrested in New York Thursday for allegedly selling or attempting to sell more than 100 guns that he produced at his home, according to the US Attorney's Office Southern District of New York.

Chinese dialects in decline as government enforces Mandarin

Linguists concerned as regional languages dwindle amid push to strengthen uniform national identity

Youngkin Asks Miyares to Investigate Loudoun Schools

No synopsis available.

Migrant caravan from Honduras stopped in Guatemala

Several hundred migrants who had departed from the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula in hopes of reaching the United States entered Guatemalan territory where they were intercepted by authorities who began talks on returning them to their homelands

6 hospitalized, 1 in critical condition, after shooting at Oregon concert

Six people were transported to hospitals after a shooting at a concert hall in Eugene, Oregon, police said.

Snow, ice blasts through South with powerful winter storm | AP News

ATLANTA (AP) — A dangerous winter storm combining high winds and ice was sweeping through parts of the U.S. Southeast on Sunday, knocking out power, felling trees and fences and coating roads with a treacherous, frigid glaze.

Woman pushed to her death in front of oncoming train in NYC, man arrested

A woman was pushed to her death in front of an oncoming train in New York City on Saturday morning.

Marin physician Alan Scott, pioneer behind Botox, dies at 89

The ophthalmologist refined one of the world’s deadliest poisons into a treatment for serious eye impairments.

Canada urges avoiding non-essential travel to Ukraine due to 'Russian aggression'

The Canadian government is urging its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Ukraine, in a new advisory citing "Russian aggression."

Iran says 25-year China agreement enters implementation stage

The agreement was signed last year and includes economic, military and security cooperation.

Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee Dies at 102

Decorated Tuskegee Airman Brigadier Gen. Charles McGee has died. He was 102.

UK Covid cases fall to half the level they were at a week ago as Omicron 'disappearing fast'

Double-vaccinated people still less than half as likely to have the virus compared to the whole population, ZOE study app shows.

British national ID’d as hostage-taker at Texas synagogue

COLLEYVILLE, Texas (AP) — Authorities on Sunday identified a 44-year-old British national as the man who took four people hostage at a Texas synagogue for 10 hours before an FBI SWAT team stormed the building, ending a tense standoff that President Joe Biden called “an act of terror."

New Virginia Governor Youngkin to Lift School Mask Mandate

New Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin says he’s against school mask and vaccine mandates, plus will change COVID-19 policies after his 2022 inauguration.

Prince Harry in legal fight to pay for UK police protection

The Duke of Sussex wants to be able to pay for a team of officers when he visits with his family.

Youngkin ends mandates for masks in schools and COVID vaccinations for state workers

The GOP governor signed 11 executive orders following his swearing in ceremony earlier on Saturday.

Fact Check-CDC study found that over 75% of COVID-19 deaths in vaccinated people were among those with at least 4 comorbidities

In an interview clip on ABC’s Good Morning America, the Director of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) Rochelle Walensky referred to a recent study that found over 75% of COVID-19 deaths in fully vaccinated people had occurred among those with at least...

Scammers are putting fraudulent QR codes on Texas parking meters

Bogus QR codes on stickers have been found stuck to more than two dozen parking meters...

Portugal's election campaign begins under pandemic limits

LISBON, Portugal (AP) — The official two-week campaigning period for Portugal’s Jan. 30 general election kicked off Sunday, but there will be none of the large flag-waving rallies usually associated with the buildup to the ballot because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bills become the first team in NFL history to pitch a 'perfect' offensive game in playoff win over Patriots

The Bills didn't punt, kick a field goal, nor turn the ball over in the blowout win

Tucson hospitals to allow COVID positive employees to return to work

Facing staffing shortages, Banner and TMC are allowing employees who test positive to return to work under certain conditions.

Texas synagogue siege: hostage-taker shot dead by FBI believed to be British

FBI stormed building after man took four people including a rabbi captive during Shabbat service

Experts warn of an impending genocide of Muslims in India

Gregory Stanton, who founded the Genocide Watch group, is sounding the alarm on violence against Muslims in India.

Taliban pledge all girls in schools soon

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan’s new Taliban rulers say they hope to be able to open all schools for girls across the country after late March, their spokesman told The Associated Press on Saturday, offering the first timeline for addressing a key demand of the international community.

At many churches, pandemic hits collection plates, budgets

Biltmore United Methodist Church of Asheville, North Carolina, is for sale. Already financially strapped because of shrinking membership and a struggling preschool, the congregation was dealt a crushing blow by the coronavirus.

13-Year-Old Student Dies of Fentanyl-Related Overdose at Hartford School: PD

A 13-year-old student at The Sport and Medical Sciences Academy in Hartford who was in grave condition because of an overdose has now died, according to police....

Netanyahu negotiating plea deal in corruption trial

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is negotiating a plea deal in his corruption case, a person involved in the talks said Sunday. The deal, which could be signed as early as this week, could usher Netanyahu off the Israeli political stage for years, paving the way for a leadership race in his Likud party and shaking up Israeli politics.

Pacific tsunami threat recedes, volcano ash hinders response

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — The tsunami threat around the Pacific from a huge undersea volcanic eruption began to recede Sunday, but the massive ash cloud covering the tiny island nation of Tonga prevented surveillance flights from New Zealand to assess the extent of damage.

Massive winter storm could keep grocery shelves empty even longer

Grocery stores had already been struggling to keep their shelves stocked because of supply chain delays and Omicron sickening workers. Now, markets across America are bracing for a major winter storm that could keep store shelves empty even longer.

COVID program delivers 1 billion doses to poorer countries

BERLIN (AP) — The World Health Organization said Sunday that a U.N.-backed program shipping coronavirus vaccines to many poor countries has now delivered 1 billion doses, but that milestone “is only a reminder of the work that remains” after hoarding and stockpiling in rich countries.

Iran confirms again imprisoning French-Iranian academic

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran confirmed on Sunday that it has again imprisoned a French-Iranian researcher and anthropologist who had been furloughed with electronic monitoring bracelet, state media reported.

Hostages freed after stand-off at Texas synagogue

The man detained four people during a morning service and died following a standoff with police.

The Detroit Cobras’ Rachel Nagy Has Died

Nagy co-founded the Michigan garage rock band in 1994

BBC licence fee to be abolished in 2027 and funding frozen | BBC

Government announcement will force broadcaster to close services and make further redundancies

‘Over That Peak:' NY Eyes End to Mask Rules as Infection Rates Ease, Most Severe Cases Climb

A COVID-19 omicron vaccine is in the works, according to Pfizer and Moderna, but experts say it may already be too late.

Panic as Kosovo pulls the plug on its energy-guzzling bitcoin miners

Speculators rush to sell off their kit as Balkan state announces a crypto clampdown to ease electricity crisis

Britain will no longer require COVID tests for fully vaccinated travellers -The Times

Britain's vaccinated travellers will be able to go on half-term holidays next month without taking COVID-19 tests on their return, The Times reported.

Djokovic loses deportation appeal in Australia | AP News

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Novak Djokovic’s hopes of playing at the Australian Open were dashed Sunday after a court dismissed the top-ranked tennis star’s appeal against a deportation order. Three Federal Court judges unanimously upheld a decision made on Friday by Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to cancel the 34-year-old Serb’s visa on public interest grounds.

Novak Djokovic to be deported from Australia after federal court unanimously rules against his appeal

Court unanimously dismisses Serbian tennis player’s challenge after immigration minister argued his presence would stoke anti-vaccination sentiment

Novak Djokovic loses Australian visa appeal

Judges reject the tennis star's last-ditch bid to stay and defend his Australian Open title.

US: Protest after unarmed Black man killed by off-duty officer

Jason Walker fatally shot during road incident in North Carolina; judge grants release of police body-camera footage.

Novak Djokovic loses Australian visa appeal

Judges reject the Serbian tennis star's last-ditch bid to remain in Australia.

Russia arrests 14 alleged members of REvil ransomware gang

The raids come amid a widespread cyberattack on Ukrainian government websites.

Tennessee man served dangerous chemical awarded millions, but Cracker Barrel to pay less

MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WTVC) &mdash; A jury in Marion County, Tennessee, ordered the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain to pay a man millions of dollars after he was served chemicals in his drink. But, he's only receiving a quarter of that amount due to a cap Tennessee has on economic damages. The jury ruled the company was at fault when William Cronnon was served a glass of Eco-San sanitizer instead of water. The case started in 2014 at a Cracker Barrel in Marion County.

NYPD Make Arrest In Connection To The Death Of An Asian Woman Who Was Pushed In Front Of A Train

Police in New York City arrested a man who allegedly pushed an Asian woman in front of an oncoming subway train Saturday morning, NYPD said in a news release.

Standoff at Texas synagogue ends with all hostages safe, governor says

An elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team entered the synagogue and rescued the hostages.

Facebook faces $3.2 billion UK class action over market dominance

Social media giant Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms, faces a 2.3 billion pound plus ($3.2 billion plus) class action in Britain over allegations it abused its market dominance by exploiting the personal data of 44 million users.

Fall River company distributing to MA & RI communities 3-million COVID-19 at-home test kits

No synopsis available.

All hostages released from Colleyville synagogue, Texas governor says

Police in Colleyville, Texas, said they are "currently conducting SWAT operations" at a synagogue, prompting the evacuation of residents in the area on Saturday.

U.S. CDC urges Americans to wear 'most protective mask you can'

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday revised its guidance for Americans on wearing masks to protect against COVID-19, recommending donning "the most protective mask you can" while stopping short of advocating nationwide usage of N95 respirators.

University of Michigan fires president for inappropriate relationship with employee

No synopsis available.

Passengers stuck at sea after Norwegian cancels Caribbean cruise mid voyage due to Covid-19

Norwegian Cruise Line canceled its Caribbean trip mid voyage due to Covid-19, leaving travelers stuck at sea until the ship returns to New York.

VIDEO: Police Officer Kills Dog in Miami-Dade After Barking Complaint

A home surveillance camera captured a Miami-Dade police officer discharging his weapon multiple times on an American Bully dog, killing him while responding to...

States of emergency declared in Southeast ahead of winter snowstorm

The governors of several southeastern states declared states of emergency ahead of a massive winter storm.

Portland plans faster action to reduce lead in drinking water

No synopsis available.

Senior Toronto cop in charge of internal discipline is arrested for impaired driving

Supt. Riyaz Hussein, 54, was arrested Thursday evening by officers with the Ontario Provincial Police.

6 injured after shooting at concert venue in Oregon

Six people were taken to a hospital after shots were fired Friday night at a rap concert in Eugene, Oregon, police said.

Nearly 1,000 flights already canceled as South braces for major winter storm

Forecasts of snow and ice as far south as Georgia have put a big part of the Southeast on an emergency preparedness footing.

Florida gay rights activist found dead in landfill

Jorge Diaz-Johnston, who was integral in passing marriage equality in Miami, was found dead in a landfill in what is being investigated as a homicide.

A 74-year-old woman spent 27 years in prison for a murder she didn't commit. This week she was exonerated

A Tennessee woman who was wrongfully convicted of murdering her great-niece and spent 27 years in prison, was exonerated this week.

Asian woman pushed to her death in front of oncoming train in NYC

An Asian woman was pushed to her death in front of an oncoming train in New York City on Saturday morning.

Oxford school officials accelerated Ethan Crumbley's timetable for murder, lawsuit says

Oxford school officials allegedly knew Ethan Crumbley hid a bird's head in a bathroom stall weeks before the shooting, and brought bullets to class.

University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel fired by board after investigation

The board hired a firm to conduct an independent investigation into whether Schlissel had violated the university's supervisor relationship policy.

Hundreds of migrants set off from Honduras toward US border | AP News

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras (AP) — Some 600 migrants hoping to reach the United States set off in a caravan Saturday from the northern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula. Hundreds of young men, women and children, most from Nicaragua, Honduras and Cuba, had gathered overnight and early morning at the city's central bus station.

2017 terror attacks orchestrated by Spain's secret service, says former police official

Jos&eacute; Manuel Villarejo claims aim was to destabilize Catalonia before independence push, sparking outrage

California suspends some disability claims, citing fraud

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — After stealing the identities of death row inmates and even a sitting U.S. senator to make off with billions of dollars in fraudulent unemployment benefits during the pandemic, scammers have now moved on to impersonating doctors to dupe California officials into giving them disability checks.

Get away from shore - US and Japan warn on tsunami

Both countries advise people on the coast to move away from water after waves cross ocean from South Pacific.

DirecTV says it will not enter a new contract with OANN

The television company will continue to carry OANN programming through their existing agreement.

Canada’s privacy watchdog probing health officials’ use of cellphone location data - National

Commons committee will hold emergency meeting Thursday to discuss the Public Health Agency of Canada’s plans to purchase the cellphone location data of millions of citizens.

Major winter storm: South braces for big blast of snow, ice

Forecasts of snow and ice as far south as Georgia have put much of the Southeast on an emergency preparedness footing as shoppers strip store shelves of supplies and road crews treat highways ahead of an approaching weekend storm

Fired CNN producer from CT sued for allegedly sexually abusing girl, 9

Former CNN producer John Griffin is being sued by a child who prosecutors say was...

Tesla asked law firm to fire attorney who worked on Elon Musk probe at SEC, report says

Cooley LLP did not fire the attorney, and Elon Musk's Tesla and SpaceX have since started to replace the firm, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Astronomers witness the explosive death of a giant star for first time

For the first time, astronomers have observed the final days and death throes of a red supergiant star before its final collapse and massive explosion into a

WHO says omicron cases are ‘off the charts’ as global infections set new records

"The sheer volume of cases is putting a burden on health-care systems," said Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO's technical lead on Covid-19.

Legal risks in sedition conspiracy case against Oath Keepers | AP News

The seditious conspiracy case against members and associates of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group marks the boldest attempt so far by the government to prosecute those who attacked the U.S.

Woman Pushed to Her Death in Front of Oncoming Train at Times Square Station

A woman was pushed to her death Saturday morning at a subway station in Times Square, transit police confirmed to News 4. Authorities said the woman was killed...

Canadian foreign minister to visit Ukraine, vows to deter Russian aggression

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly will visit Kyiv next week to reaffirm support for Ukrainian sovereignty and reinforce efforts to deter "aggressive actions" by Russia, Ottawa said on Saturday.

Alex Jones lists $6.2 million in assets as judge adds new sanctions in Sandy Hook cases

AUSTIN, Texas — A Travis County judge imposed additional sanctions against Alex Jones on...

Man Shoots Teen Who Tried to Carjack Him in Philly, Police Say

Only hours after police addressed a spike in carjackings in Philadelphia, a legally armed man turned the tables on an armed teenager who tried to steal his...

Officer shoots man in custody after emergency room scuffle

Officials say a man in police custody was shot and killed in a North Carolina emergency room early Saturday after scuffling with an officer

Texas scientists’ new Covid-19 vaccine is cheaper, easier to make and patent-free

Dr Maria Bottazzi says their vaccine, called Corbevax, is unique because they do not intend to patent it

Large chemical fire in New Jersey ‘worst I’ve ever seen’, mayor says

One firefighter reportedly injured in blaze in Passaic, which had smoke so thick it was smelled in neighoring New York City

Thousands take holy dip in India's Ganges River amid Covid surge

Hundreds of thousands of Hindu worshippers flocked to the banks of the Ganges in India’s West Bengal state Friday, braving a surge in Covid-19 infections to

Calls grow for UK PM to resign over lockdown ‘parties’

Staff at Downing Street held ‘wine-time Fridays’ during coronavirus lockdowns, according to new revelations.

Russia is preparing a pretext for invading Ukraine: US official | Conflict News

The Kremlin says reports that Russia is preparing a provocation are ‘unfounded’, as tensions reach new heights.

North Korea stole a record $400 million in cryptocurrency last year, researchers say

North Korea stole nearly $400 million in cryptocurrency in 2021, particularly ethereum, researchers have found.

Tsunami advisory in effect for U.S. West Coast due to underwater volcano eruption in the Pacific

&quot;West Coast residents be prepared for impacts in bays and harbors,&quot; the National Tsunami Warning Center says. &quot;Live-aboards seek shelter and high ground.&quot;

U.S. grocery shortages deepen as pandemic dries supplies

High demand for groceries combined with soaring freight costs and Omicron-related labor shortages are creating a new round of backlogs at processed food and fresh produce companies, leading to empty supermarket shelves at major retailers across the United States.

Swedish police hunt for drone seen flying over Forsmark nuclear plant

Police in Sweden deployed patrols and helicopters to the Forsmark nuclear plant to hunt for a large drone seen flying over the site late on Friday, but were unable to catch the unmanned vehicle, they said on Saturday.

Tsunami advisory issued for U.S. following undersea volcanic eruption

A tsunami advisory has been issued for Hawaii and parts of the U.S. after an undersea volcanic eruption near Tonga.

US finds highly pathogenic bird flu in wild duck, first case since 2016

The USDA said it is determining the exact strain of the virus. . Read more at

Tsunami advisory in effect for U.S. West Coast after volcanic eruption

&quot;A tsunami has been confirmed and some impacts are expected,&quot; the Tsunami Warning Center said early Saturday.

Woman pushed onto tracks of Brussels metro, suspect arrested [VIDEO]

The metro train operator reportedly saw the person on the tracks and stopped just in time by pulling the emergency brake.

190-year-old Jonathan becomes world's oldest tortoise ever

190-year-old Jonathan is now the oldest tortoise ever, in addition to being the oldest land animal living today.

Ghislaine Maxwell won't fight to keep John Doe names sealed

It's safe to say there are some people out there who are a little more nervous. Why? Ghislaine Maxwell will no longer fight to keep the names of alleged John Does a secret. Maxwell was found guilty last month of luring teenage girls to be sexually abused by millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who lived part-time in Palm Beach. Authorities said Epstein committed suicide August 10, 2019, while in jail in New York where he was being held on sex-trafficking related charges.

National monument proposed for Nevada site sacred to tribes

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Nevada congresswoman and several elected and tribal officials announced support Friday for national monument designation over a broad area south of Las Vegas they say is biologically diverse and rich with Native American cultural significance.

Tesla delays Cybertruck production again, this time to Q1 2023

This isn't the first time that Tesla has pushed back a deadline, and it probably won't be the last.

Novak Djokovic: Tennis star detained ahead of deportation appeal

The tennis star will hear on Sunday whether he can stay in the country and compete unvaccinated.

Tsunami hits Tonga after giant volcano eruption

Residents report water crashing through homes as ash rained down from the sky.

Hackers Bring Down Government Sites in Ukraine

Hackers have temporarily shut down dozens of Ukrainian government websites, causing no major damage but adding to simmering tensions while Russia amasses troops on the Ukrainian border

Repeated Covid boosters not viable strategy against new variants, WHO experts warn

Experts urge development of new vaccines that protect against transmission of the virus in the first place

Migrant's arrest under 'Operation Lone Star' ruled unconstitutional

A Travis County judge ruled a migrant's arrest under Texas' Operation Lone Star is unconstitutional.

Yorkshire fishermen scared for livelihoods as 'everything is dead for miles'

Filey fisherman Robert Harrison says he has been living off £100 a months as business has plummeted

Rust shooting: Alec Baldwin turns phone over to investigators

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot while filming the movie Rust, starring Mr Baldwin.

Americans’ political diet harmful to overall health 40% cite politics as a significant stressor in their lives

New research from University of Nebraska–Lincoln political scientist Kevin Smith shows all the political jockeying is harmful to our health, has been for some time, and even a change in party power didn’t help.

As Omicron fuels surge, U.S. students stage walkouts to protest in-person classes

Hundreds of students in Boston and Chicago walked out of classes on Friday in protests demanding a switch to remote learning as a surge in COVID-19 cases fueled by the Omicron variant disrupted efforts at returning to in-person education around the United States.

Tsunami warning now issued for all of Tonga

A tsunami warning is now in force for all of Tonga following this evening's violent volcano eruption.

North Korea fires railway-borne missiles in third weapons test this month

Two tactical guided missiles hit their target, state media said, hours after Pyongyang accused US of ‘provocation’

Massive Fire Spreads To Passaic Chlorine Plant; Neighbors Told To Close Windows

A fireball reached several stories high, and a toxic cloud of smoke could be seen, and smelled, miles away. New York City warned residents they may be able to see or smell smoke from the fire.

Cyberattack hits Ukraine government websites

Scores of Ukrainian government websites were targeted in a cyberattack with threatening text warning Ukrainians to "be afraid and wait for the worst" and alleging their personal information has been hacked.

New details released in search for missing Texas State student

More than a year after Jason Landry’s disappearance the sheriff’s office is making evidence public with FOX 7 Austin, hoping to generate new leads.

'I don’t know where she is': 7-year-old abducted by dad who doesn’t want her vaccinated

A Saskatchewan mother is asking the public for help in finding her seven-year-old daughter who was taken by her ex-husband months ago after refusing to allow the young girl to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Judge: No reason to charge Texas mom who put son in trunk to avoid COVID exposure

Mother had been charged with endangering a child.

Exclusive: U.S. talks to energy firms on EU gas supply in case of Russia-Ukraine conflict

The U.S. government has held talks with several international energy companies on contingency plans for supplying natural gas to Europe if conflict between Russia and Ukraine disrupts Russian supplies, two U.S. officials and two industry sources told Reuters on Friday.

DirecTV to sever ties with OAN and drop the right-wing conspiracy channel later this year

One America News, the right-wing conspiracy channel favored by former President Donald Trump, will be dropped later this year by DirecTV, a spokesperson for the television carrier said Friday evening.

Formerly the 'Lowest Risk,' Lake Tahoe area Alpine County now in 'highest risk' category with omicron

California’s least-populated county is seeing a significant surge in COVID-19 cases.

Woman killed, children injured in Texas after pursuit of robbery suspect ends in collision

A Harris County sheriff's deputy in Texas pursuing a suspected robber Wednesday night collided with another vehicle, killing a woman, officials said.

Police body cam video showing sergeant grabbing fellow officer by throat

No synopsis available.

Judge bans 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli from pharmaceutical industry 'for life'

A federal judge ruled Friday former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli should be barred "for life" from participating in the pharmaceutical industry and ordered him to pay nearly $65 million in fines to seven states.

Garbage and recyclables pile up as omicron takes its toll | AP News

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The omicron variant is sickening so many sanitation workers around the U.S. that some cities have had to delay or suspend garbage or recycling pickup, angering residents shocked that governments can’t perform this most basic of functions.

CDC updates mask guidance, says N95s offer 'highest protection'

CDC mask recommendations updated today with information on N95 masks and KN95 masks. The new mask guidance also says some masks provide more protection than others.

Alec Baldwin turns over cell phone in 'Rust' shooting investigation

Alec Baldwin has turned over his cell phone to law enforcement officials as part of their investigation into the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the film "Rust," the Santa Fe County District Attorney's office told CNN.

Thieves in LA are looting freight trains filled with packages from UPS, FedEx and Amazon

Photos and videos showing piles of empty boxes littered alongside rail tracks in Los Angeles County, California have gone viral as shipping companies say they've seen a dramatic spike in railroad theft. Some of the boxes are packages from companies like UPS, Amazon and FedEx.

Here’s what’s changed as California’s new COVID workplace rules go into effect today

New COVID-19 workplace rules are going into effect in California as the omicron variant sweeps across the state.

13-year-old in grave condition after apparent fentanyl OD at Connecticut school; campus locked down

Three seventh graders were hospitalized after they appeared to have been exposed to fentanyl at a Connecticut middle school Thursday, with a 13-year-old boy in

Palestinian American man, 80, dies after being detained by Israeli forces

The U.S. has called for a "thorough investigation" after a Palestinian American man was found dead after being detained during an Israeli raid on an occupied West Bank village.

Netflix raises prices in U.S. and Canada, stock pops

Netflix has been raising prices in previous years and it is part of the company's long-term strategy.

Video shows Florida police sergeant grabbing fellow officer by her throat

A Florida police sergeant has been relieved of his supervisory responsibilities and is under investigation after he was filmed grabbing an officer by her throat, according to officials.

Tesla starts accepting once-joke cryptocurrency Dogecoin

Elon Musk's plans send the value of the cryptocurrency soaring.

Spider-Man comic page sells for record $3.36M bidding

DALLAS (AP) — A single page of artwork from a 1984 Spider-Man comic book sold at auction Thursday for a record $3.36 million. Mike Zeck's artwork for page 25 from Marvel Comics' “Secret Wars No.

Prince Andrew faces calls to pay for his own security

Growing clamour for royal to lose dukedom and taxpayer-funded Scotland Yard security detail

Federal testing website launches next week, 4 tests per home

WASHINGTON (AP) — The federal website where Americans can request free COVID-19 tests will begin accepting orders on Wednesday as the White House looks to address nationwide shortages, but supplies will be limited to just four free tests per home.

Minnesota judge bars hospital from taking Covid-19 patient off ventilator

A Minnesota judge blocked a hospital from taking a patient with Covid-19 off life support Thursday, one day after his wife said she "vehemently" disagreed with the decision, court records show.

Shkreli ordered to return $64M, is barred from drug industry

NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge on Friday ordered Martin Shkreli to return $64.6 million in profits he and his company reaped from inflating the price of the life-saving drug Daraprim and barred him from participating in the pharmaceutical industry for the rest of his life.

Detroit police chief denies targeting drivers for gun charges, says more guns means more arrests

“People are buying more guns, so there’s more opportunity for guns to be stolen, more opportunities for guns to fall in the wrong hands, more opportunities for people to use guns to resolve some disputes,” Detroit Police Chief James White said, attributing increased enforcement of gun violations to a series of issues.

Ohio's high court overturns new congressional map saying it 'unduly favors' Republicans

Ohio's state supreme court ruled Friday that the state's newly-drawn congressional map, which was passed by the GOP-controlled legislature, violates the state constitution because it "unduly favors the Republican Party and disfavors the Democratic Party."

US judge reassigned after reversing sex assault conviction

Judge Robert Adrian said five months in prison was "plenty of punishment" for sexual assault.

Petersburg police officer fired after Nazi-themed social media post

No synopsis available.

Plaintiff in historic same-sex marriage lawsuit found dead

Police are investigating the death of Jorge Diaz-Johnston, a plaintiff in a 2014 same sex marriage lawsuit, as a homicide.

Sinead O'Connor hospitalized, days after teenage son's death

Sinéad O'Connor has been admitted to the hospital, one week after her 17-year-old son was found dead.

Treasury: Arizona risks relief funds over anti-mandate rules

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration is threatening to recoup COVID-19 relief funds sent to Arizona over state provisions that it says discourage families and school districts from following federal guidance recommending face coverings in schools.

REvil ransomware gang arrested in Russia - They were responsible for the US meat packing and Colonial Pipeline ransomware attacks

Russian authorities dismantle the notorious cyber-crime gang at the request of the United States.

'No money left': Lebanese telcos close to meltdown as cable thieves thrive

Lebanon's telecom duopoly, once cash cows for the state, used to allocate most of their spending on wages, rent and infrastructure.

Cyberattack in Ukraine targets government websites

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — A cyberattack left a number of Ukrainian government websites temporarily unavailable on Friday, officials said. While it wasn't immediately clear who was behind the cyberattack, the disruption came amid heightened tensions with Russia and after talks between Moscow and the West failed to yield any significant progress this week.

'Urban explorer' finds 89 sets of ashes in abandoned church

CLEVELAND (AP) — Ohio investigators have found the cremated remains of 89 people stored in boxes and bags at an abandoned church in Akron, authorities said. The remains were seized at Greater Faith Missionary Baptist Church on Tuesday by investigators from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, attorney general spokesperson Steve Irwin said Thursday.

US claims Russia planning ‘false-flag’ operation to justify Ukraine invasion

Officials say Moscow has already positioned saboteurs in Ukraine, on day Ukraine hit by ‘massive’ cyber-attack

San Francisco drivers can now get a text before getting towed, the first of its kind in the country

San Francisco is the first city in America to offer this service.

Lawyer who sued Texas abortion provider faces 3-year suspension | Reuters

A Chicago attorney who sued a Texas doctor under that state's controversial abortion law, and who is trying to dismiss that lawsuit, is facing a potential three-year suspension after Illinois officials said he sent threatening and harassing emails to lawyers at law firms Barnes & Thornburg and Fox Rothschild.

The great American sickout: Omicron is causing "hellacious" worker shortages

COVID-19 is tearing through the U.S. workforce, disrupting businesses from grocery stores to airlines.

MS lottery players fill state coffers, generating over $1 billion in sales

Net proceeds to the state in 2021 were over $137 million dollars.

December retail sales fall 1.9% after early holiday rush

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans, beset by product shortages, rising prices and the arrival of omicron, sharply cut their spending in December after a burst of early spending in the fall boosted this year's holiday shopping season.

Russia takes down REvil hacking group at U.S. request - FSB

Russia has conducted a special operation against ransomware crime group REvil at the request of the United States and has detained and charged the group's members, the FSB domestic intelligence service said on Friday.

US to allow teen semi drivers in test apprenticeship program

The federal government is moving forward with a plan to let teenagers drive big rigs from state to state in a test program

One of the world’s biggest offshore wind farms gears up for full operations

The North Sea, where Triton Knoll is located, is home to a number of large-scale offshore wind facilities.

More than $10M worth of masks, protective gear left in the rain outside Bay Area event center

Thousands of boxes filled with masks and protective gear worth more than $10 million were left in the rain outside a Bay Area event center.

‘Menace to public health’: 270 doctors criticize Spotify over Joe Rogan’s podcast | Spotify

An open letter expresses concern about Covid misinformation and specifically addresses an episode with virologist Robert Malone

Videos show backhoe rampage that ended with driver shot dead by police

No synopsis available.

Elephants dying from eating plastic waste in Sri Lankan dump

PALLAKKADU, Sri Lanka (AP) — Conservationists and veterinarians are warning that plastic waste in an open landfill in eastern Sri Lanka is killing elephants in the region, after two more were found dead over the weekend.

Second-in-command at State Police implicated in Ronald Greene cover-up

Second in command at State Police implicated in Ronald Greene cover-up

Murphy signs bill enshrining abortion into NJ state law

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, anticipating possible changes to the Roe v. Wade ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court, signed a bill Thursday enshrining the right to an abortion into state law.

Danish queen celebrates 50 years on the throne

Little did a young woman in her early 30s know in 1972 that she would go on to rule her country for the next half century. Danish queen celebrates 50 years on the throne – in subdued fashion in light of corona

New Zealand offshore drilling rig prompts furious backlash from climate activists

Government accused of hypocrisy as company uses permit predating ban to begin operation off coast of Taranaki

Ukraine hit by ‘massive’ cyber-attack on government websites

Suspected Russian hackers leave message warning: ‘Ukrainians … be afraid and expect worse’

Tesla delays initial production of Cybertruck to early 2023

Tesla Inc aims to start initial production of its much-anticipated Cybertruck by the end of the first quarter of 2023, pushing back its plan to begin production late this year, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday.

India toxic gas leak kills 6 after illegal chemical dump | CNN

Six workers at a dyeing and printing mill in India were killed and more than 20 were taken to hospital on Thursday after inhaling toxic gas caused by an illegal dump of waste chemicals, officials said.

Novak Djokovic's visa cancelled by Australia's immigration minister

The decision comes after the men's tennis world number one was drawn against fellow Serb Miomir Kecmanovic in the Australian Open, which is due to begin on Monday. 

Djokovic: Australia cancels tennis star’s visa. Again.

Immigration minister Alex Hawke revokes Serbian player’s visa

Ocado and Next cut sick pay for unvaccinated isolating staff

Staff required to self-isolate will no longer be eligible for full sick pay if they haven't had the jab.

Capitol riot: Oath Keepers leader charged with seditious conspiracy

This is first time Capitol riot defendants have been accused of seeking to "overthrow" the government.

Australian immigration minister cancels Novak Djokovic’s visa

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke uses his ministerial powers to personally cancel Novak Djokovic's visa, after the tennis star won a court case earlier this week against the cancellation of his entry visa.

Novak Djokovic: Australia cancels tennis star’s visa ahead of Australian Open | Novak Djokovic

Immigration minister Alex Hawke revokes Serbian tennis player’s visa

Novak Djokovic's visa cancelled, tennis player to be deported

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke uses his ministerial powers to personally cancel Novak Djokovic's visa, after the tennis star won a court case earlier this week against the cancellation of his entry visa.

LA County COVID-positive hospital patient number tops 4,000

The number of COVID-positive patients in Los Angeles County hospitals was at 4,175 Thursday - the highest it has been since early February 2021.

Russia says Ukraine talks hit 'dead end', Poland warns of risk of war

Poland's foreign minister said on Thursday that Europe was at risk of plunging into war as Russia said it was not yet giving up on diplomacy but that military experts were preparing options in case tensions over Ukraine could not be defused.

Sandy Hook families who won defamation suit against Alex Jones subpoena Facebook as trial nears

The Sandy Hook families who won a defamation suit against extremist Alex Jones in...

Leaning San Francisco skyscraper is tilting 3 inches per year as engineers rush to fix it

The engineer trying to stabilize the Millennium Tower, a luxury residential skyscraper in San Francisco that is sinking into the ground and now leaning over

Rapper formerly known as Kanye West named main suspect in Los Angeles battery investigation

The rapper formerly known as Kanye West is the main suspect in a battery investigation, Los Angeles police confirmed to CBS News.

Epstein-Barr virus may be leading cause of multiple sclerosis

No synopsis available.

Two Richmond police officers rescue 10 people from motel fire

Ten people are safe after being rescued from a motel fire that spread rapidly from floor to floor in Richmond.

Three women charged for allegedly assaulting Delta Airlines employees

The employees have not returned to work since the attack last year.

Human trafficking task force holds vigil in Panama City for 282 child victims in Northwest Florida

The 14th Judicial Circuit’s Human Trafficking Task Force holds a vigil for the 282 child victims of human trafficking in the Florida Panhandle.

Quietly and over some objections, a national digital vaccine card has emerged

Whether they realize it or not, about 200 million people in the United States now likely have access to a Covid-19 digital vaccine card.

BNSF unions threaten strike over attendance policy

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Carnival's corporate culture assailed by feds as Arison inks new plea deal

By Dan Christensen, - Carnival's corporate culture assailed by feds as Micky Arison inks plea deal pledging reforms.

Intentional killings of law enforcement officers reach 20-year high, FBI says

Last year saw the highest number of law enforcement officers who were intentionally killed in the line of duty since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, an increase that comes as a rise in gun violence and homicides continues across the country.

'Like a slap in the face': Nurses told to use vacation and sick days to stay home if they test positive

Early in the pandemic, nurses were celebrated as heroes, with nightly symphonies of clapping or banging pots and pans.

‘You people are just vectors of disease to me’: Ferris State professor goes on curse-filled rant during lecture

No synopsis available.

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby federally indicted on perjury charges

Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is now facing federal charges of perjury and making a false statement on a loan application. RELATED | Marilyn Mosby's attorney suspects perjury case looming, asks Biden Admin to drop case. A federal indictment was announced today. RELATED | More Businesses Tied to Baltimore's Top Prosecutor. Marilyn Mosby Indictment by Chris Berinato.

California governor denies RFK assassin Sirhan Sirhan parole

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s governor on Thursday rejected releasing Robert F. Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan from prison more than a half-century after the 1968 slaying that the governor called one of America's “most notorious crimes.”

Infant becomes youngest person to die of COVID-19 in Riverside County CA, health officials say

An infant who had contracted COVID-19 died earlier this week at a hospital in Riverside County, becoming the youngest person in the county to die

Capitol attack panel subpoenas Google, Facebook and Twitter for digital records

Select committee seeks records from social media giants related to insurrection that could potentially incriminate the Trump White House

Middle school students in Mississippi offered ‘shapewear’ in body image discussion

A form sent home with students about a new body image program offered from a school in Mississippi has some parents upset.

Federal investigators say they used encrypted Signal messages to charge Oath Keepers leader

It's unclear how investigators gained access to the messages, but encryption has been a point of tension between law enforcement and tech for years.

Dentist accused of killing wife on African safari trip to claim millions in insurance money

No synopsis available.

Why Cuba’s extraordinary Covid vaccine success could provide the best hope for low-income countries

Cuba remains the only country in Latin America and the Caribbean to have produced a homegrown shot for Covid.

‘Gruesome, beyond belief’: Slidell man certain dismembered woman is his missing wife

A Slidell man believes the dismembered woman police found in an Upper 9th Ward freezer Tuesday is his missing wife.

Australian man pleads guilty to anti-gay hate crime in murder of American who plunged from cliff in 1988.

Scott White yelled repeatedly in court that he was guilty of the hate crime, having previously denied the crime.

Iraqi officials: 4 rockets target US Embassy in Baghdad

Iraqi security officials say at least four rockets targeted the U.S. Embassy inside Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone

Supreme Court blocks Biden vaccine mandate for businesses, backs health-care worker rule

The Supreme Court ruled against the Biden administration's rule for OSHA, saying it did not have the power to require vaccination for millions of Americans.

4 Arkansas inmates sue jail, doctor for receiving ivermectin

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Four inmates at a northwest Arkansas jail sued the facility and its doctor Thursday after they said were unknowingly prescribed ivermectin to treat COVID-19 despite health officials' warnings that the anti-parasitic drug shouldn't be used for that purpose.

FAA numbers confirm it -- 2021 was terrible for bad behavior in the skies

Assaults on crew members. Public intoxication. Verbal abuse. 2021 was the worst on record for unruly airplane passenger behavior, according to FAA data. Find out what's been going on in the unfriendly skies and the mounting consequences for unruly passengers.

Army readies to deliver first set of Strykers with 50-kilowatt laser weapons

The U.S. Army nears initial fielding of a powerful laser weapon on Stryker combat vehicle.

Offaly woman killed in a random attack

Man arrested in murder investigation over incident on canal bank near Tullamore

‘Tenants have no choice’: Racism in urban planning fuels high rate of Black fire deaths

The deadly fires in the Bronx, New York, and Philadelphia follow a historical pattern that sees Black people dying in accidents at alarming rates.

Oath Keepers leader and 10 others charged with 'seditious conspiracy' related to US Capitol attack

The Justice Department has charged 11 defendants with seditious conspiracy related to the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021, including the leader of the Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes.

Prosecutors add dozens of charges in Wisconsin Christmas parade deaths

Prosecutors have added 71 new charges against, Darrell Brooks Jr., the man accused of driving an SUV through a Wisconsin Christmas parade in November, leaving six people dead.

Customers are furious after energy supplier tells customers to cuddle pets to keep warm

A British energy supplier has apologized for the "poorly judged and unhelpful" advice sent to customers which suggested they could snuggle up to their pets and exercise to cut back on their heating bills.

Kanye West considered suspect in battery investigation

Kanye West is being investigated in an alleged battery that occurred in downtown Los Angeles early Thursday morning, according to police.

Canada Begins Enforcing COVID Vaccine Mandate for Truckers (Starts Jan 15)

No synopsis available.

Navient settles predatory student loans claim for 1.85B

Navient, a large student loan servicer, has settled allegations of predatory lending practices for $1.85 billion, Pennsylvania's attorney general announced Thursday. The settlement includes $1.7 billion in debt cancellation and $95 million in restitution, state Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a news release.

Chinese agent infiltrated Parliament, MI5 warns

The rare alert sent to MPs comes after a long-running investigation into Christine Ching Kui Lee.

Prince Andrew stripped of military affiliations by Queen Elizabeth

Britain's Prince Andrew has returned his military affiliations and royal patronages to Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace said in a statement Thursday. It

Prince Andrew loses military titles and patronages

It comes as the prince faces a US civil case over claims he sexually assaulted a woman when she was 17.

2021 was 45th year in a row with a warmer-than-normal global temperature

The last 45 years have all been above the 20th-century average for global temperature, NOAA reports, as Earth continues its relentless warming due to heat-trapping fossil fuel emissions.

The puzzle of America's record Covid hospital rate

Europe has fewer Covid patients in hospital now. Why are the US and Canada bucking the Omicron trend?

Queen Elizabeth strips Prince Andrew's remaining royal affiliations as he fights Epstein accuser suit as private citizen

The accuser, Virginia Giuffre, claims she had sex with Prince Andrew at the direction of Ghislaine Maxwell, the procurer of girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

Queen strips Prince Andrew of military roles and royal patronages

Move comes after more than 150 veterans request removal amid US sexual assault civil lawsuit

The heat stays on: Earth hits 6th warmest year on record

Earth simmered to the sixth hottest year on record in 2021, according to several newly released temperature measurements. And scientists say the exceptionally hot year is part of a long-term warming trend that shows hints of accelerating.

Prince Andrew's military affiliations and royal patronages returned to the Queen

Prince Andrew's military affiliations and royal patronages have been returned to the Queen and he will continue not to undertake any public duties, Buckingham Palace has announced.

Biden says his administration will make free high-quality face masks available to all Americans

President Joe Biden on Thursday announced his administration would make "high-quality masks" available to Americans for free, as the US struggles to contain the new surge of the Omicron variant and hospitalizations from Covid-19 reach new highs.

Florida woman accused of throwing glitter containers at man faces felony case

A Florida woman was accused of a felony after she threw containers of glitter at a man this week, an arrest affidavit alleges.

Pipeline spills 300,000 gallons of diesel in Louisiana

A severely corroded pipeline ruptured and spilled more than 300,000 gallons of diesel fuel just outside New Orleans.

Woman with semi-automatic rifle, other guns in vehicle arrested outside U.S. Capitol Police headquarters

The arrest came less than a week after officials marked​ the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol​.

Thousands of federal inmates to be released under 2018 law

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department will begin transferring thousands of inmates out of federal prisons this week as part of a sweeping criminal justice overhaul signed by President Donald Trump more than three years ago.

Veterans ask Queen to strip Prince Andrew of honorary military titles

More than 150 army, navy and air force veterans write open letter amid US sexual assault lawsuit

Delta loses $408 million; 8,000 employees contract Covid over the last four weeks

Delta Air Lines lost $408 million in the final quarter of 2021, dragged down by a Covid-19 surge that rocked the airline in December, and the carrier predicted Thursday that it will suffer one more quarterly loss before travel perks up in spring and summer.

Maryland school district requests National Guard to fill in for sick bus drivers

One school district is seeking help from the National Guard as its school bus service has been crippled by COVID-19.

Russian-led troops begin withdrawal from Kazakhstan after deadly protest crackdown

Over 2,000 Russia-led troops began withdrawing from Kazakhstan after being deployed when peaceful protests over an energy price hike turned into unprecedented violence claiming dozens of lives.

Russia says NATO talks ‘unsuccessful’ as Poland warns of war | Conflict News

Week of diplomacy aimed at easing Russia-Ukraine tensions looks set to fail as fears of escalation rise.

Police probe clears Dayton, Ohio, officers who pulled paraplegic driver out of car

A Dayton, Ohio, police internal investigation of a traffic stop where officers pulled a paraplegic driver out of a car by his hair and arms cleared the officers of the most serious allegations against them.

Wholesale prices jumped 9.7% , setting record for 2021

Prices at the wholesale level surged by a record 9.7% for all of 2021, setting an annual record and providing further evidence that inflation is still present at all levels of the U.S. economy

15-year-old girl shot and killed as she walked dog in SW Houston

A 15-year-old was shot to death while she walked her dog Tuesday night. Police responded to 15400 Park Manor near Markwood Lane in southwest Houston.

Postal Board Elects DeJoy Ally as New Chairman

Former postal union official will serve as vice chair.

U.S. FAA issues impact notices on 5G wireless aviation

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began publishing notices early on Thursday that detailed the extent of potential impact of new 5G wireless service on sensitive aircraft electronics.

Covid self-isolation in England being cut to five full days

People will be able to end isolation after negative tests on days five and six from Monday.

Chinese national trying to improperly influence politicians, says MI5 | MI5

Warning to be circulated to MPs and peers about woman targeting parliamentarians

Gay men still face hurdles to donate blood amid national shortage

Gay and bisexual men are still restricted from giving blood, in a move that LGBTQ activists call discriminatory.

German court sentences former Syrian colonel to life in prison

Landmark ruling sees Anwar Raslan convicted for crimes against humanity in Damascus jail a decade ago.

DHS launches new program to recruit, train climate professionals

The program, designed to recruit recent graduates as well as current federal employees, is one of the department's efforts meant to focus DHS on adaptin...

More than 1 million fewer students are in college, the lowest enrollment numbers in 50 years

People are sitting out college in droves. During the pandemic, undergraduate enrollment has dropped nearly 7%. The long-term effects of this decline could have a dramatic impact on the economy.

‘The economy cannot stay open’: Omicron’s effects ricochet across US

Biden has vowed to keep businesses and schools open but some experts wonder if that’s possible given nature of Covid variant

India’s top court intervenes in hate speeches against Muslims

The top court issues notice to Uttarakhand state after calls by Hindu religious leaders to take up arms against Muslims.

Report finds Utah police made mistakes in encounter with Gabby Petito, Brian Laundrie

The Moab, Utah, police officers who encountered Gabby Petito and her fiancé a month before her body was found in Wyoming made several mistakes, an independent review released Wednesday has found.

Film armorer blames ammo supplier in deadly 'Rust' shooting

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — A new lawsuit accused an ammunition supplier Wednesday of creating dangerous conditions on a movie set where a gun held by actor Alec Baldwin killed a cinematographer, by including live ammunition in a box that was supposed to include only dummy rounds.

Nearly a million fewer students are now enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities than in Fall 2019

Overall spring enrollment fell to 16.9 million from 17.5 million, marking a one-year decline of 3.5 percent or 603,000 students, seven times worse than the decline a year earlier.

Soaring COVID-19 cases renew US debate over mask mandates

Officials across the U.S. are again weighing how and whether to impose mask mandates as...

Manhattan rents were the highest ever for December

The surge marks a dramatic turnaround from a year ago, when even the most bullish brokers predicted a years-long recovery.

Western Australian town hits record temperature of 50.5°C (122.9°F)

The Bureau of Meteorology recorded the scorching figure at Roebourne Aero just before 12.30pm which has set a new Australian record for the hottest ever January day

Nasa begin months-long effort to focus James Webb space telescope

The revolutionary new scope could provide a glimpse of the cosmos dating back billions of years, but first some painstaking adjustments are needed

Landmine-hunting hero rat dies in Cambodia after stellar career

Magawa, a giant African pouched rat, was awarded a gold medal for heroism for clearing ordnance from 42 football pitches’ worth of land

Former police chief claims Spanish secret service was behind 2017 terror attacks

A FORMER senior officer in Spain’s National Police Corps has said the 2017 terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils were organised by the…

Mother throws new born baby into dumpster

The 18-year-old woman accused of throwing her newborn baby in a dumpster behind a mall in Hobbs, New Mexico is due in court Wednesday afternoon.

Covid Deaths Begin To Rise In Los Angeles; Believed Tied To Omicron

Covid Deaths Begin To Rise In Los Angeles; Wave Believed Tied To Beginning Of December Omicron Case Surge

China critic Sen. Tommy Tuberville once again bought Alibaba stock and options

Former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville says his financial advisors bought stock in Alibaba, despite his criticism of China.

Workers at nearly 80 Kroger's King Soopers go on strike as talks stall

More than 8,000 workers at nearly 80 King Soopers stores went on strike for better wages on Wednesday as negotiations stalled, but the stores stayed open as the Kroger Co-owned Colorado chain hired temporary staff and promoted online ordering.

Eric Lira charged with supplying performance-enhancing drugs to athletes at Tokyo Olympics

US prosecutors allege Eric Lira supplied illegal drugs to athletes "for the purpose of corrupting" the Tokyo Games.

US Capitol attack panel asks Kevin McCarthy to cooperate with inquiry

The House committee chairman has written to the Republican minority leader, escalating pressure on Trump’s allies in Congress

Anti-vaccine protesters try to storm Bulgaria's parliament

Anti-vaccine protesters tried to storm the Bulgarian parliament on Wednesday and briefly scuffled with police officers during a massive rally against coronavirus restrictions in downtown Sofia.

Dozens of remains found in Akron church connected to illegal funeral business, sources say

Multiple sources say the cremated remains of dozens of people were found in a vacant Akron church Tuesday morning after a search warrant was executed in connection with Shawnte Hardin, indicted last year on a slew of charges related to his alleged involvement with an illegal funeral business.

Nearly 48,000 migrants released at southern border fail to check in with ICE

WASHINGTON (TND) &mdash; Nearly 48,000 migrants who were released at the southern border in roughly a five-month period with a notice to report have disappeared, failing to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement as required. The revelation came in a letter from the Department of Homeland Security to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security. DHS could now arrest and deport them &mdash; if they can find them.

Pipeline spills 300,000 gallons of diesel near New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A severely corroded pipeline ruptured and spilled more than 300,000 gallons (1.1 million liters) of diesel fuel just outside New Orleans after needed repairs on the line were delayed by its operator, according to federal records.

Lawsuit aiming to break up Facebook group Meta can go ahead, US court rules | Meta

The Federal Trade Commission wants to force sale of Instagram and WhatsApp

A letter from an American soldier has been delivered to his family -- 76 years after he mailed it

Angelina Gonsalves received an unexpected, yet cherished, delivery from the US Postal Service last month -- a letter her late husband wrote to his mother while deployed overseas in 1945.

Official: Police used fake DNA reports during interrogations.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Virginia Beach police used forged documents that linked people's DNA to a crime to get them to confess or cooperate with investigators, Virginia's outgoing attorney general announced Wednesday.

Bronx Fire: All 17 victims died from smoke inhalation, Medical Examiner says

All 17 victims of the Bronx apartment fire were killed by smoke inhalation. Several residents remained in critical condition at local hospitals.

Waukesha parade suspect facing 71 new charges

He is being held on a $5 million bond.

‘This One Scares Me’: Teen Convicted in Loudoun School Sex Attacks to Register as Sex Offender – NBC4 Washington

The psychosexual evaluation of a teenage boy convicted of two separate sexual attacks in Loudoun County Public Schools "scares" the judge who on Wednesday...

Texas school district asks parents to become substitute teachers amid COVID surge

According to Hays CISD, parents would still have to apply, pass the fingerprint criminal background check, and do orientation to become substitute teachers.

SoCal Businesses Sue Insurance Companies For Denying COVID-Related Claims

The attorney representing the business owners says some of her clients suffered millions of dollars in losses.

Thousands sign up for 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine as Quebec threatens to tax the unvaxxed

Thousands more people have registered for their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, amid threats by Quebec officials to tax the unvaccinated.

Army ups bonuses for recruits to $50K, as COVID takes toll

No synopsis available.

Drug charge filed after South Dakota seniors consume marijuana brownies

A South Dakota man is facing a felony drug charge after his mother unknowingly served his marijuana-laced brownies to a group of seniors, officials say.

Power grid fails as Argentina hit by record-breaking heatwave

Temperatures hit 45C with extreme heat set to last until the weekend

Welcoming immigrants would cool off inflation, US Chamber of Commerce CEO says

The US Chamber of Commerce is calling for doubling the number of legal immigrants into America as a way to ease inflation and the worker shortage.

Red Cross pleads for blood donations, says hospitals may face shortages

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on supplies of donated blood, the American Red Cross said Tuesday, leading to its "worst blood shortage in over a decade."

Ronnie Spector, '60s pop icon and 'Be My Baby' singer, dies at 78

Ronnie Spector, known for singing iconic 1960s hits such as "Be My Baby" and "Walking in the Rain," died Wednesday following a battle with cancer, according to

Omicron is creating a 'crisis, red-tier situation' in health care

Omicron, the latest variant of Covid-19, is crushing health care workers already under strain from nearly two years of grappling with a pandemic — a situation

Ohio Supreme Court rejects new state House, Senate district maps

The Ohio Supreme Court rejected on Wednesday newly-drawn maps that had retained a Republican supermajority in both chambers of the state Legislature. The state's high court ruled the maps do not meet voter-approved provisions of the Ohio Constitution to reduce partisan political gerrymandering.

Judge’s reversal in criminal sexual assault case draws ire

Adams County Judge Robert Adrian finds 18-year-old man not guilty after originally convicting him of criminal sexual assault of 16-year-old girl.

Cancer mortality rates continue to decline amid 'major progress' in lung cancer early detection and treatment

Cancer mortality rates have been dropping for nearly two decades, aided by "major progress" in the early detection and treatment options for lung cancer, according to the American Cancer Society's annual report on cancer statistics, published Wednesday.

GRAPHIC: Headless torso in freezer, bloody power saw found in bus at New Orleans man’s home, court documents say

The gruesome details were contained in an arrest warrant affidavit for 34-year-old Benjamin Beale, who was booked with obstruction of justice in a death investigation and several drug and weapons charges.

Girl under 10 is youngest person to die of COVID-19 in Houston, city health officials say

A girl under the age of 10 is the city’s youngest confirmed pediatric COVID-19 death, the Houston Health Department announced Wednesday.

Alabama woman who joined Islamic State stuck in refugee camp

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — Attorneys for a woman who left her Alabama home to join the Islamic State terror group plan to continue fighting for her and her young son even though the Supreme Court declined to consider her lawsuit seeking to re-enter the United States, one of the lawyers said Wednesday.

A UK doctor's medical license has been revoked for branding livers with his initials during transplant

A surgeon in the United Kingdom has been removed from the country's medical register for marking his initials on transplanted livers. Here's the whole story.

U.S. posts smallest budget deficit in two years as employment rebounds

The U.S. government posted a $21 billion budget deficit for December 2021, the smallest monthly gap in two years as individual income tax receipts surged with increased employment, the Treasury Department said on Wednesday.

Black youth in Miss. make up nearly 85% of all youth prison admissions, report says

Youth locked up in adult prisons are twice as likely to be beaten by prison staff, five times more likely to be sexually assaulted, and 36 times more likely to attempt suicide, the report said.

Warning as mystery dog illness linked to beaches

Dozens of dog owners say their pets have become sick shortly after walks along the north east coast.

Feds offer no plea deals to 3 former cops charged with violating George Floyd's rights

No last-minute plea deals are in the works for three former police officers charged with civil rights violations in the death of George Floyd, a prosecutor said.

Pipeline spills 300,000 gallons of diesel near New Orleans | AP News

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A severely corroded pipeline ruptured and spilled more than 300,000 gallons (1.1 million liters) of diesel fuel just outside New Orleans, according to federal records. The spill from the 16-inch (40-centimeter) diameter line operated by Collins Pipeline Co.

Omicron disrupts transit, emergency services as workers call out sick: 'Most people are going to get Covid'

"It's hard to process what's actually happening right now, which is most people are going to get Covid," acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock said.

Medicare proposes only covering Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm for clinical trial patients

Biogen drug, the first in decades approved to treat the disease, has sparked concerns about its high cost and efficacy.

British Council worker freed from Iranian prison, back in UK

Aras Amiri was arrested in Tehran in March 2018 and sentenced to 10 years in prison over espionage charges.

Head of COVID response for UCSF's ER dept.: 'I have not intubated a single COVID patient during this Omicron surge'

No synopsis available.

Giuffre's Prince Andrew suit goes ahead despite Epstein deal | AP News

NEW YORK (AP) — A judge has — for now — refused to dismiss a lawsuit against Britain’s Prince Andrew by an American woman who says he sexually abused her when she was 17. Stressing Wednesday that he wasn’t ruling on the truth of the allegations, U.S.

CDC forecast predicts more than 62,000 Covid-19 deaths in the US in the next four weeks

An ensemble forecast from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published Wednesday predicts that over 62,000 more people could die from Covid-19 over the next four weeks.  

Red Cross offers donors chance to win Super Bowl tickets amid nationwide blood shortage

The nation&#039;s blood supply is dangerously low, prompting the Red Cross to announce a national blood crisis​ for the first time.

Mississippi hospitals return to COVID-19 health plan as hospitalizations heighten

The increase in COVID-19 activity and hospitalizations have Mississippi officials returning back to their COVID-19 health plan.

Prince Andrew to face civil sex assault case after US ruling

Virginia Giuffre's claims against the Duke of York can continue to be heard, a New York judge rules.

Prince Charles commissions Holocaust survivor portraits

Seven survivors of the Holocaust are recorded in paintings to go on show at Buckingham Palace.

U.S. judge rejects Prince Andrew's bid to dismiss sex abuse accuser's lawsuit

A U.S. judge has rejected a bid by Britain's Prince Andrew to dismiss Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit accusing the Duke of York of sexually abusing her when she was 17 and being trafficked by the late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Bosnian Serbs hold nationalist celebration despite ban, sanctions

Constitutional Court has declared the holiday illegal as it discriminates against Muslim Bosniak and Catholic Croats.

Japan calls for stricter COVID-19 measures for U.S. military personnel

For some, Japan's "mambo"—the country's quasi-state of emergency—is not enough to deal with the COVID-19 threat that they percieve is being posed by the U.S. military.

Inflation rises 7% over the past year to the highest level since 1982

The consumer price index for December 2021 was expected to increase 7% from a year ago, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones.

In Guatemala, Ex-Paramilitaries Face Trial for Wartime Rape of Indigenous Women

Property field_teaser

The highly contagious Omicron variant will 'find just about everybody,' Fauci says, but vaccinated people will still fare better

Covid-19 hospitalizations in the United States have reached a new record high, surpassing the previous peak from January 2021, according to data from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Nearly one quarter of US hospitals reporting staff shortages

WASHINGTON (TND) &mdash; Right now, one in every four hospitals is now reporting a critical staffing shortage. The report comes as the U. S. hits a record number of hospitalizations. The latest update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows 141,000 people are in the hospital with COVID-19. There are several states ramping up efforts to keep them running during the surge. Virginia's governor issued a 30-day State of Emergency aimed at increasing capacity and staffing.

Two Suspects In The Killing Of Rapper Young Dolph At A Cookie Store Have Been Arrested

The 36-year-old had built a reputation as one of the most prolific rappers in the industry, at one point making a music video from his hospital room after being shot in Los Angeles in 2017.

West Virginia governor feels 'extremely unwell' after testing positive for Covid-19 and cancels state legislature address

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice tested positive Tuesday for Covid-19 and described feeling "extremely unwell" as he isolates at home, according to a statement.

Ann Arbor moves toward dispatch service that doesn't use armed police

Authors of an interim report say Ann Arbor's city council and its residents need to decide on the scope of a mental health 9-1-1 program that bypasses armed police

Schools turn to parents for help as omicron surge causes staff shortages

One district seeks over 281 volunteers because of COVID shortages.

Social media influencers could be required to display warning logo on edited body image photos | Politics News

Lockdown saw an increase in people suffering from eating disorders and body confidence problems, with many saying they are trying to get a body like those seen on social media, which have been edited.

Bone in SUV is from Ohio mom missing since 2002 with 2 kids

AURORA, Ind. (AP) — DNA testing has confirmed that a bone found in an SUV pulled last fall from the Ohio River in Indiana is from an Ohio woman who vanished in 2002 along with her two young children, authorities said Tuesday.

YouTube is major conduit of fake news, factcheckers say

Platform is not doing enough to tackle spread of falsehoods, claims letter signed by 80 groups

Law enforcement fatalities spiked in 2021. Covid-19 was the leading cause of death.

The number of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty across the U.S. last year totaled 458, a 55 percent increase from 2020, the National Law Enf

Novak Djokovic admits breaking isolation while Covid positive

In a statement, the tennis star also says his agent made a mistake on his Australian entry form.

California lawmakers debate universal health care proposal

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Democrats on Tuesday took their first step toward abolishing the private health insurance market in the nation’s most populous state and replacing it with a government-run plan that they promised would never deny anyone the care they need.

Man charged with not wearing mask at train stations after arrest warrant issued for him

SINGAPORE: A man was charged in court on Wednesday (Jan 12), a day after a warrant of arrest was issued for him. British national Mockridge Philip Richard was set to be charged in court in December for failing to wear a mask at various locations, but he did not turn up then to receive his charges.

Amazon workers in Alabama will vote again on whether to unionize next month

A federal labor agency last November ordered a new union election at the Bessemer, Alabama, warehouse.

Bank of America reducing overdraft fees from $35 to $10, eliminating insufficient funds fees

Bank of America is reducing its overdraft fees from $35 to $10 and eliminating insufficient funds fees.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Announces She Has Tested Positive for COVID-19

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is fully vaccinated and boosted, announced Tuesday that she has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing mild...

Traveler enters cockpit, causes damage on Miami-bound plane, American Airlines says

A traveler was apprehended Tuesday after reportedly entering the cockpit of a Miami-bound plane at a Honduras airport and causing damage, American Airlines

Archeologists struggle to repair vandals’ damage to ancient petroglyphs in Texas

Four names scratched into a metre-wide Texas rock face damaged abstract petroglyphs or rock drawings — swirls and lines — etched into the desert rock up to 8,500 years ago, according to Big Bend National Park officials.

Massachusetts Wastewater COVID Update Shows Levels Dropping

The levels of COVID-19 in the Boston area appear to be dropping from historic highs, according to the latest update from its sewer system.

Over 400 Missing Somali Recruits Killed In Eritrea, Escapee Says

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Workers at a Second Chicago Starbucks Petition For Union Recognition

Plus, Black Millennials mourn the closing of the Ace Hotel and another Chicago chef competes on "Chopped"

46% of those currently hospitalized with COVID in Ontario were admitted for other reasons: new data

New data indicates that 46 per cent of people currently in Ontario hospitals with COVID-19 were admitted for reasons other than the virus.

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch again doesn't wear mask on bench, Sotomayor and Breyer log in remotely

Two justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer, appeared remotely due to apparent concerns about Covid-19 as Neil Gorsuch did not wear a mask.

Neo-Nazi leader sentenced to 7 years for plot to intimidate Jews, journalists

A Neo-Nazi leader convicted in a plot to intimidate Jews and journalists has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in US and Britain

Scientists are seeing signals that COVID-19′s alarming omicron wave may have peaked in Britain and is about to do the same in the U.S., at which point cases may start dropping off dramatically

EXCLUSIVE Pfizer to cut U.S. sales staff as meetings with healthcare providers move to virtual

Pfizer Inc said on Tuesday it is reducing its U.S. sales staff as it expects doctors and other healthcare providers to want fewer face-to-face interactions with sales people after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

Amid rising prices, American families fall deeper in debt

Between inflation and ongoing supply chain issues, prices are rising and it's eating away at the average family budget.

Canada will have enough vaccines for 4th doses if needed, Trudeau says

The call with the first ministers came as COVID-19 case numbers and hospitalizations continue to surge throughout Canada.

Native American activist, American Indian Co-founder and leader Clyde Bellecourt dies at 85

Bellecourt was a co-founder in 1968 of the American Indian Movement, which began as a local organization in Minneapolis that sought to grapple with issues of police brutality and discrimination against Native Americans.

Deputies say dog was abandoned in trash bag on Arcadia roadside

A passerby found an oddly-shaped garbage bag near an intersection, deputies said

True number of Covid deaths in the US probably undercounted, experts say

Many of the deaths aren’t counted in the official Covid tally because they happen months after infections, expert says

2021's extreme weather cost 688 lives and $145 billion in the U.S.

In an on overview published ahead of its full report, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that 2021 ranked the third costliest on record for such events.

UN launches nearly $5bn aid appeal for Afghanistan, largest ever humanitarian appeal for a single country to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.

UN aid chief Martin Griffiths appeals to international community, saying ‘full-blown humanitarian catastrophe looms’.

Toddler hospitalized after eating cake pop made with cannabis

A Toledo mom is sending out a warning to other parents after her toddler ended up in the hospital after accidently eating a cake pop made with cannabis.

Covid: Half of Europe to be infected with Omicron within weeks - WHO

Dr Hans Kluge says a "west-to-east tidal wave" of the coronavirus variant is sweeping across the region.

Sickly mountain lion euthanized after wandering into Vail condominium lobby

A mountain lion that wandered into a Vail condominium on Saturday was euthanized after wildlife officers discovered it was severely emaciated and in poor health, according to police.

Quebec to impose a tax on people who are unvaccinated from COVID-19 |

Premier François Legault said the tax is under consideration over the burden those who aren't vaccinated are having on the health-care system.

Michigan man accused of killing longtime boyfriend during fight over video game

A Michigan man is accused of killing his boyfriend in the midst of a fight about video game, "Overwatch."

United CEO says vaccine mandate appears to have ended weekly deaths of employees from Covid

A companywide vaccine mandate appears to have ended a grim weekly event at United Airlines — the death of an employee from Covid-19, the carrier’s top executive said Tuesday.

Medical Helicopter Crashes Outside Church in Drexel Hill, Near Philadelphia

A medical helicopter carrying an infant patient to a Philadelphia hospital crashed Tuesday afternoon next to a church in a densely populated residential...

I-10 back open at Louisiana state line after being closed for 9 hours

A semi-truck car hauler was carrying seven new BMWs when it collided with the bridge and the vehicles went up in flames.

Border Patrol officers rescued 25 migrants from a locked, freezing trailer in Texas

Border patrol agents have rescued 25 undocumented migrants from a locked trailer in Texas where they were left in the cold with no way to escape.

‘Everyone asks about Novak’ but Mehdi has languished for nine years in Australian immigration detention

The Iranian was 15 when he arrived by boat in Australia seeking sanctuary. Despite formal recognition as a refugee he hasn’t been free since – he turned 24 on Friday

US grounded planes after NORAD alerted a North Korean missile launch, official says

An unusual ground stop was issued to some pilots for a short period of time following a North American Aerospace Defense Command alert of a launch of a North Korean missile, a US official said Tuesday.

Durham A1 crash: Lorry driver was browsing dating sites [UK]

Ion Onut, 41, is jailed for more than eight years for causing the deaths of three people in July.

Covid vaccines prevented nearly a quarter-million deaths last spring

The Covid vaccine campaign in the U.S. helped prevent nearly a quarter-million deaths and more than 14 million cases of Covid, according to a modeling study.

Justice Dept. creating unit focused on domestic terrorism

The number of FBI investigations into suspected domestic violent extremists has more than doubled since the spring of 2020, according to Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen.

Ethiopian drone strike kills 17 on day of Biden-Abiy call

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — An Ethiopian drone strike has killed 17 civilians in the country’s Tigray region on the day that President Joe Biden during a call with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed concern about such attacks in the ongoing war, local authorities say.

Man accused of stealing one-of-a-kind trading card worth more than $40,000 near Long Beach

The owner of Finch and Sparrow Games in Signal Hill is asking the public for help in finding a man they say stole a card worth $40,000.

SC Teacher shot during robbery at 2nd job as a delivery driver.

Brett Maksymik was working his part-time DoorDash job when he was shot in the abdomen, according to city leaders. A GoFundMe page indicates Maksymik needed two surgeries, but is ok and recovering well.

Biden announces half a billion free home Covid tests to fight Omicron

President pushes back against resistance to vaccine mandates, saying they are ‘not to control your life, but to save your life’

Safety doors failed in NYC high-rise fire that killed 17

NEW YORK (AP) — Investigators sought answers Monday for why safety doors failed to close when fire broke out in a New York high-rise, allowing thick smoke to rise through the tower and kill 17 people, including eight children, in the city's deadliest blaze in more than three decades.

UK PM Johnson under fire over 'bring your own booze' lockdown party

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was under fire on Tuesday after it emerged his private secretary had invited over 100 people to a "bring your own booze" party in the garden of Downing Street during the first coronavirus lockdown.

16 top colleges sued for alleged violation of federal antitrust laws by colluding on their financial-aid practices

Sixteen top US universities, including Duke, Vanderbilt and Northwestern, are being sued by five former students claiming those schools may be involved in antitrust violations in the way those institutions worked together in determining financial aid awards for students, according to the lawsuit filed in a US District Court in Illinois.

Andrew Gosden: Two men arrested for trafficking and kidnap

Two arrested by police investigating the 2007 disappearance of Doncaster teenager Andrew Gosden.

Roman town’s remains found below Northamptonshire field on HS2 route | Archaeology

Findings surpass experts’ expectations after buildings, wells, coins and wide road discovered

Oklahoma death row inmates seek firing squad as alternative

Two Oklahoma death row inmates facing executions in the coming months offered firing squad as a less problematic alternative to the state’s three-drug lethal

Guantanamo 20 years on: A legacy of ‘injustice’ and ‘abuse’

Advocates reflect on ‘disturbing legacy’ of detention facility and urge President Joe Biden to take action and close it.

Court upholds firing of two LAPD officers who ignored robbery call, played Pokémon Go

A California appellate court has ruled that two Los Angeles police officers were properly fired for playing Pokémon Go instead of responding to a robbery in 2017.

More than 65,000 Los Angeles students and employees test positive for COVID-19 as school resumes

All students and employees of the district now must undergo weekly COVID testing, and will not be allowed on campuses if they test positive.

Two LAPD officers fired for playing Pokemon Go on duty

No synopsis available.

Magawa, the landmine-sniffing hero rat, dies aged eight

Magawa was awarded a gold medal for heroism for clearing landmines in Cambodia.

Chicago public school students will return to classroom Wednesday after teachers union suspends work action, mayor says

Chicago teachers will be back in school Tuesday and students are scheduled to return to in-person learning on Wednesday after the Chicago Teachers Union house of delegates voted to end the teachers' work action over Covid-19 mitigation measures, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said at a Monday night news conference.

Suspected North Korea missile test hit speed of Mach 10, more advanced than previous test, Seoul says

A suspected ballistic missile launched by North Korea on Tuesday was more advanced than the missile Pyongyang tested last week, reaching a velocity of more than 10 times the speed of sound, South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

Hottest ocean temperatures in history recorded last year

Ocean heating driven by human-caused climate crisis, scientists say, in sixth consecutive year record has been broken

Indiana state senator apologizes for saying educators need to be impartial when teaching about racism and Nazism

An Indiana lawmaker is apologizing for saying teachers should exercise impartiality when teaching about Nazism or fascism.

China: Doctor charged for treating fever patient

The medic in Henan could face a prison term because there wasn't a fever clinic at their hospital.

Firing Upheld for LAPD Officers Playing Pokémon Go Instead of Responding to Robbery

A California appellate court has ruled that two Los Angeles police officers were properly fired for playing Pokémon Go instead of responding to a robbery.

Kazakhstan: Russian-led military bloc to start withdrawing troops, says president

Withdrawal to start in two days, says Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, as new PM appointed and detentions rise to nearly 10,000

Federal judge dismisses LAPD employees lawsuit against Covid-19 vaccine mandate

Judge R. Gary Klausner agreed that vaccine-related mandates for government employees are reasonable methods to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

Friend who bought rifle for Kyle Rittenhouse gets plea deal

A judge dropped felony charges against Dominick Black that were linked to the purchase of an AR-15-style rifle.

Female dolphins have a clitoris much like humans’

The similarities suggest female dolphins experience sexual pleasure, which may explain why the species is so randy all the time.

Armed Lyft Driver Shoots 2 Carjackers in Philly, Police Say

A legally armed Lyft driver shot and critically injured two suspects who carjacked him in Philadelphia, police said.

Prosecutors willing to drop Ghislaine Maxwell perjury charge if no retrial

Prosecutors make offer ahead of sentencing in effort to bring swift closure for the victims as Maxwell’s team push for new trial

European Parliament President David Sassoli dies after hospitalization

The 65-year-old had been seriously ill in hospital for more than two weeks. He died at a hospital in Aviano in northern Italy.

New year brings new all-time high for shipping’s epic traffic jam

Popular interest in the supply chain may have faded, but the pileup of ships waiting offshore keeps growing.

High school teacher, 28, accused of having ‘sexual relationship’ with student

A 28-year-old teacher at Charles W. Flanagan High School in Pembroke Pines was arrested Sunday on accusations that he has been in a “sexual relationship” with a 17-year-old girl at his school since December, authorities said.

U.S. reports at least 1.1 million COVID cases in a day, shattering global record

The United States reported at least 1.13 million new coronavirus infections on Monday, according to a Reuters tally, the highest daily total of any country in the world as the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant showed no signs of slowing.

Coldest air in three years coming to parts of the country

Monday started the workweek with 15 million people under wind chill alerts stretching from the northern Plains and Upper Midwest into the Northeast.

Betty White died of a stroke she suffered six days earlier

The beloved actor died on December 31.

Antarctica: Invasive species hitchhiking on ships

Ships travelling to Antarctica could bring invasive species to the ocean’s last pristine ecosystem.

Pfizer CEO says two Covid vaccine doses aren’t ‘enough for omicron’

Bourla said the two-dose vaccine has lost its protective power against infection and its ability to prevent hospitalization has also dropped.

North Korea fires apparent ballistic missile toward East Sea

(ATTN: UPDATES with launch site, other details in paras 5-8, 10-12)By Song Sang-ho SEOUL...

9th Circuit to take up challenge to Calif. ban on felons becoming EMTs

Two California men with felony records are asking a U.S. appeals court to revive their challenge to the state's ban on convicted felons being certified as emergency medical technicians, with the backing of groups from across the ideological spectrum.

Federal vaccine mandate for employers with 100 or more staff now in effect

Should the employee choose to not get the shot, they must undergo weekly testing and wear a mask at the place of employment.

Riverside County employee’s COVID-19 death could have been prevented, lawsuit alleges

No synopsis available.

Red Cross declares first-ever national blood crisis

The historic shortage is forcing doctors to make tough decisions on who should get blood and who has to wait until there is more supply.

Chile, a vaccine front-runner, launches fourth COVID dose

Chile, one of the world's fastest movers on COVID-19 vaccines, started its campaign to give fourth doses on Monday to immunocompromised people, a regional first, as infections rise driven by the fast spread of the Omicron variant.

62,000 Los Angeles students and staff test positive for Covid ahead of return to school Tuesday

As Los Angeles students and staff prepare to return to school Tuesday, about 62,000 have tested positive for Covid-19, school district data show.

US CDC warns against travel to Canada amid rising Covid numbers | The Guardian

Agency elevates recommendation to ‘level four: very high’ and says Americans should avoid travel to northern neighbour

In 1st, US surgeons transplant pig heart into human patient

In a medical first, doctors transplanted a pig heart into a patient in a last-ditch effort to save his life and a Maryland hospital said Monday that he's doing well three days after the highly experimental surgery.

The past 7 years have been the hottest on record "by a clear margin," scientists say

2021 continued the trend as one of the hottest years on record since the 1800s.

Mom, daughters victims in ‘gruesome’ NKY quadruple stabbing

A fourth person was airlifted to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, a sheriff's spokesman says

Union wins representation at second Starbucks store in New York

A second Starbucks Corp location in Buffalo, New York, has become unionized after the federal labor board on Monday certified the results of last month's election there.

'We need donors': Nurse shares importance of blood donations after battling leukemia as a child - ABC17NEWS

No synopsis available.

18-year-old mother confesses to leaving baby in New Mexico dumpster, police say

An 18-year-old mother was charged with attempted murder after authorities said she left her newborn child alive in a New Mexico dumpster.

Trump's potential liability for Capitol riot faces major test in court

A federal judge in Washington, DC, is questioning former President Donald Trump's actions during his speech on January 6, 2021, as he considers for the first time whether Trump is immune from liability related to his supporters attacking the US Capitol.

Pfizer says its vaccine targeting Omicron will be ready in March

Drugmaker expects to be able to develop new variant-specific vaccines in roughly 100 days as COVID-19 mutates.

US hospitals letting infected staff members stay on the job

Hospitals around the U.S. are increasingly taking the extraordinary step of allowing nurses and other workers infected with the coronavirus to stay on the job if they have mild symptoms or none at all

Americans advised to avoid travel to Canada due to rising COVID-19 caseload | CBC News

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is advising against travel to Canada because of rising numbers of COVID-19 cases.

Cleveland Starbucks workers file for unionization, aiming to be first Starbucks union in Ohio

Workers at a Starbucks in Cleveland banded together and petitioned the National Labor Relation Board (NLRB) for unionization, pushing to become the coffee chain's first union store in Ohio, according to the Starbucks Workers United union.

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions rose by 6.2% in 2021

The spike was attributed to a slew of causes, including behavior changes after COVID-19 vaccines became widely available, but environmental advocates say it's worrisome.

Millionaire murderer Robert Durst dies in prison

The real estate heir turned fugitive unwittingly confessed to three killings on a TV crime show.

Home COVID tests to be covered by insurers starting Saturday

WASHINGTON (AP) — Starting Saturday, private health insurers will be required to cover up to eight home COVID-19 tests per month for people on their plans. The Biden administration announced the change Monday as it looks to lower costs and make testing for the virus more convenient amid rising frustrations.

No evidence of drugs or foul play in death of Bob Saget, medical examiner says

There is no evidence at this time that foul play or drugs played a role in the death of actor and comedian Bob Saget, authorities said Monday.

Mother shoots her 4-year-old child twice while attempting to clean gun, police say

A Detroit woman who claimed a robber shot her 4-year-old child later confessed that she accidentally pulled the trigger while cleaning her gun, authorities said.

Air Force accused of pushing woman through elite commando training after she quit, spurring investigation

The claims are incorrect or missing important context, said Lt. Gen. Jim Slife, the head of Air Force Special Operations Command. But he has called for the service's inspector general to investigate.

Major US cities will feel like they're below zero this week

Temperatures expected this week will be the coldest air of the season by far, and will even reach some big cities in the Northeast and New England.

Boris Johnson attended 'bring your own booze' event in No 10 garden during first lockdown | Politics News

The prime minister and his wife Carrie attended a "bring your own booze" event in the Downing Street garden during the UK's first national COVID lockdown.

Robert Durst dies in custody

Robert Durst died in custody early Monday morning, his lawyer said in a statement.

AP sources: Yanks' Balkovec to be first female MiLB manager

The New York Yankees are promoting Rachel Balkovec to manager at Low A Tampa, making her the first woman to skipper a team affiliated with Major League Baseball, according to two people familiar with the move

Woman, teen jump into icy pond, rescue 3 children in Arapahoe County

A woman and a teenage boy didn’t hesitate and jumped into an icy pond in Arapahoe County to rescue three children who fell through the ice Sunday afternoon, the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office tweeted.

Space heater blamed for NYC fire that killed 17, including 8 children: "You see kids fighting for their life"

New York Mayor Eric Adams on Monday revised the death toll from the fire to 17, two fewer than originally reported.

Ikea cuts sick pay for unvaccinated staff forced to self-isolate

The retail giant joins a growing list of firms changing their rules as staff absences and costs begin to bite.

Goldfish can be taught to drive, scientists find

Goldfish are capable of navigating on land, Israeli researchers have found, after training fish to drive.

FBI: Cyber criminals are mailing out USB drives that install ransomware

Don't insert USB drives from unknown sources, even if they're addressed to you in the post.

Uganda's schools reopen, ending world's longest lockdown

KAMPALA, Uganda: Uganda's schools reopened to students on Monday (Jan 10), ending the world's longest school disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The reopening caused traffic congestion in some areas of the capital, Kampala, and students can be seen carrying their mattresses in the streets, a back

Brooklynites march against antisemitism after Bay Ridge attack

No synopsis available.

Xinjiang anti-terror general to lead China’s Hong Kong garrison

Peng Jingtang was chief of staff of Armed Police Corps, part of China’s paramilitary police force

MILWAUKEE -- The man who bought Kyle Rittenhouse an assault-style rifle when he was only 17 has agreed to plead no contest to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a non-criminal citation, and avoid convictions on the two felonies he'd been facing.

Dominick Black was charged with delivering a dangerous weapon to a minor, resulting in death.

Novak Djokovic: Tennis star 'grateful' after winning Australia court battle

The world number one posts a picture of himself on an Australian Open tennis court hours after his visa is reinstated.

New York fire: At least 19 killed in apartment block blaze

There were nine children among the fatalities in the fire, which took hold on Sunday in the Bronx.

Aid groups halt work in northwest Tigray after deadly strike: UN

UN says humanitarian partners suspend activities due to the ‘ongoing threats of drone strikes’.

The factory worker who became Chile's first blind senator

How a tear gas cannister changed the course of Fabiola Campillai’s life

Past seven years hottest on record - EU satellite data

Analysis shows 2021 was the fifth-warmest with record-breaking temperatures in some regions.

London 'past the peak' of Omicron as Covid case rates fall across capital, say health chiefs

'We're not yet out of this critical phase of the pandemic, although we may well be past the peak', experts said of new data on London infections

Experts cast doubts over reported ‘deltacron’ variant, say likely due to lab contamination

Global experts are casting doubts over reports of a new possible Covid strain appearing to combine both the delta and omicron variants and dubbed "deltacron."

Take-Two buys Zynga in $12.7B deal, carving out gaming space

Take-Two Interactive, maker of Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, is buying Zynga, maker of FarmVille and Words With Friends, in a cash-and-stock deal valued at about $12.7 billion

Bronx apartment fire kills 19, including 9 children | AP News

NEW YORK (AP) — A malfunctioning space heater sparked a fire that filled a high-rise Bronx apartment building with thick smoke Sunday morning, killing 19 people including nine children in New York City’s deadliest blaze in three decades.

Chicago schools cancel classes for fourth day as union fight hits second week

Chicago school leaders canceled classes for the fourth day Monday as a standoff with the local teachers' union over Covid-19 protocols entered its second week.

Reverend Al Sharpton to deliver eulogy at funeral of teenage girl shot by LAPD | Los Angeles

Valentina Orellana-Peralta died in her mother’s arms after she was shot by an officer while shopping at a department store

80 Ostriches escape and race through streets of Chongzuo, China

More than 80 captive ostriches escaped from a farm through an unlocked gate according to local media

Horned helmets predate Vikings by 3,000 years, originating in the Bronze Age, researchers say

From appearing in the Asterix comic book series, to inspiring an avatar on "The Masked Singer," Vikings have revealed themselves across pop culture sporting horned helmets to symbolize their ferocity and power.

US emissions roared back last year after pandemic drop, figures show

Planet-heating emissions rose by 6.2% compared to 2020, with rise largely down to increase in cars and trucks on the road

Pilot freed from crashed plane by Los Angeles police seconds before train smashes through it

Video shows police in Los Angeles tear an injured pilot from his downed plane mere seconds before an oncoming train smashes into it.

Queen's Platinum Jubilee: Celebration plans unveiled by Buckingham Palace

Puddings, parties and pageantry as well as a four-day bank holiday weekend will mark her 70-year reign.

Baby lost in chaos of Afghanistan airlift is found and returned to family

An infant boy handed in desperation to a soldier across an airport wall in the chaos of the American evacuation of Afghanistan has been found and was reunited with his relatives in Kabul on Saturday.

Plane hit by train after crashing on train tracks in California

Police in Los Angeles, California, pulled the pilot from a crash-landed Cessna seconds before the aircraft was hit by a train on Sunday, sending debris flying in all directions.

US ready to discuss curbing military exercises in Ukraine talks with Russia | Ukraine | The Guardian

Reciprocal restrictions on missile deployments in region could also be on table in Geneva negotiations on Monday

Lithuania pays Guantánamo ‘forever prisoner’ Abu Zubaydah €100,000 over CIA torture

Compensation for allowing torture at Vilnius black site indicates changing attitudes in Washington, lawyers say

Judge orders Djokovic be freed from immigration detention in Australia

World tennis No. 1 Novak Djokovic should be allowed to defend his men's singles title at the Australian Open in Melbourne this month, after a judge quashed the government's decision to cancel his visa and ordered him to be freed.

Aung San Suu Kyi: Ousted Myanmar leader jailed for another four years

Myanmar's former leader faces a series of charges since being ousted in an army coup last February.

Novak Djokovic: Judge orders immediate release of tennis star

Anthony Kelly quashes the decision to cancel the player's Australian visa on Covid vaccination grounds.

Novak Djokovic released from immigration detention after Australian court quashes visa cancellation – live updates | Sport

Federal court orders government to pay tennis star’s costs and release him immediately, but immigration minister could still intervene

Pilot pulled from crashed plane in Pacoima moments before Metrolink train slammed into aircraft

Shocking video shows the moment a Metrolink train slammed into a small plane that crashed on its tracks in Pacoima on Sunday.

Novak Djokovic: Judge orders immediate release of tennis star

Anthony Kelly quashes the decision to cancel the player's Australian visa on Covid vaccination grounds.

Gov. Newsom signs executive order outlawing price gouging of COVID-19 at-home test kits in California

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order aimed at preventing price gouging of at-home COVID-19 test kits.

Judge quashes Australia's decision to cancel Djokovic's visa

Tennis star Novak Djokovic's visa hearing is taking place in the Australian city of Melbourne on Monday morning local time (Sunday evening ET). The decision will determine whether he can remain in Australia and compete in the Australian Open.

Novak Djokovic wins court battle, free to play in Australian Open

The federal government's decision to deport tennis player Novak  Djokovic has been overturned in the Federal Circuit Court.

Bronx fire: At least 19 dead and more than 60 injured as blaze tears through Twin Park apartment building in New York City | US News

The blaze, which is believed to have been started by an electric heater, has been described by New York City Mayor Eric Adams as "one of the worst fires that we have witnessed during modern times".

Crisis-hit Sri Lanka asks China to restructure its debt

The country has been experiencing a severe debt and foreign exchange crisis in recent months.

Alec Baldwin rejects allegations of non-compliance with shooting probe

The actor has not presented his phone to investigators despite a search warrant being issued.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tests positive for COVID-19

&quot;She is experiencing symptoms and recovering at home,&quot; her office said in a statement on Sunday.

California Issues New Guidance on Quarantine and Isolation for Healthcare Workers, positive and asymptomatic may return to work immediately without isolation and without testing

On Jan 8. the Newsom Administration temporarily changed the isolation and quarantine rules for healthcare workers until Feb. 1.

New rules for hairstylists helps fight domestic violence

No synopsis available.

Federal officials issue warnings about fake COVID-19 testing kits. Here's how to spot them

The Federal Trade Commission is warning about fraudulent testing kits being sold online to desperate customers.

Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta

The strain is being called "deltacron."

106-year-old Philadelphia woman credits longevity to faith, Big Macs

Dorothy Nedd, a South Philadelphia resident, turned 106-year-old on Friday. She credited her faith and her love for McDonald's Big Mac for her longevity.

Alec Baldwin says he will comply with 'Rust' shooting probe

Alec Baldwin said Saturday that there's no truth to any suggestion he hasn't been complying with the investigation into the fatal shooting of a cinematographer

61-year-old Asian man head-stomped in brutal NYC attack dies 8 months later

A 61-year-old Asian man who was brutally attacked last year has died of his injuries eight months after another man was recorded on video kicking his head

Autoshop owner sued after dumping 500 pounds of pennies on ex-employee's driveway

The US Department of Labor filed a lawsuit late last month against a Georgia auto repair shop for violating federal labor law, after its owner retaliated against a former employee who contacted the agency over failing to receive his final paycheck.

Bob Saget is dead at 65

Bob Saget has died. TMZ first reported the comedian and actor's death, suggesting he died Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. First responders were called to his hotel room Sunday afternoon, but the actor was pronounced dead at the scene. He was 65. No cause of death has been reported.Saget has [...]

Hungry badger may have uncovered Roman coins in Spanish cave

The ‘exceptional find’ was discovered only feet from a badger’s den in the northern region of Asturias

GM recognizes California's authority to set vehicle emissions rules

General Motors Co on Sunday said it had agreed to recognize California’s authority to set vehicle emission standards under the Clean Air Act.

19 dead, including 9 children, in NYC apartment fire

NEW YORK (AP) — A malfunctioning space heater sparked a fire that filled a Bronx apartment building with thick smoke, killing 19 people including nine children Sunday in New York City's deadliest fire in three decades.

US hospitals strained with influx of patients amid latest COVID surge, staffing shortages

The burden on the health care system is made worse by nationwide staffing shortages and hospital capacity at elevated levels.

Afghanistan: Baby lost in Kabul evacuation is reunited with family

The infant was lost after being handed to an American soldier at Kabul airport in August.

Thousands protest COVID curbs in Europe amid omicron surge

Vaccine skeptics and others angered by COVID curbs have protested in Brussels, Prague and other European cities. Omicron is driving up cases across the EU, with experts warning unvaccinated people are especially at risk.

'He was skin and bones': Deer on brink of death in Warren County tests positive for CWD

Diseased deer's tissue samples tested positive for CWD twice and will now be tested by another lab for final confirmation.

Residents left without heating for 10 days during Saskatoon cold snap

Refugee and Indigenous families have been wearing winter coats and boots, huddling under blankets inside their Saskatoon apartment during much of the record cold snap. Their building has been without central heat for most of the past 10 days as wind chill values outside reached -50.

NYC Apartment Fire: Bronx Blaze Fatalities Expected to Be ‘Numerous’

Dozens of New Yorkers were seriously injured in a morning fire at an apartment building in the Bronx.

At least 19 dead, including 9 children, after dozens injured in NYC fire: Officials

More fatalities are expected, officials said.

Kazakhstan unrest not affecting Baikonur Cosmodrome spaceport, Russia says

The current chaos in Kazakhstan isn't seriously impacting the famous spaceport in the nation, Russian officials say.

First UK person to catch H5N1 bird flu strain is named | Bird flu

Alan Gosling, 79, tested positive having lived with about 20 ducks inside his home in Devon

31 sustain 'life threatening' injuries in massive fire at NYC apartment; 54 hurt in total | LIVE

More than 50 people were hurt, dozens with life-threatening injuries, in a massive fire that broke out at an apartment building in New York City.

Google Maps helps Italian police capture mafia fugitive

Italian police has caught a top mafia fugitive who had been on the run for nearly 20 years thanks to the help of the Google Maps app, an investigator told Reuters on Wednesday.

At least 34 people rescued after they became stranded on a floating chunk of ice in Green Bay

At least 34 people were rescued on Saturday after being stranded on a large chunk of floating ice off the shore of Point Comfort on Green Bay, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin.

Michael Lang, Woodstock festival co-creator, dies at 77

NEW YORK (AP) — Michael Lang, a co-creator and promoter of the 1969 Woodstock music festival that served as a touchstone for generations of music fans, has died. Michael Pagnotta, a spokesperson for Lang’s family, said Sunday the 77-year-old had been battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma and passed away Saturday at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

UK minister backs reduced COVID isolation period to ease workforce pressures

Reducing the self-isolation period for people who test positive for COVID-19 from seven days to five would help British employers that have been hard hit by absences, education minister Nadhim Zahawi said on Sunday.

Kuwait, Qatar COVID-19 daily cases soar past previous highs

Daily coronavirus infection rates reported by Kuwait and Qatar have soared past previous peaks recorded in the summers of 2021 and 2020 respectively, as cases rise across all Gulf states.

Global spread of autoimmune disease blamed on western diet

New DNA research by London-based scientists hopes to find cure for rapidly spreading conditions

New York will allow non-citizens to vote under controversial law | New York

A watershed moment for the most populous US city as opponents vow to challenge the law

Canada reaches agreement to compensate indigenous children taken from families

Canada announced on Tuesday two agreements totaling $31.5 billion (40 billion Canadian dollars) to compensate First Nations children who were taken from their families and put into the child welfare system and to reform the system that removed them and deprived them of services they needed.

Europe, U.S. struggle to appear united against Russia as divisions form over Ukraine

With the threat of war looming over Ukraine, the West hopes high-level talks the United States and NATO will have next week with Russia will avert a conflict.

Truck spends three days dangling over China cliff

The driver is said to have tried to reverse on a narrow mountain road.

Novak Djokovic: Australia says tennis star given no visa assurances

The tennis star hopes to play in the Australian Open but instead could be deported.

Duchess of Cambridge: New photos mark Kate's 40th birthday

The duchess thanks people for their birthday wishes and the photographer for the "special portraits".

Pakistan snow: Hundreds rescued from vehicles in deadly blizzard

Tourists trapped by a blizzard for hours in freezing conditions are sheltering in the town of Murree.

Scientists name new tropical tree species after Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has an Oscar, a BAFTA and three Golden Globe awards under his belt.

Rapid spread of Omicron showing 'tale of two pandemics: rich and poor'

As parts of Canada see staggering rises in COVID-19 activity amid Omicron's rapid spread, experts say the highly transmissible variant is training a spotlight on social inequities across the country.

You can now legally bet on sports from your phone in New York.

FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars Sportsbook and Rush Street Interactive are launching New York's first mobile sports betting, but investors are still skeptical.

Chinese immigrant attacked in NYC dies months later

A Chinese immigrant who was brutally attacked in April while collecting cans in East Harlem has died of his injuries, and his case is now deemed a homicide, New York City police said Saturday. Yao Pan Ma, 61, died Dec.

Man charged with buying gun for Rittenhouse takes plea deal

MILWAUKEE (AP) — The man who bought Kyle Rittenhouse an assault-style rifle when he was only 17 has agreed to plead no contest to contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a non-criminal citation, and avoid convictions on the two felonies he’d been facing.

NASA’s new Webb space telescope opens its golden ‘eye’

The world’s most powerful telescope unfurled its final mirror today as it sped away to its final destination one million miles from earth. NASA completed the final step of the Webb telescope’s difficult two-week initiation process Saturday, unfolding the final 21-foot piece: its ‘golden eye.’ NPR science correspondent Joe Palca joins Hari Sreenivasan to explain more about the telescope, its design, and its purpose.

Pakistan snow: Hundreds rescued from vehicles in deadly blizzard

Tourists trapped by a blizzard for hours in freezing conditions are sheltering in the town of Murree.

Chinese immigrant attacked in New York City dies months later

A Chinese immigrant who was brutally attacked in April while collecting cans in East Harlem has died of his injuries, and his case is now deemed a homicide, New York City police said on Saturday (Jan 8).

At least seven dead after Brazil cliff collapses on boats

Another three are missing after the cliff fell onto boats in a lake in the south-east of the country.

Massachusetts schools are using dogs to detect Covid-19

A Massachusetts school district has invited two new police officers to patrol its buildings, only these cops have four paws and aren't detecting crime. They're detecting Covid.

China reports 165 new COVID-19 cases for Jan 8, Omicron cases reported in Tianjin

China reported 165 confirmed coronavirus cases for Jan. 8, up from 159 a day earlier, its health authority said on Sunday.

Video shows man violently attack workers at COVID vaccine clinic in Tustin

Video shows a man lash out and assault workers at a vaccine clinic in Tustin after he verbally attacked them and called staff "murderers."

A good Samaritan died after trying to save a man who fell on the subway tracks in New York City

A good Samaritan died on New Year's Day while trying to help a man who fell onto subway tracks during a gang assault in New York City.

Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta

The strain is being called "deltacron."

Turkmenistan leader wants to extinguish &#x27;Gates of Hell&#x27; fire burning for decades

The president of Turkmenistan is calling for an end to one of the country's most notable but infernal sights — the blazing natural gas crater widely referred to as the "Gates of Hell."

Alec Baldwin insists he is complying with cell phone search warrant

&quot;Any suggestion that I am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone, that&#039;s bulls***, that&#039;s a lie&quot; the actor said.

Mother Charged With 6-Year-Old North Chicago Boy's Death; Siblings Also Face Charges

The mother and two siblings of a North Chicago boy have been charged with the 6-year-old’s death after his body was discovered by law enforcement in Gary,...

US hospitals struggle to match Walmart pay as staff flees omicron

Breaking news and updates from around the world.

Outbreak reported at Rhode Island hospital after Covid-positive, asymptomatic staff asked to work

A Rhode Island hospital is dealing with a Covid-19 outbreak with patients after it asked staff who had tested positive, but were asymptomatic, to come in due

China targets 2023-2025 for recovery in international air travel

China will focus on expanding domestic flights and restoring international air travel in 2023-2025, the country's aviation regulator said on Friday, as it issued a new five-year development plan for a sector heavily battered by COVID.

Ski lift riders blasted with freezing water after pipe bursts at Beech Mountain Resort

Two guests at Beech Mountain Ski Resort in North Carolina were sent to the hospital on Friday after a hydrant broke. Resort management said the rupture happened when a guest skied into the hydrant during snowmaking operations. The guest was not injured. However, management added the pipe burst under a loaded chair resulting in several guests getting soaked with water. TRENDING:Experts say SC is experiencing an Earthquake Swarm.

Maryland Firefighters Rescue Man Stuck in Chimney: ‘He Was Not Authorized to Be There'

A man got stuck in a chimney in Montgomery County, Maryland, and was rescued by firefighters seen on video dismantling part of the chimney brick-by-brick,...

The 'Gates of Hell' could soon be extinguished in Turkmenistan due to its ecological damage.

The 20m-deep hole in the ground was said to be formed after a gas-drilling collapse in 1971, according to local news site Turkmenportal, and is said to have been burning for 50 years.

New NYPD Commissioner Has ‘Specific Issues’ With Manhattan DA’s New Prosecuting Policies

The late Friday night memo to the department from Keechant Sewell questioned whether new reforms from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would help or...

COVID-19: Antarctica research station battling coronavirus outbreak

Princess Elisabeth Polar Station implemented strict rules to avoid infections, but at least 16 of its 25 workers have tested positive for COVID, according to a report.

Body of fifth victim may be linked to alleged 'shopping cart' serial killer

A man police have dubbed the "shopping cart killer" may be linked to the body of a fifth victim found in Washington, DC, authorities said on Friday.

New Hampshire police search last known residence of missing Harmony Montgomery | The 7-year-old was last seen in 2019 but was not reported missing until late last year.

Authorities are searching the last known residence of Harmony Montgomery, the 7-year-old New Hampshire girl who was last seen in 2019 but wasn't reported

First-dose vaccinations quadruple in Quebec ahead of restrictions at liquor and cannabis stores

The number of appointments for the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine has risen sharply this week in Quebec.

Alec Baldwin still hasn't handed his phone over to New Mexico police

Alec’s lawyers had refused to hand over his phone without a search warrant

Wave of California colleges extend remote instruction amid worsening omicron surge

LOS ANGELES — Amid a worsening omicron surge, a growing number of California colleges and universities are delaying the start to in-person classes, including the University of Southern California and

Connecticut high school hockey player dies after colliding with another player during game

School officials said they believe the teen&#039;s neck was cut by a skate after he fell on the ice.

James Webb telescope completes epic deployment sequence

With the unpacking of its big mirror, the $10bn telescope is on track to begin its historic mission.

Huge rock slab falls on boats nearby in Brazil, 1 confirmed death (Portuguese)

Segundo o Corpo de Bombeiros, a princípio uma tromba d'água fez pedras deslizarem dos cânions e atingir lanchas neste sábado (8).

Broward teachers given expired at-home COVID-19 test kits

Demand is high for Broward's school teachers to have access to at-home tests, but many of the COVID-19 test kits they were given out were expired.

At least 16 stranded snow-tourists die at Pakistan hill station

At least 16 tourists died in freezing temperatures after being stranded in their vehicles in northern Pakistan, where thousands had flocked to enjoy the snow, officials said on Saturday.

Omicron explosion spurs nationwide breakdown of services

Ambulances in Kansas speed toward hospitals then suddenly change direction because hospitals are full. Employee shortages in New York City cause delays in trash and subway services and diminish the ranks of firefighters and emergency workers.

Novak Djokovic pictured with young players the day after lawyers say he tested positive for COVID | World News

A photograph taken by the Tennis Association of Serbia showed the world number one meeting with the youngsters but it is not clear if he knew he had coronavirus at the time.

Snow leopard dies at Illinois zoo after contracting Covid-19

A snow leopard has died after contracting Covid-19 at Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois.

Calgary therapists hail 'legalization' of medicinal psychedelic drugs

Local therapists say Ottawa’s move allowing physicians to prescribe psychedelics is a “seismic shift” towards legalizing their medicinal use.

Chinese American man attacked in New York last April dies of injuries | Attack on Yao Pan Ma, 61, drew attention amid rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and is now being treated as homicide

Attack on Yao Pan Ma, 61, drew attention amid rise in anti-Asian hate crimes and is now being treated as homicide

James Webb Completely and Successfully Unfolded

Read the latest news about NASA's James Webb Space Telescope.

Novak Djokovic was granted vaccine exemption after testing positive for Covid-19 in December, court documents show

Novak Djokovic was granted a medical exemption to compete in the Australian Open as he had recently recovered from Covid-19, court documents published on Saturday by Australia's Federal Circuit show.

Sister-in-law talks: Ex-Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield sexually assaulted me as teen

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Colorado reactivates crisis standards of care for emergency services for 1st time in nearly 2 years

The move from the state comes in response to many EMS staff falling ill with COVID-19 and high demands for patient transports, according to Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Teen honored after using his Make-A-Wish to feed homeless in Jackson

A Jackson teen is being honored for giving back to his community and helping the homeless.

Turkmenistan plans to close its 'Gateway to Hell'

The site, a fire burning for decades in a huge desert gas crater, is a popular tourist attraction.

In Pakistan, 22 die in subfreezing temperatures as their cars are stuck in heavy snow

Most of the victims died of hypothermia, officials said, as overnight temperatures fell to 17.6 Fahrenheit amid heavy snowfall at Pakistan's mountain resort town of Murree.

Missouri man who killed, buried wife sentenced to 28 years

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — A judge on Friday sentenced a Missouri man to 28 years in prison — the maximum he could impose — for the 2019 killing of his wife, whose body he buried in a state park and whose death he misled the authorities about for more than a year.

Federal government to decide if 1 million expired Florida COVID-19 test kits are salvageable

Governor Ron DeSantis defended his administration's handling of up to 1 million COVID-19 test kits that expired in a state-run warehouse.

Son of Sinéad O’Connor dies at age of 17 after going missing

Irish musician says Shane O’Connor, last seen on Friday morning, ‘was the very light of my life’

Walmart doubles down on delivering groceries straight into your fridge

Walmart says it plans to make InHome, its $148 annual delivery option, available to 30 million U.S. households by the end of the new year.

Ex-Oklahoma police officer gets 25 years for 2014 killing

A federal judge has sentenced a former Oklahoma police officer to 25 years in prison for the 2014 killing of his daughter’s boyfriend

Ethiopia: At least 56 killed in Tigray airstrike on camp for internally displaced, aid workers say | World News

There were at least 30 others injured, two aid workers told Reuters news agency.

U.S. announces travel ban for 8 Cuban officials over crackdown on protesters

The Biden administration has announced a travel ban on 8 Cuban officials saying they're complicit in the repression of opposition protesters.

Europe’s first carbon negative biorefinery opens in Istanbul

Ministers and European Union officials inaugurated a biorefinery in Istanbul on Friday. The facility, which will convert algae into jet fuel, is touted as...

Royal Caribbean pauses some cruise operations due to Omicron concerns

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd has paused some of its cruise operations amid rising numbers of COVID-19 infections due to the Omicron variant.

Negotiations between city and Chicago teachers union to continue into weekend

Bargaining sessions between city officials and the teachers union on a return to the classroom remain productive but must wrap up this weekend, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot told CNN Friday night.

Italian mafia fugitive Gioacchino Gammino arrested in Spain after being spotted on Google Street View

He’d been on the run for nearly 20 years - but a popular information app was this mafia criminal’s undoing.

Video shows cop shoot without warning at man firing into air

Police in Ohio have released body camera footage showing an officer firing multiple rounds through a wooden privacy fence without warning at someone shooting gunfire into the air on the other side

Shoplifting is surging across America with dangerous and costly consequences

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Covid-19: Indian man has taken at least eight Covid jabs

The 65-year-old villager was vaccinated eight times last year, officials say. But he claims he took 11 jabs.

Berlin cannibal jailed for murdering engineer

A German court finds a man guilty of murdering a man he met on an online dating site.

Texas Mother put her son in car trunk after he tested positive to avoid getting infected

Sarah Beam has been charged with endangering a child after officials made the discovery on 3 January.

Texas teacher put son with Covid-19 in car trunk to prevent exposure, warrant says

A Texas teacher was accused of putting her Covid 19-positive son in the trunk of her car to prevent being exposed to the virus, court documents show.

North Carolina man charged with murder in alleged road rage shooting of motorcyclist

Stephen Addison, 32, was killed in an apparent road rage shooting Monday in Fayetteville, North Carolina, police said.

Business owner paid ex-worker with 91,000 pennies. That's retaliation, feds claim in lawsuit.

A Georgia auto repair shop broke the law when it dumped $915 in change on a former employee&#039;s driveway, regulator alleges.

Mexico to begin requiring visas for Venezuelans amid migration surge

Mexico is slated to require travel visas for Venezuelans starting Jan. 21, after a surge in the number of migrants trying to reach the U.S.

Lost sea lion that made its way to San Diego freeway gets help from 2 good Samaritans

A sea lion somehow made its way onto State Route 94 in San Diego, just west of Interstate 805, bringing traffic to a halt.

US, Japan agree to two defense pacts amid China worries

The U.S. and Japan are close to signing a new five-year pact for Japan to support U.S. military forces in the country and a new agreement to research and develop new defense technologies.

Vladimir Putin sends thousands of 'Spetsnaz' special forces troops into Kazakhstan - World News - swiftheadline

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Japan and U.S. vow more defence cooperation to counter Chinese threat

The United States and Japan on Friday voiced strong concern about China's growing might in unambiguous terms and pledged to work together against attempts to destabilise the region.

NY reports highest single-day COVID deaths since mass vaccinations began

130 people across the state died due to COVID-19 on Wednesday, while hospitalizations topped 11,000

DA: Teacher fearing exposure to COVID-19 places 13-year-old son in trunk of car while driving to testing site

A mother has been charged after her 13-year-old son was found in the trunk of her car at a Cy-Fair ISD drive-thru COVID testing site, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office confirmed.

Florida sets new 1-day record for COVID-19 cases as hospitalizations of young children soar in US

A total of 76,887 new COVID-19 cases were reported in Florida on Thursday, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

'Mystery hut' spotted by China's moon rover gets an explanation

It's not a house after all.

US, NATO rule out halt to expansion, reject Russian demands | AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States and NATO on Friday roundly rejected Russian demands that the alliance not admit new members amid growing concerns that Russia may invade Ukraine, which aspires to join the alliance.

New York AG launches investigation as video shows man went up in flames after police fired Taser

Jason Jones, 29, died at a New York hospital in December.

Prosecutor: Ethan Crumbley tortured animals, kept severed bird head in bedroom for six months

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Criminal groping case against ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo formally dismissed

Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, resigned last summer after nearly a dozen women said the then-New York governor sexually harassed them.

Vandals defaced ancient Big Bend rock art by scratching their names into it

A panel of prehistoric stone artworks, thought to be between 4,000 and 8,500 years old, have been "irreparably damaged" by vandals at Big Bend National Park in Texas, the US National Park Service has said.

Three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery sentenced to life in prison

The three white men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man, in Georgia were sentenced Friday to life in prison.

Amazon cuts paid Covid leave time for workers following changes to CDC guidance

Amazon will now offer one week, or up to 40 hours, paid Covid leave for all U.S. employees, instead of two weeks paid leave.

James Webb Space Telescope has unfolded 1st wing of massive golden mirror

Unfolding the two side wings of the James Webb Space Telescope's golden primary mirror marks the last major task in assembling the observatory.

Mom who took her child into Capitol during riot gets prison

A North Carolina woman who brought her 14-year-old son into the U.S. Capitol during last year's riot was sentenced Friday to three months imprisonment. U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly said she finds it “very hard to comprehend” why Virginia Marie Spencer and her husband took their child into the building during a violent insurrection.

Judge shuts down accused Capitol rioter's request to travel to Jamaica with girlfriend

&quot;This Court will not commemorate the one-year anniversary of this attack on the Capitol by granting defendant&#039;s request for non-essential foreign travel when he is awaiting judgment for his actions on that day,&quot; the judge said.

Ohio’s unemployment system agreed to pay contractors up to $59 per hour for call-center agents

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Hospitalizations skyrocket in kids too young for COVID shots | AP News

Hospitalizations of U.S. children under 5 with COVID-19 soared in recent weeks to their highest level since the pandemic began, according to government data released Friday on the only age group not yet eligible for the vaccine.

Tim Cook earned over 1,400 times the average Apple worker in 2021

Apple Inc boss Tim Cook's pay in 2021 was 1,447 times that of the average employee at the tech giant, a filing on Thursday showed, fueled by stock awards that helped him earn a total of nearly $100 million.

Green Amendment would add ‘healthy environment’ to constitutional rights in Washington

Changes to the state constitution are rare and the bar is high to enact them, but that’s not stopping two lawmakers from proposing a new Green Amendment for Washington.

Sidney Poitier, Oscar-winning actor and Hollywood's first Black movie star, dies at 94

Sidney Poitier, whose elegant bearing and principled onscreen characters made him Hollywood's first Black movie star and the first Black man to win the best actor Oscar, has died. He was 94.

Man poops on child’s picnic table then steals her scooter on Christmas Eve

The latest videos from FOX21 News Colorado

Citigroup to enforce 'no-jab, no-job' policy starting Jan. 14 - source

Citigroup Inc will begin enforcing a previously-announced "no-jab, no job" policy as of Jan. 14, according to a source familiar with the matter, making it the first major Wall Street institution to implement a strict COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The Navy told this military family they were safe from toxic water. Then both their children ended up in the ER

As the Navy struggles to handle a water contamination crisis in Hawaii, one Army family says they were repeatedly misled or ignored.

Lake County Sheriff Indicted By Grand Jury Thursday

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Cyber Ninjas, company that led Arizona GOP election 'audit,' is shutting down

Cyber Ninjas, the company that helped steer an extraordinarily partisan audit of 2020 presidential election ballots in Arizona, is shutting down, a spokesperson told NBC News Thursday.

Florida letter carrier arrested, accused of stealing cash from greeting cards

A Florida letter carrier stole about 4,000 pieces of mail, almost all greeting cards from a retirement community, looking for cash in a month-long theft spree

US jobless rate sinks to 3.9% as many more people find jobs

WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation's unemployment rate fell in December to a healthy 3.9% — a pandemic low — even as employers added a modest 199,000 jobs, evidence that they are struggling to fill jobs with many Americans still reluctant to return to the workforce.

Ahmaud Arbery's family says they rejected a plea deal for federal hate crime charges

Travis McMichael, his father Gregory McMichael and William &quot;Roddie&quot; Bryan were convicted in state murder charges in November.​

Michigan man who breached Capitol on 1-6 says unarmed protest was not an insurrection. Brags on local news on not being arrested.

One local man who admits to storming the Capitol but was never prosecuted, says members of Congress overreacted

Supreme Court weighs vaccine rules affecting more than 80M

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court began hearing arguments Friday on major Biden administration work rules to bump up the nation's vaccination rate against COVID-19 at a time of spiking coronavirus cases because of the omicron variant .

Kazakh leader tells troops to shoot without warning: Live updates | Protests News

President Tokayev vows to forcefully quell unrest after dozens killed amid bloody clashes in the main city of Almaty.

Sidney Poitier, trailblazing Hollywood icon who broke barriers for Black actors, dies at 94

Sidney Poitier starred in classics such as “In the Heat of the Night” and “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner."

Feds sue auto repair shop that paid former employee in pennies

The U.S. Department of Labor is suing the auto repair shop that made headlines last year by paying a former employee his final paycheck in pennies.

Instagram blocked hashtag in memory of Iran plane crash victims

The social media giant says it did so by mistake, as families tried to memorialise the 176 victims.

Monsanto pleads guilty to pesticide-related crimes in Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) — The Monsanto Company pleaded guilty Thursday to illegally using and storing agricultural chemicals in Hawaii, and will pay $12 million in fines. Monsanto, now owned by German pharmaceutical company Bayer, agreed to plead guilty to the charges in December.

Colorado wildfire caused $513 million in damage, officials say

It's the first estimate of economic damage for the Dec. 30 blaze, the most destructive wildfire in state history. Boulder County released the new totals Thursday after further assessing the suburban area located between Denver and Boulder.

CDC warns about rabies linked to bats after 3 Americans die in recent weeks

The CDC issued a warning Thursday about the risk of rabies after three Americans -- including a child – died from the disease over a six-week period last year.

Chinese man pleads guilty to stealing Monsanto trade secret | AP News

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A Chinese national admitted in federal court Thursday that he stole a trade secret when he worked for Monsanto and one of its subsidiaries in Missouri, federal prosecutors said. Haitao Xiang, 44, formerly of Chesterfield, Missouri, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit economic espionage.

Hiring falters in December as payrolls rise only 199,000, though the unemployment fell to 3.9%

Nonfarm payrolls were expected to increase by 422,000 in December, according to economists surveyed by Dow Jones.

Japan approves new restrictions for areas hard hit by COVID

Japan has undergone periods of similar restrictions over the past two years. This time, the spread of the omicron variant appears to be first hitting prefectures that house the U.S. military.

Alleged 'ghost guns' trafficker charged by feds

The DOJ rep